Somebody Like Me

Thirty Two: He’s In Love

Gently twisting a strand of her dark hair around her finger, Cassie spared a small glance out of the window of the car she sat in, her green eyes admiring the house which stood a little away from her. She knew that there was no avoiding it, after a few months of dating, she knew that she couldn’t duck out on meeting Sergio’s friends forever, but still she was apprehensive, even if Sergio had done all he could to reassure her that she had no reason to be worried, she doubted that her nerves were going to be shifted easily.

Twisting her hair around her finger a little more, she briefly contemplated the idea of ducking out before the sound of the car door being opened reached her ears, causing her to startle before she turned, her green eyes settling on Sergio who leant against the car, a smirk on his lips.

“Are you eventually going to come inside?” he quipped, his voice warm and bright “I mean, I could send a drink and some food out to your car, but I’m sure that you’d be a little more comfortable inside. I’m sure peanut would be a little more comfortable too” he added warmly as he spared a soft glance down towards her bump.

Cassie followed the line of his stare for a second before she nodded her head softly. “You’re probably right” she murmured quietly.

Sergio quirked another soft smile before he gently offered his hand out towards her, helping her up to her feet. “I can be right from time to time” he mused softly.

Cassie spared him a soft glance before she nodded her head, something which encouraged Sergio to offer her hand a light squeeze. “Come on” he encouraged softly “You can come in, say hola, and then if you feel uncomfortable, you can go. I won’t hold it against you” he added, sparing her another soft boyish smile. He could see that she was nervous, from the moment that he had broached the topic of her meeting his friends, she had looked slightly apprehensive, but still he wanted to encourage her, even if she didn’t stay for very long. He wanted her to be included in what was a big part of his life and he wanted his friends to get to know the little family he was forging.

Cassie offered him a weak smile. “You promise me that?” she quipped, squeezing his hand gently.

“Of course I do” Sergio mused “But I don’t think it will be a problem. You’re pretty lovable, nena” he added impishly as he guided her up the path towards his home. It had been a small change of plans, after the match had finished, the team had agreed to have a small party and with Sergio being the captain, he’d offered to host, something which had caused him to invite Cassie, hoping that she would feel a little more relaxed in a place that was familiar to her.

Cassie rolled her eyes a little before she shook her head, a small smile pulling at the corner of her mouth.

Sergio admired the soft smile on her face for a brief moment before he leant into her, sneaking a soft kiss before the sound of someone clearing their throat reached him, causing him to duck back a little. Offering Cassie another warm and reassuring smile, he squeezed her hand gently before he turned around slightly, his dark eyes settling on Cristiano and Pepe who stood a little away from them, amused smirks playing on their faces. “Can I help you?” the Spaniard quipped, a soft hit of pink appearing on his cheeks.

Cristiano’s smirk widened a little before he shrugged. “We were just wondering where our host had gotten to” he noted, his attention shifting towards Cassie who’d shuffled a little closer to Sergio, trying to hide behind him slightly.

“Aren’t you going to introduce us, captain?” Pepe contributed warmly.

Sergio smiled a little at the warmth in the other defender’s voice before he nodded his head. “Of course” he mused “Cristiano, Pepe, this is Cassie Gomes, my girlfriend” he enthused, gently nudging Cassie forwards.

Cristiano admired the smile Sergio wore for a brief moment before he took a step forwards, offering his hand out towards Cassie. “It’s nice to finally put a face to the name” he greeted warmly “I mean, our captain, he talks about you and peanut all of the time so it is nice to finally meet you” he added kindly.

Cassie lifted an eyebrow. “He does?” she quipped.

Pepe snorted. “Lately, you’re all he wants to talk about” he quipped, earning a slight glare from Sergio.

Cassie tilted her head a little, slightly surprised by the idea that Sergio spoke to his friends about her, before she shook it. “I hope he tells you good things” she mused, her green eyes peeking down towards her feet shyly.

“Of course he does” Cristiano noted with a grin as he attempted to catch her gaze “He’s pretty smitten with you” he added, sparing a teasing glance towards the Spaniard who rolled his eyes slightly.

