Somebody Like Me

Thirty Eight: The Right Decision For You

Letting out a small groan, Sergio tossed onto his side, pulling his pillow over his ears in an attempt to block out the irksome sound of a phone vibrating in the distance. It was early, one look around the dimly lit hotel room confided that it was still too early for him to contemplate getting out of bed, but he doubted that that thought had crossed the mind of whoever was trying to call him, something which irked him slightly.

It had been a few days, after he had proposed the idea of Cassie moving in with him, he had been quick to fly off with the rest of the squad for a pre-season training camp, but it was safe to say that he’d not quite been himself, even if he had tried to not let it bother him. He had found himself distracted on more than one occasion.

He knew why she was apprehensive, despite the fact that she was pregnant, they had only been together for a matter of months and he knew that she was wary of moving too fast too soon, but still he was a little upset by her reaction, even if he knew that he’d caught off guard when he’d asked. He had thought that she would take it slightly better than she had.

Allowing another small groan to fall out of his mouth, he pulled the pillow slightly more around his face for a couple of seconds before it was ripped out of his hand, causing him to glare up at Pepe who stood over him, an equally irked expression perched on his features. “What are you doing?” he grumbled.

“Your phone is ringing” Pepe grumbled, tossing the pillow down onto the bed “It’s been ringing for too long and whoever it is doesn’t seem to be taking the hint. You either get up and answer it or I toss it out of the window. It’s up to you” he added before he padded out of the bedroom.

Sergio glared after him for a couple of seconds before he fell back against the mattress, his hand collecting his phone which sat on the end table, vibrating against the wood. Sparing a brief look down towards the screen, he made a note that it was Cassie’s name which filled the screen before he pressed it against his ear. “Hola” he mumbled, stifling a yawn into his hand.

“Did I wake you?” Cassie posed softly “Because if I did, I can call back. It’s not a…”

“Cassie, it’s fine” Sergio interrupted softly “I mean, Pepe’s more than slightly upset that you interrupted his beauty sleep, but I am sure he will live. It’s good to hear from you, nena” he fussed softly. It had been infrequent, with his schedule and his having asked Cassie to move in with him, their phone calls had been few and far between, but he was pleased to hear from her, even if she did sound a little nervous. He was merely happy to hear her voice.

“I am sorry for not calling sooner” Cassie mumbled “I mean, I should have done” she babbled softly.

Sergio quirked a small smile at the nervousness in her voice before he shook his head. “I can’t say I am surprised that you didn’t” he mused softly “I mean, after I told you I loved you for the first time, you blanked me for a few days so I wasn’t overly surprised by it this time” he added, his voice caught somewhere between teasing and irked. He knew that he had caught her off guard, the look on her face, as well as the way she had been avoiding his calls made it more than clear, but still he was a little upset by the way she had taken to avoiding him, even if it wasn’t the first time. He was disappointed that she felt the need to shy away from him.

Cassie let out a soft sigh. “You surprised me” she murmured softly.

“I know I did” Sergio agreed “But you must have figured I’d ask one day“ he countered.


“I know why you are worried, Cass” he interrupted softly “I mean, if you ignore the fact that you’re carrying peanut, we’ve only been in actual relationship for a few months, but I still think it is a good idea, nena. I kind of like having you around and I’d like it to be a slightly more permanent thing” he added gently.

“I like being around you, Sese” Cassie mused softly “But you said it yourself. It’s only been a few months and, if it wasn’t for the fact I am carrying our little boy, then we both know we’d not even be thinking about this right now. It’s a big step, Sese” she added, her voice soft and nervous.

Sergio mulled her words over for a few seconds, not missing the trepidation in her voice, before he let out a soft sigh. “It is a big step” he agreed gently “But we’re only a couple of months away from taking an even bigger one, Cass, and I just think it would be good for us…better for us if we were living together when that baby of ours arrives” he added, his voice warm and encouraging.

He didn’t want to fight with her, for a while, things had been good between them and Sergio didn’t want to wreck it by starting a fight, but he did want to encourage her slightly, even if he didn’t want to push her into anything. He wanted her to see that it could be a good move forwards for them.

Cassie was quiet for a couple of seconds, allowing his words to settle in, before she let out a gentle sound into the phone. “What if it is too soon, Sese?” she posed quietly.

“What if it isn’t, Cass?” Sergio countered, the frustration in his voice rising ever so slightly.


“I know it is soon” Sergio interrupted, his voice calming slightly “And if I know one thing about you, it is that you worry more than you should, but I really don’t think this is something you need to be worrying about. It might be quick, but as long as it makes sense to us, what does it matter?” he added softly.

Cassie was quiet, but Sergio could hear her shuffling around through the phone, something which caused him to let out another soft sigh, knowing that she had a habit of fidgeting when she was nervous. “You can take more time to think, Cassie” he murmured softly “I am not going to be home for a few days and you can take a little more time to…”

“You’re 100% certain that this is what you want, right?” Cassie interjected.

Sergio blinked a couple of times, slightly surprised by her interruption, before he nodded his head. “I’m sure, Cass” he mused softly “It is what I want, but if it isn’t what you want then we can just forget that I asked and go back to the way things were. I just want things to be good between us, nena” he added warmly.

Cassie let out a small sound, something which made him sure that she was smiling on the end of the phone causing him to smile in turn. “I like us, Cassie” he mused softly “And whether we move in together or not, I am pretty sure that we’re stuck together for the long haul” he added gently.

“I’m pretty sure of that too” Cassie quipped “I don’t think I’ll get rid of you easily” she added, a little laugh punctuating her sentence.

Sergio chuckled. “You won’t” he agreed “You’re stuck with me I’m afraid” he teased.

Cassie let out another soft giggle before she allowed a small silence to fall over them. “You’re back early next week, aren’t you?” she posed gently.

“I am” Sergio confirmed “And if you need to keep thinking until then, then do it. I want you to make the right decision for you, Cassie” he added gently.

“I need a little more time” Cassie confirmed softly “But it’s not a no, Sese. It’s just a ‘I need to think about this’” she explained softly.

“I understand” Sergio mused softly “But you’ll call more right? I kind of miss talking to my girl, Cass” he added.

“Your girl?” Cassie quipped, her voice gentle and amused.

“That’s what you are, mi amor” he enthused warmly.

Cassie let out a soft laugh. “I’ll speak to you soon, Sese” she mused gently “And I will see you next week. I love you” she enthused gently.

Sergio quirked a boyish smile. “I love you too, Cassie, and I miss you” he added gently before he allowed her to hang up the phone. Staring at it for a couple of seconds, he allowed the conversation to whir around his head for a couple of seconds before he shook his head, another smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. He knew that it wasn’t a yes, Cassie had made it more than clear that she wasn’t quite certain yet, but it buoyed his spirits a little. He was slightly more confident that it would only be a matter of time before he was helping Cassie to pack up her things.
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