Somebody Like Me

Thirty Nine: Take A Chance

Sparing a soft look towards the door which stood ahead of him, Sergio quirked a small smile, a slight feeling of excitement passing over him. He knew that it was a little silly, it had only been a matter of days since he and Cassie had been in the same place, but still he was looking forwards to seeing her, even if the uncertainty about their living situation did still hang over the two of them. A part of him simply couldn’t wait to be in the same room as his girlfriend again.

Gently pushing a hand back through his hair, he admired the door for a couple of seconds before he lifted his hand, pressing the doorbell before he stepped back slightly, watching as Cassie pulled the door open. “Can I help you?” she posed, not looking away from her phone which sat in her hand.

Sergio quirked a small amused grin before he took a pace towards her, slipping the phone out of her hand. “You could look up” he quipped impishly “I mean, I know I am back a little early, but you could at least look up at me” he added gently.

Cassie blinked a couple of times, slightly surprised by the sound of his voice, before she looked up, a wide smile appearing on her face. “I thought you weren’t supposed to be back until later this afternoon” she mused gently.

Sergio shrugged. “We left earlier than I thought we would” he mused “Aren’t you happy to see me?” he added, quirking another boyish smile.

Cassie rolled her eyes slightly before she took a pace towards him, gently wrapping her arms around his neck as she pulled him into a soft hug. Sergio’s smile widened a little at the contact before he wrapped his arms around her, holding her as close as her baby bump would allow. Offering her a gentle squeeze, he tilted his head gently before he ducked down, pressing a soft kiss against the top of her head. “It’s good to see you, Cassie” he murmured softly.

Cassie held onto him for a little longer before she ducked back, her familiar warm smile on her lips. “It’s good to see you too, Sergio” she mused softly “Did you want to come inside? I had just started to make myself some lunch, but I am sure that I can stretch it between the two of us” she added gently.

“You don’t have to do that” he noted softly “Besides, you’re still eating for two” he added, his hand gently drifting over her bump.

Cassie spared him another roll of her green eyes before she gently took a hold of his hand, leading him into the apartment. Sergio followed a couple of paces behind her before he dropped a hold of her hand, instead opting to wrap his arms around her waist, something which made Cassie shake her head, mumbling something about it only having been a few days.

“So, how is pre-season coming along?” Cassie posed gently as she moved to settle down on the couch, her green eyes settling on Sergio who sat at her side, flicking through a newspaper which she had left on the side. It had been a quiet afternoon, after Sergio had appeared at her front door, the two of them had spent a little while catching up, and Cassie had to admit that she was pleased to see him, even if it hadn’t been too long. She had sort of missed him being around.

Sergio, who’d been scanning an article about possible transfers, shrugged. “It’s started pretty well” he noted softly “We seem to be in pretty good shape, but I think the first real test will be the Clasico in the Super Cup. You know how games against Barca can be” he added, quirking a slight smile.

Cassie nodded her head softly, allowing a small awkward silence to settle over the two of them. It wasn’t the first one, with the two of them seemingly avoiding the elephant in the room, they’d lapsed into a slightly awkward silence more than once, but neither one of them wanted to be the first to break it, not wanting to broach the topic before the other.

Allowing the silence to linger for a couple of moments, Sergio spared a gentle look towards her before he shook his head. “You know, we are going to have to talk about it eventually” he mused softly “I mean, we can keep going through these pleasantries, but I think we both know that it’s going to be pretty awkward until we just talk about it” he babbled, trying to keep his voice bright and upbeat.

Cassie smiled half-heartedly at his awkward teasing before she nodded her head gently. “You’re probably right” she mumbled.

“It happens from time to time” Sergio replied, an awkward smile on his face.

Cassie spared a soft laugh before she shook her head, her hand gently moving to take a hold his which fiddled shyly with the bottom of his shirt. “You know why I am worried?” she posed softly, her green eyes not shifting away from their hands which messed shyly with one another.

Sergio nodded his head. “Of course I do” he confirmed “You’re worried that this is too much too soon. You’re worried that I am only asking you to do this because of peanut, and you’re worried that things between us could falter if we try and force things, but I still think that this is the best thing for us, Cassie” he mused softly as he ducked his head, trying to meet her eyes for a second.

“You do?” Cassie posed softly, her eyes meeting his shyly.

“I do” Sergio confirmed gently “You’re right, it is very fast, and perhaps, without peanut in the equation, I wouldn’t be asking this, but this is the equation, Cass, and I think it makes sense” he added, quirking a gentle smile.

Cassie admired the soft look on his face for a brief moment before she tentatively nodded her head, something which caused Sergio to tilt his, a slightly curious look on his face. “Is that…is that a yes?” he posed tentatively, not wanting to get his hopes up for nothing.

Cassie smiled a little at the nervousness in his voice before she spared him another soft nod. “It’s a yes” she mused softly.

Sergio blinked, slightly surprised by her words, before his face lit up with a smile, something which caused Cassie to giggle before she gently squeezed his hand. “It’s going to take a little while, I’ve got a lot to pack up here and I’ve got to give my landlord notice, but I think you’re right. I think this could be a good thing for us” she explained gently. It had taken her a while, after her conversations with both Sergio and Sara, she’d given the idea a lot of thought, and she’d opted to take the risk, even if she was still worried about the outcome. She wanted to take a chance on Sergio.

Sergio’s smile brightened with each word before he gently lifted his hand, cupping her cheek softly before he leant into her, pressing his lips to hers in a warm kiss. Cassie giggled a little at the contact before she wrapped her arms around him, holding him close for a few seconds before he leant back slightly, his forehead pressed against hers. “You’re sure about this?” he mumbled “Because if you feel as though I’ve pushed you…”

“I don’t” Cassie interrupted “And I am still worried about this, but I want to take the chance. You were right when you said that we’re onto a good thing and I’d like to keep that going” she added, offering him a soft smile.

Sergio admired the soft smile for a moment before he ducked into her, pressing another kiss against her lips, something which made Cassie let out another soft laugh. She knew that it was a big step, moving in together was a huge step forwards, but she wanted to do it, even if it was soon. She liked what she and Sergio had going on between the two of them.
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