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Forty Six: I Don’t Want You To Worry

Nudging the front door closed after himself, Sergio rested against it for a couple of seconds, a small relieved sigh fall out of his mouth. It had been a long couple of days, with Real Madrid having headed away for their match that weekend, it had been a little tough for the defender to leave Cassie and Noah, and he was pleased to be home, even if the idea that he had missed his little family after only a couple of days was a little silly, part of him couldn’t wait to see his girlfriend or their baby again.

Closing his eyes for a couple of seconds, he relaxed a little before he settled his bag down beside the door, affording him the opportunity to duck into the living room, his dark eyes quickly settling on Cassie who was curled up on the couch, sleeping happily. Admiring her for a couple of seconds, he quirked a soft smile before the sound of Noah’s snuffles reached his ears, causing him to flick his attention towards the little boy who laid in his Moses basket, his blue eyes staring up at his father as he kicked his little feet.

Sergio chuckled softly before he padded a little further into the room, carefully lifting Noah up against him. “We’ll have to be quiet, Noah” he mumbled as he quietly moved to step back out of the room “Your madre, she’s never been a big fan of being woken up during her naps and I don’t think she’d be very happy with us if we disturbed her” he added softly as he ducked into the kitchen, quietly moving to take a seat beside the kitchen table.

Noah, who had settled quickly into his arms, stirred a little at the sound of Sergio’s voice before he let out a small yawn, something which made the defender smile a little before he dipped down, pressing a light kiss against the top of the little boy’s head. It still felt strange, with Noah around, things seemed more than a little different, but Sergio already knew that he wouldn’t have changed it, even if it wasn’t what he had pictured when he and Cassie had started to see one another. He was more than happy with the way things had worked out.

Watching Noah for a couple of seconds, he gently brushed his fingertips through the small tufts of dark hair on his head before dipped down, kissing the top of his head once more. “You know” he murmured softly “You are probably the best thing that is going to happen to me, Noah” he mumbled quietly.

Noah stirred a little, his blue eyes briefly peeking up at his father, before he quietened down, something which made Sergio chuckle a little. “You coming along was the best thing, Noah” he murmured softly “I mean, you were more than a little bit of a surprise and one day, your madre will almost certainly tell you that I looked petrified when she told me that we were going to have you, but I am very happy you came along, Because of you and your wonderful mama, I am very happy right now. I love you both very much” he added, his fingertips lightly fixing the shirt that the little boy wore. He knew that he wouldn’t understand, at only a couple of weeks old, the chances of Noah understanding what he was saying were slim, but he still wanted to say it. He still wanted to express just how content he was with the way things were.

“We love you too”

Sergio, who’d been quietly fussing over Noah, startled a little at the sound of Cassie’s voice before he lifted his head, offering her a boyish smile. “You weren’t meant to hear that” he mused playfully “I was trying to talk to our son and I thought you were still asleep. What are you doing up?” he posed, carefully nudging the seat beside him out.

Cassie shook her head. “You weren’t quiet when you came to get Noah” she noted “But I didn’t mean to ruin your moment. I can go if you want me to” she offered, playing along with him as she moved to take the seat that he had offered to her.

Sergio feigned thought for a couple of seconds before he shook his head, his smile softening a little. “You can stick around if you want to” he mused softly.

Cassie returned his smile gently before she rested back into her seat, pushing a few loose strands of dark hair off of her face. “How did your match go?” she posed quietly “I mean, I did try and stay up and watch it, but with Noah around…”

“It’s fine, Cass” Sergio interrupted with a small laugh “I know how he can be. He’s already like his papa” he added, peeking down towards Noah who slept happily in his arms.

Cassie followed the line of his stare before she shook her head. “How did the game go?” she repeated softly.

She knew that it wasn’t the biggest deal, the game away to Sevilla was only one of many that they still had to play in the league, but she wanted to take an interest, even if it was only a small thing. She wanted to ensure that things between her and Sergio kept going in the right direction. It hadn’t been huge, the shift in dynamics between her and Sergio after Noah had arrived had only been small, but still she wanted to keep on top of it, not wanting to allow their relationship to stumble whilst they attempted to get used to the idea that they were parents.

Sergio quirked an eyebrow at the repeated question before he shrugged. “It was close” he quipped “I mean, Sevilla always give us a good game and we didn’t exactly play our best game, but we got the three points and that is all that matters, especially since Barca dropped points against Atletico” he explained.

Cassie nodded her head quietly, something which made Sergio shake his before he carefully nudged her shin with his foot. “Are you alright?” he posed softly “I mean, I love that you’re taking an interest, but it’s not like you. Is something up?” he added, trying to keep his voice light and teasing as his dark eyes moved to meet hers.

Cassie held his stare for a second before she let out a soft sigh. “It’s silly” she mumbled softly “But I…I am just a little worried about us. I know that things have been good since Noah came along, but I am pretty keen to keep them that way and I just…”

“Nena, you have nothing to be worried about right now” Sergio interrupted softly.

Cassie blinked a couple of times, slightly surprised by the interruption, before she shook her head. “Sese…”

“Things are good right now, Cass” Sergio interjected softly “Since Noah came along, they’ve been really good, and I don’t want you to worry about things right now. We’re good, nena, really good, and if we do hit a stumbling block, we will figure it out. You and me, it’s a good thing” he added, his tone warm and encouraging.

Cassie spared him a soft look, briefly mulling his words over, before she nodded her head, something which caused Sergio to push himself up to his feet, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. He knew that she was going to worry, since they’d started to see one another, she had proven to be a worrier, but he wanted to reassure her. Things were good and he was confident that they would be for a while yet.
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