Somebody Like Me

Eighty Four: You Couldn’t Let Me Get To It?

Carefully adjusting the material of her shirt, Cassie spared a soft glance towards the mirror, her green eyes scanning her reflection meticulously any sign of the bump which resided beneath her clothes. It was still only small, even despite the fact that she had reached the 12 week mark, her bump was still easily masked by her clothes, but still she was a little apprehensive about it being spotted, even if it was only a matter of time before it became too obvious to hide. A small part of her wanted to keep it under wraps for a little longer.

It had been a few weeks, after they’d visited Elsa for the first time, Cassie and Sergio had opted to keep the news to themselves for a little while, but with her first trimester having come to an end, they’d opted to share the news with their families, something which Cassie was looking forwards to, even if it was a little soon after Noah had arrived, she was confident that her father would be more than thrilled by the idea that he was only a few months away from welcoming another two grandchildren.

Studying her reflection for a couple of seconds, she lightly smoothed out her shirt once more before she quietly padded towards her wardrobe, moving to collect the pair of shoes which had been neatly stowed beside it.

“Your papa is downstairs”

Cassie, who’d been focused on slipping her feet into her shoes, lifted her head at the sound of Sergio’s voice before she lifted her head, offering him a small nod. “He said that he’d be here pretty early” she mused gently “I mean, he’s been talking about visiting all week. I think he’s pretty excited to see Noah” she added gently, her green eyes fiddling with the laces of her shoes.

Sergio watched the small movements of her fingers for a moment before he shook his head. “You know, if you want me to, I can stick around and tell him with you” he offered softly “I mean, I don’t think the coaching staff would appreciate me being late to the airport, but if you need me to…”

“I’ll be fine” Cassie interrupted softly “I mean, it’s going to surprise him, but you know my papa. He’ll probably make some joke before he tells me how excited he is” she added, offering him a shy smile.

Sergio admired the shy smile on her face before he stepped towards her, moving to press a soft kiss against the top of her head. “He’s going to be thrilled, Cass” he mumbled softly “I mean, you’re right, it’s going to be a pretty big surprise for him, but I am sure that he’s going to be over the moon. How could he not be?” he posed, carefully brushing the dark hair off of her face. He knew that she was a little apprehensive, since he had broached the notion of sharing the news of her pregnancy with their families, she had been a little nervous, but he was confident that the news would go down well, even if it was likely to catch their families off guard. He was sure that the news of Cassie’s pregnancy would be welcomed with open arms.

Cassie offered him a slightly dubious look before the sound of the alarm he had set on his phone filled the air, causing him to shake his head. “I’ve got to get going” he mused softly “But I will call you tonight?” he added, moving to collect his bag which sat beside the door.

Cassie nodded her head. “You’re going to see your parents once you’re in Seville?” she posed.

Sergio, who’d moved to collect his wallet and keys, nodded his head. “I’ve got plans to see them for dinner after the match and I plan on telling them then” he mused gently.

Cassie offered him another small nod, something which caused Sergio to step towards her, pressing a soft kiss against her cheek. “Your papa will be thrilled, nena” he reassured her softly “I mean, he already adores Noah and I am sure he’ll feel the same way about these two when they come along. It’ll be fine” he added, pressing a brief kiss against her lips.

Cassie smiled a little at his reassuring words before she carefully nudged him towards the door. Sergio smiled a little at the small nudge before he ducked into her, sneaking another quick kiss before he stepped out of the room. Cassie watched him go for a moment before she took a small breath, trying to settle the slight knot which twisted in the pit of her stomach.

“So, papa, how are things?” Cassie posed as she settled down on the floor beside Noah, her green eyes peeking up at her father who sat on the couch, perusing the messages on his phone. It had been a pleasant afternoon, even despite the small bout of nerves that Cassie felt, she had enjoyed spending time with her father, but she had yet to share the news with him, something which had her a little on edge. She knew that her father was likely to be excited, since Noah had arrived, he had mentioned the idea of her and Sergio giving him another grandchild more than once, but still she was slightly apprehensive about the idea of broaching the topic, even if she knew she couldn’t avoid it.

Alonso, who’d been sending a text, lifted his head before he shrugged. “Things are pretty good” he mused softly “I mean, work is going pretty well and I’ve even had a little spare time to head out on a couple of dates with a woman I work with” he added brightly.

Cassie tilted her head. “You’re dating someone?” she posed gently.

Alonso chuckled slightly before he nodded his head. “I’ve been out with her a few times” he mused softly “I mean, it’s been a couple of months, but things seem to be going pretty well. I like her, Cassandra” he mused softly. He knew that it was a sore topic, since her mother had died, Cassie had always been a little unsettled by the idea of her father dating, but he didn’t want to hide it from her. He was happy and he wanted his daughter to know it.

Cassie offered him a small glance, searching his expression, before she nodded her head, flashing him a warm smile. “I’m glad for you, papa” she mused softly.

Alonso flashed her a small appreciative smile before Noah let out a soft sound, pulling Cassie’s attention back towards him. “Mama” he squeaked softly.

Cassie offered him a soft smile before she lifted him into her arms, allowing him to cuddle into her as a small yawn fell out of his mouth.

“I can’t quite believe how big he’s getting”

Cassie, who’d been trying to make sure that Noah was comfortable, startled slightly at the sound of her father’s voice before nodded her head softly. “He’s growing fast” she agreed softly “I mean, it still seems like yesterday that I was in the delivery room, and now look at him” she added gently, her green eyes peeking down towards Noah softly.

Alonso followed the line of her stare before he quietly shook his head. “When are you just going to tell me, Cassandra?” he posed amusedly.

Cassie tilted her head. “Huh?” she spluttered softly.

Alonso shook his head. “You’ve been pretty quiet” he pointed out “And the last time you were this shy around me was when you first told me that I was going to have a grandchild. So, I think you’ve probably got something to tell me” he added, his voice bright and teasing.

Cassie blinked a couple of times, slightly surprised by his words, before she shook her head, a small laugh falling out of her mouth. “You couldn’t just let me get to it?” she teased as she carefully moved to stand up, settling Noah down onto the couch.

Alonso snorted. “I’ve got to be home at some point tonight” he quipped playfully.

Cassie rolled her eyes softly before she stepped towards her bag, quickly locating the sonogram picture that she had placed inside. Admiring it for a moment, she quirked a soft smile before she stepped towards her father, placing it gently into her hands. “I’m just about 12 weeks” she mused softly.

Alonso nodded his head before he flicked his eyes down towards the sonogram, studying it for a few seconds before he tilted his head. “Cassandra” he breathed softly “Sweetheart, there are two of them” he added, peeking up at her gently.

Cassie nodded her head. “There are” she confirmed “You’re going to have two new grandchildren” she added, her voice slightly timid.

Alonso was quiet for a few seconds, digesting the words which had fallen out of her mouth, before he shook his head. “Two?” he posed gently.

Cassie nodded. “Two” she confirmed lightly “My midwife, Elsa, she says that they’re both doing well” she babbled softly.

Alonso took a few more moments before he gently pushed himself up to his feet, wrapping her in a tight hug, something which Cassie was quick to respond to, hugging him tightly. “You and that boyfriend of yours really don’t hang around, do you?” Alonso quipped as he ducked back slightly.

Cassie’s cheeks flushed a little, something which made Alonso grin before he pulled her back into a tight hug, musing his congratulations into her ear.
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