Somebody Like Me

Twenty Six: Plus One

Screwing up his nose slightly, Sergio peeked one of his dark eyes open, squinting a little at the sunlight which filtered through half open blinds which covered Cassie’s bedroom window. He knew that it was early, one look around the bedroom twinned with the fact that Cassie’s alarm clock had yet to make a noise confided that it was slightly earlier than he was used to waking up, and he was slightly surprised to be awake, even if he and Cassie did tend to be earlier risers when they were together, he’d expected that he’d sleep in a little longer after what had happened between them the night before.

It hadn’t been what he was expecting, after he’d arrived at Cassie’s apartment, he’d expected that they’d simply talk before they fell asleep, but he had to admit that he was a little pleased by the turn of events, even if he knew that it was going to take a little while for things to settle down between them once more, he was pleased that things seemed to be alright.

Blinking his eyes a couple of times, he allowed a soft yawn to tumble out of his mouth before he carefully tossed onto his side, his dark eyes settling on Cassie who was still curled up beside him, her gentle and even breaths filling the still bedroom. Quirking a small smile, he watched her for couple of seconds before he gently dipped his head, pressing a light kiss against her forehead.

Cassie stirred a little at the contact, her nose wrinkling slightly, but she didn’t wake up, something which caused Sergio to quirk a soft smile before he carefully shuffled away from her, moving to pull his t-shirt over his head before he pushed himself up to his feet.

“You’re going so soon?”

Sergio, who’d moved to stand up, visibly jumped at the sound of Cassie’s voice before he wheeled around, offering her a boyish grin. “I hadn’t planned on it” he quipped “But I was thinking about breakfast. You’ve got to go to work soon and I’ve got to get to training and I thought I’d cook” he added softly.

Cassie lifted an eyebrow. “You can cook?” she quipped playfully.

Sergio scoffed. “I’ll have you know that I’m a wonderful cook” he retorted, a playful pout on his face.

Cassie giggled a little before she shook her head. “I’ll be the judge of that” she mused softly.

Sergio flashed her another boyish smile before he carefully leant over the bed, pressing a soft kiss against her lips before he pushed himself up, padding out of the bedroom as he mumbled about her relaxing whilst he made breakfast. Cassie watched him go for a brief moment before she rested back against the pillows, a soft grin playing at the corner of her mouth.

She knew that it wasn’t going to be fast, things between her and Sergio were going to take little getting used to, but she was glad that they’d talked, even if she had been wary about his reaction to her worries. She was glad that she had taken the opportunity to share them with him.

“Is it anyone interesting?”

Cassie, who’d been studying the text which lit up the screen of her phone, startled a little at the sound of Sergio’s voice before she lifted her head, offering him a small shrug. “It’s a friend of mine” she mused softly “She’s due to get married in a couple of weeks but her future mother-in-law is being a pain when it comes to finalizing the plans” she added, gently settling the phone down on the end table.

Sergio, who’d moved to settle a tray of food down onto the bed, quirked a smile. “Her mother-in-law’s not a fan?” he posed, sitting down beside her.

Cassie quirked a small smile before she shook her head. “Mia had a bit of a reputation when she and Theo got together” she mused “She’d cheated on her last boyfriend on a night out and that got back to Theo’s mother, meaning she already didn’t like her before they met and she’s still not keen on her now, something which has made planning their wedding pretty hard. Everything Mia likes, Theo’s mother hates and the poor guy is stuck between them” she explained with a small smile.

Sergio, who’d moved to eat a piece of toast, let out a small laugh before he shook his head. “I don’t envy him” he quipped “I mean, it can’t be any fun to be caught between your madre and the girl you love” he added gently.

“I doubt it is” Cassie quipped “But I don’t think that that is a problem you’re going to have with me and your madre. She seemed to love me” she added, offering him a wide impish smile.

Sergio scoffed a little before he shook his head, a warm smile perched on his face. “That’s an understatement” he quipped “I mean, we spent almost the whole evening with them, and all she wanted to do was fuss over you and then over peanut. I think she probably likes you more than she likes me already” he added, his voice bright and cheerful.

Cassie smiled a little at the tone of his voice before she shuffled a little closer to him, cuddling happily into his side before she tilted her head up, pressing a gentle kiss against his chin. “I can’t help that I am lovable” she mumbled softly.

Sergio quirked a soft smile before he ducked down, sneaking a quick kiss. “You’re very lovable” he mumbled softly.

Cassie’s cheeks warmed a little at the compliment before she snuggled a little closer to him, allowing a soft silence to fall over the two of them for brief moment before the sound of Cassie’s phone vibrating against the end table filled the air, causing her to shake her head as she leant across, briefly perusing the text that Mia had sent to her.

“Is it anything important?” Sergio quipped, stealing a piece of bacon off of her plate as he rested back against his pillow. It had been a quiet morning, with the two of them due to head to work in the near future, they’d opted for a simple breakfast in bed, but Sergio was enjoying himself, even if they were simply talking about nothing. He merely enjoyed spending time with his girlfriend.

Cassie, who’d been reading the text, shook her head. “It’s just Mia again” she quipped “She and her mother-in-law are trying to put together a seating plan and she’s asking whether or not I plan on…on bringing a plus one” she babbled softly, her green eyes peeking towards him shyly.

Sergio caught her stare, not missing how uncertain she looked, before he let out a soft chuckle. “You know, you could just ask me” he quipped playfully.

Cassie rolled her eyes slightly. “Would you like to be my plus one?” she posed softly.

Sergio feigned thought for a moment, something which caused Cassie to nudge his ribs with her elbow.

Sergio let out another laugh before he nodded his head. “I’d love to, Cass” he mused softly “But it does mean that you’ll have to be my plus one for the next event that I’m invited to” he bargained, offering her a small grin.

Cassie playfully rolled her eyes before she gently leant into him, sneaking another soft kiss which made Sergio smile, more than happy that things seemed to be alright between the two of them.
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