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Sixty: I Should Have Said This Sooner

Pushing the door to the changing room open, Sergio let out a small frustrated sound, his feet dragging him quickly towards his spot on the bench. It had been a tough game, with the season slowly reaching its conclusion, all of the teams in the division were fighting for something, but still Sergio had been surprised how tough the game against Villarreal had been and he was a little disappointed with the fact that they had only come away with a draw, even if they had been a goal down for a while, he felt as though they needed more than the point that they’d gotten.

Allowing another small sound to fall out of his mouth, he quickly pulled his bag open before he sat down on the bench, rubbing a hand over his face.

“Are you alright?”

Sergio, who’d closed his eyes for a couple of seconds, startled a little at the sound of Gareth’s voice before he lifted his head, offering him a half-smile. “I’m fine” he mumbled “Just a little frustrated about the game” he added gently.

It wasn’t a whole lie, with the result of the match being less than pleasing, he was a little irked with the result, but mostly he was distracted. It had been a couple of days, after he had proposed to Cassie, a few days had passed, but still he couldn’t quite get his mind off of it, even if he didn’t want to push Cassie into giving him an answer, he couldn’t seem to stop himself from fretting about the prospect of her saying no.

Gareth, who’d moved to pull his shirt off, offered the Spaniard a small look before he shook his head. “It’s not just that” he noted “I mean, you’ve been in a bad mood since we left Madrid this morning” he pointed out.

“I’ve not been a in a bad mood” Sergio dismissed with a shake of his head.

“You have” Gareth countered “And we’ve all noticed it. Cristiano, hasn’t Sergio been in a foul mood since we left Madrid?” he posed, nudging the Portuguese man who stood beside him.

Cristiano nodded his head gently. “He’s been decidedly grumpy” he quipped with a small smile.

Sergio, who’d moved to collect his wash bag, rolled his eyes slightly before he shook his head. “I’ve not been in a bad mood” he mumbled.

“You’ve not been yourself” Cristiano countered “You’ve been quiet and that’s not like you. Normally, we can’t shut you up” he added, offering the Spaniard another soft grin.

Sergio briefly contemplated retorting, telling them that he wasn’t in a bad mood, but he opted against it, instead moving to collect a towel before he padded away towards the shower.

Cristiano frowned a little at the defender’s reaction before he moved to collect his own towel, following after the defender before he took a hold of his arm, pulling him to a stop. “Come on, Sergio” he mused softly “What’s going on with you?” he added gently. It wasn’t the first time, since they had left Madrid that morning, Sergio had been a little quiet and distant, and it worried the forward slightly, even if he did know better than to pry. He could see that there was something on Sergio’s mind.

Sergio quietly mulled his question over for a couple of seconds, briefly contemplating telling him about what had happened with Cassie, before he shook his head. “It’s nothing” he dismissed softly “I’m just not in the best of moods, but I will be fine, Cris” he added, sparing him another half-hearted smile before he pulled his arm back, moving into the showers.

Cristiano spared him a small look before he shook his head, wordlessly hoping that Sergio figured it out quickly.

Sparing a soft yawn into his hand, Sergio pushed the door closed behind him, more than a little relieved to be home. It had been a long day, between travelling and the match, he’d barely had a second to relax, and he was glad to be home, even if things had been a little awkward between him and Cassie for a few days. He was still more than happy to be home.

Ensuring that he had locked the door behind, he moved to settle his bag down beside the door before he toed off his shoes, his dark eyes peeking up towards the clock which sat on the wall. It was late, after the match, it had taken a little while to get back to Madrid, and Sergio was looking forwards to heading to bed, even if a small part of him did want to see Cassie, he was counting down the seconds until he had the opportunity to fall asleep.

Making sure that he had moved everything out of the way, he padded up the stairs before he briefly ducked into Noah’s nursery, his dark eyes settling on the little boy who slept happily in his crib. Quirking a soft smile, he watched the sleeping baby for a couple of moments before he quietly stepped out of the room, pulling the door to behind him before he stepped across the hall, ducking into his bedroom.

Trying his hardest to be quiet, he stepped into the bedroom before he lifted his head, his dark eyes settling on Cassie who laid on his side of the bed, her soft snores filling the air. Quirking a gentle smile, he watched her sleep for a couple of seconds before he quietly padded around the bed, stepping into the en-suite before he flicked the light on.


Sergio, who’d moved to pull his shirt over his head, startled at the sound of Cassie’s voice before he poked his head out of the bathroom. “I thought you were sleeping” he mused softly “Did I disturb you?” he added, stepping back out into the bedroom.

Cassie, who’d moved to flick the bedroom lamp on, shook her head, offering him a sleepy smile. “I was sort of listening out for you” she mused gently.

Sergio lifted an eyebrow. “You were?” he posed gently.

Cassie nodded her head gently before she shuffled over slightly, making room for him at her side. “I sort of wanted to talk to you” she mused, lightly patting the spot on the mattress.

Sergio frowned a little, slightly caught off guard by her words, before he nodded his head, gently sitting down beside her.

Cassie smiled a little at the small frown he wore before she gently shifted her hand, knotting their fingers together. “You don’t have to look so worried, Sese” she teased softly.

Sergio spared a half-hearted laugh before he shook his head, his dark eyes settling on their hands. “What do you want to talk to me about, Cass?” he posed softly, his thumb lightly brushing over the back of her hand.

Cassie watched the movement of his thumb for a moment before she gently shifted her other hand, resting it against his cheek before she tilted his head up slightly, allowing his dark eyes to meet her greens. “It’s a yes” she mused softly.

Sergio frowned. “What?” he posed.

Cassie spared a soft giggle before she shook her head. “You asked me a question the other day” she mused “A pretty important one and I want you to know that the answer…the answer is yes” she babbled softly, her fingers still messing with his shyly. It felt a little strange, the idea that she and Sergio were on the verge of getting engaged was one which felt a little strange to Cassie, but she had to admit that she liked it, even if it was going to a little while for it to settle in. The idea that they were taking the next step forwards in their relationship gave her butterflies.

Sergio quietly mulled her words over for a moment before he quirked a soft smile. “It’s a yes?” he breathed softly.

Cassie nodded. “Of course it is, Sese” she mused softly “And it should have been what I said to you the other day. I like us, Sese, more than like us and I want to take the next step with you, if that’s still what you want of course” she added, her cheeks tinting a soft shade of pink.

Sergio smiled at the soft hint of colour which had appeared on her cheek before he gently leant forwards, pressing a soft kiss against the warm skin. “Of course it is, Cass” he fussed softly “You’re saying yes?” he added gently.

“I am saying yes” Cassie mused softly “Of course it is a yes” she added, a wide grin pulling at the corner of her mouth.

Sergio blinked a couple of times, allowing the words to hang around them for a couple of seconds, before he ducked into her, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. Cassie startled slightly, not expecting the sudden kiss, but quickly responded, her arms wrapping around his neck as she smiled into the kiss. Sergio held her close for a couple of seconds before he leant back slightly, pressing his forehead against hers. “You’re sure about this?” he fussed softly.

“I’m sure” Cassie replied “And I’m sorry for not telling you sooner. I should have said this days ago” she added gently.

Sergio shook his head. “It’s fine, nena” he fussed softly “It’s you. I’d have been worried if you didn’t need to think about it” he added, offering her a small impish grin.

Cassie spared a soft laugh before she shuffled a little closer to him, cuddling into his side. “You know that this means you’re stuck with me, right?” she posed impishly.

Sergio spared a small laugh before he ducked down, pressing a light kiss to the top of her head as he wordlessly mused about not wanting to be stuck with anyone else.
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