Somebody Like Me

Forty Nine: They Like You

Wrinkling her nose slightly, Cassie peeked one of her green eyes open, her ears doused by the soft sound of shuffling which emanated away from the baby monitor which sat on the end table. It was early, like most mornings since Noah had arrived, she had started to stir before the sound of Sergio’s alarm clock had filled the air, but she was a little surprised not to find Sergio still sleeping soundly beside her. They had settled into a routine, with Noah approaching two months old, things had settled down slightly, and it surprised Cassie to see that Sergio was awake, even if it wasn’t the first time, she was slightly surprised that he had woken up before her.

Allowing a soft yawn to fall out of her mouth, she moved to sit up slightly before she pushed her hand back through her hair, brushing it away from her eyes before the sound of the bedroom door opening reached her, causing her to peek up towards Sergio who was quietly fussing over Noah.

It had been a little while, after they’d bumped into Pilar, a few weeks had passed, and Cassie was pleased with how things were between her and Sergio, even if they did still have the odd awkward moment from time to time, she was pleased that things seemed to have settled down without too much trouble.

Quirking a small smile, she admired the two of them for a couple of seconds before she cleared her throat, causing Sergio to lift his head, a smile appearing at the corner of his mouth.

“I thought you were still asleep” he commented softly “I mean, you were asleep when I went to check on Noah. I didn’t wake you, did I?” he posed, sitting himself down on the side of the bed.

Cassie shook her head. “I’ve gotten into the habit of waking up about now anyway” she mused softly “I am usually the one who gets up first to check on Noah, which poses the question, what are you doing up so soon? It’s not like you, Sergio” she added, a playful smile on her lips.

Sergio admired her smile briefly before he shrugged slightly. “I heard him over the monitor” he noted gently “And I figured you’d be appreciative of a lay in, but if that was wrong…” he trailed off, flashing her an impish smile.

Cassie rolled her eyes, but spared a small giggle, something which caused Sergio’s smile to widen a fraction before Noah let out a soft sound, pulling his parents attention down towards him. “I think someone might be looking for his mama” Sergio mused, carefully moving to settle the little boy down into Cassie’s arms.

“It is about time for his breakfast” she mused softly as she adjusted the little boy in her arms, moving to feed him.

Sergio, who’d moved to get a little more comfortable on the bed, watched the two of them for a couple of seconds before he quirked a small smile, wordlessly fussing over the sight of his girlfriend and their son. It still felt a little unfamiliar, even despite the fact that Noah was nearing two months old, the idea that he and Cassie had a baby was one which still slightly strange, but Sergio was confident that he wouldn’t have changed it, even if things had happened quickly between him and Cassie, he was more than happy with the way things had worked out between them.

“You’re staring”

Sergio, who’d drifted off slightly, jumped at the sound of Cassie’s voice before he shook his head slightly before he flashed her a boyish smile. “You’re pretty adorable together” he quipped “And sometimes I like to look at the two of you. Is that a problem?” he teased.

Cassie rolled her eyes. “You’re an idiot, aren’t you?” she poked softly.

Sergio simply shrugged nonchalantly, something which made Cassie shake her head slightly, before she flicked her attention back down towards Noah who stirred a little in her arms.

Sergio smiled a little at the small movements of the little boy’s feet before he shuffled a little closer to Cassie, his fingertips gently pushing through the soft tufts of dark hair which sat on the top of Noah’s head. “You know” he mumbled softly, breaking the comfortable silence which had settled over the room “The guys keep asking about the two of you” he added gently.

Cassie, who’d been watching the nimble movements of his fingers, tilted her head. “Your friends ask about us?” she posed gently.

Sergio nodded. “They like you, Cass” he mused softly “I think they might like you more than they like me, and I think they’d love to see you and meet Noah sometime soon” he added, his voice caught between teasing and tentative. It had been something they had agreed, after Noah had arrived, they had spent a lot of time around their families and a few friends, and both Cassie and Sergio had wanted a few weeks to themselves, wanting the opportunity to grow into their little family before they introduced Noah to anyone else.

Cassie tilted her head, briefly mulling his words over, before she quirked a small smile. “I think that that would be nice” she mused gently.

Sergio lifted an eyebrow. “You do?” he posed, his voice caught between teasing and curious.

“I do” Cassie confirmed “I mean, I’d like to hold off on taking Noah to a match until he’s gotten a little bigger, but if you had something else in mind, I think that that would be nice” she added, offering him a small reassuring smile. She knew why he was slightly dubious, for a while, she had been more than slightly nervous about the prospect of spending time with his friends, but she wanted to reassure him that it was what she wanted, even if she was slightly nervous, she wanted to make an effort for him like he did for her.

Sergio offered her a small dubious look, wordlessly asking her if she was sure, before he nodded his head, a grin playing on his face. “I am sure that we can figure something out. The guys are all very keen to meet Noah and I’m looking forwards to showing him off” he mused softly, his thumb gently brushing against the sleeping baby’s cheek as a familiar warm look appeared on his features.

Cassie admired the soft look he wore on his face before she carefully ducked forwards, pressing a light kiss against his cheek as she fussing over the smile that appeared on his face whenever Noah came up in conversation. Sergio smiled a little at the feel of her lips against his cheek before he wrapped an arm around her waist, holding her close to him. He knew that it was still early, despite having Noah, he and Cassie had only been together for a matter of months, but still Sergio couldn’t help but think ahead, even if he didn’t want to scare her off by trying to push things forwards too quickly. He liked the idea of taking another step forwards in their relationship.
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