Cassie’s cheeks warmed a little before Pepe offered his arm out towards her, a kind smile appearing on his face. “You should come through” he mused softly “I can get you something to drink and we can work on introducing you to everyone else. Do you mind me borrowing her for a while, captain?” he posed as he spared a small glance back towards Sergio.

Sergio glanced towards Cassie, wordlessly asking if she was alright with it, before he nodded his head, sparing a grin towards his teammate. “Of course not” he quipped “I’ll catch up with you later, Cassie?” he posed softly.

Cassie nodded her head gently before she wrapped her arm around Pepe’s, allowing him to guide her through the house. Sergio watched after the two of them for a couple of seconds before the sound of Cristiano clearing his throat reached his ears, causing him to roll his eyes slightly before he shook his head. “Shut it, Ronaldo” he mumbled as he stepped past, moving to follow Pepe and Cassie out towards the garden.

Cristiano smirked a little at the defender’s words before he shook his head, glad to see that things were working between his friend and his girlfriend.

“Have you actually stopped looking at her since she sat down over there?”

Sergio, who’d been quietly sipping on his drink, flinched a little at the sound of Gareth’s voice before he lifted his head, rolling his eyes slightly. It had been a good night, after he’d convinced Cassie to head inside, she had been quick to make friends with a few of his teammates and their partners, and Sergio had to admit that he was pleased, even if he had been a little concerned about the idea of Cassie becoming overwhelmed. He liked that she had settled in as quickly as she had.

“Of course he hasn’t” Cristiano quipped “He’s a protective new boyfriend and papa-to-be” he added warmly.

Sergio offered the forward a glance before he shook his head slightly. “I was just making sure that she was alright” he mused softly “I mean, I know that she settled in pretty quickly, but she was pretty nervous about meeting you all and I just want to make sure that she’s doing OK” he added gently, earning a few ‘awws’ from those who sat around him.

Sergio rolled his eyes at the sound, something which caused Gareth to chuckle slightly before he leant forwards, patting the defender’s shoulder. “We’re glad to see you happy, captain” he mused softly “I mean, after Pilar, I think a few of us had our doubts, but Cassie? She seems pretty great, Sergio” he enthused warmly.

Sergio flinched a little at the reference to his ex-girlfriend, before he nodded his head, a grin appearing on his face. “She is pretty great” he mused warmly.

The men who sat around him admired the smile he wore before Marcelo shook his head, a small laugh escaping his mouth. “So, I’m likely to have to buy a new suit in the near future then?” he teased brightly.

Sergio snorted before he offered the Brazilian a playful shove, something which caused another round of laughter to pass over the group.

“Am I interrupting something?”

Sergio, who’d been playfully fighting with Marcelo, startled a little at the sound of Cassie’s voice before he lifted his head, offering her a small smile. “You’re not” he mused “Do you need something?” he added as he pushed himself up to his feet, something which earnt a few snickers from the group.

Cassie tilted her head at the sound of the laughter before she shook her head. “I just thought I’d come by and let you know that I was going to head off. I’ve got an early start in the morning and peanut’s giving me a rough night. I thought I’d come and say goodnight” she explained softly.

Sergio frowned a little, his hand briefly passing over her bump, before he nodded his head. “Do you need me to take you home?” he posed softly.

“I’ll be fine” Cassie replied “I’ll text you when I get home?” she posed, offering him a small smile.

Sergio nodded his head softly before he leant into her, sneaking a couple of quick kisses which earned a few whistles from his friends. Sparing a soft laugh, he pulled away from Cassie slightly before he shook his head, gently moving to knot their fingers together before he led her away from his friends, mumbling something about having a little privacy.

The group of footballers watched the couple away for a moment before Marcelo snorted slightly. “He’s really in love with her, isn’t he?” he noted amusedly, earning a few nods in agreement.

“Let’s hope it works out for him this time” Cristiano quipped “They’re good together” he added warmly, earning a few murmurs in agreement. It had been sudden, the arrival of Cassie in Sergio’s life had come out of the blue, but they hoped that she was around to stay, even if it did take a little figuring out when the baby arrived. They were good together and people wanted to see it work out between them.
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