Somebody Like Me

Eighty Seven: I’ll See You In The Morning

Pulling the zip around the holdall which sat on the bed, Sergio quirked a small smile, a small hit of butterflies twitching in the pit of his stomach. It had been a little while, after Cassie had found her dress, a couple of weeks had passed, and with their wedding day set for the following day, he and Cassie had arranged to head out to dinner with their families and a few friends before he departed to spend the night in a hotel, something which had Sergio more than slightly excited. It had been coming, for a while, he and Cassie had been preoccupied with planning their big day, and he was excited that it had finally arrived, even if a small part of him was nervous about the prospect of things going a little awry. He was already counting down the hours until he had the opportunity to address Cassie as his wife.

Ensuring that the bag fastened, he moved to sit down on the bed before he collected the list that Cassie had written for him, wordlessly checking off everything that he’d packed.

“You’ve got everything, haven’t you?”

Sergio, who’d been quietly perusing the list, quirked a small smile at the sound of Cassie’s voice before he shook his head, his dark eyes settling on where she stood in the doorway, Noah settled on her hip. “I think so” he mused softly “I mean, I’ve read through the list two or three times, and I seem to have everything, but even if I don’t, you’ve got bridesmaids that can run whatever I’ve forgotten over in the morning” he added impishly.

Cassie offered him a playful glare before she shook her head, carefully settling Noah down onto his feet. “Are you nearly ready to get moving?” she posed, her green eyes watching Noah as he carefully stepped across the room, shakily making his way towards Sergio. It had caught them off guard, when Noah had taken his first steps, it had caught his parents more than slightly by surprise, but Cassie adored seeing it, even if he was a little shaky on his feet. She was a little in awe of the idea that her little boy was walking and talking.

Sergio, who’d been watching Noah, nodded his head. “I think so” he noted “I’ve just got to put some shoes on and then I’ll be ready. You?” he posed softly.

“I’ve got to find a pair of shoes and a jacket for Noah and then we will be ready” Cassie mused gently as she slipped her feet into her shoes.

Sergio watched her for a second before he shook his head. “Can you quite believe that we’re only a day away from being husband and wife?” he posed gently, breaking the comfortable silence which had settled around the two of them.

Cassie, who’d moved to check the list which sat at his side, quirked a small smile before she shook her head. “I still can’t believe that we got together” she quipped playfully.

Sergio spared a small laugh. “It’s a pretty strange thought” he noted gently “I mean, tomorrow, you’re going to be my wife. Doesn’t that sound strange to you?” he posed softly.

“A little” Cassie agreed softly “But it’s something that I’m looking forwards to. I know I freaked out a little when you asked…”

“A little?” Sergio quipped, a playful smirk on his face.

Cassie rolled her eyes playfully. “I know that I freaked out, but I got used to the idea and now I am pretty excited. I’m nervous, of course I am, but mostly I am excited” she added, offering him a soft smile. She knew that he was excited, whenever the word ‘wedding’ came up in conversation, his face tended to light up with a smile, and Cassie wanted to assure him that she felt the same way, even if she was slightly nervous. She wanted him to know that she was excited about the day which laid ahead of them.

Sergio allowed her words to hang around them for a moment before he carefully lifted his hand, lightly cupping her cheek before he pulled her into a soft kiss. Cassie smiled a little at the soft contact before she ducked back slightly, her fingertips lightly brushing some of his dark hair off of his forehead. “We should get moving” she mused softly “I mean, my papa is pretty good at stalling, but I think we should probably at least show our faces” she added gently.

Sergio nodded his head softly before he ducked into her, sneaking another quick kiss before he pushed himself to his feet, moving to collect Noah before he ducked out of the room. Cassie watched him go before she shook her head, a small amused smile playing on her face. She was nervous, the idea that the next day was her wedding was one which had knots in her stomach, but still she couldn’t help but smile, more than looking forwards to it.

“Are you feeling nervous yet?”

Cassie, who was sipping on her glass of water, rolled her eyes a little at the sound of her father’s voice before she lifted her head, offering him a small smile. “A little” she mused softly “I mean, it’s a pretty huge deal, but I am also pretty excited. How are you bearing up?” she teased impishly.

Alonso, who’d moved to take the seat at her side, shrugged slightly. “It feels a little strange” he admitted gently “I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think that Sergio is pretty great, but the idea that you’re getting married? It’s odd to me, Cassandra” he added gently.

Cassie tilted her head. “Odd?” she posed softly, a slight smile on her face.

“You’re my daughter” Alonso quipped “And to me, you’ll always be the little girl who used to giggle at my bad jokes and pout when you lost at a board game. It’s a little strange for me that you’re going to have a husband” he explained softly. It felt a little unfamiliar, the idea that Cassie was going to be married was one which felt a little unfamiliar to Alonso, but he was pleased for her, even if it was going to take a little getting used to. He doubted that he could have been happier with the way things had worked out for his daughter.

Cassie smiled a little at his words before she gently shifted her hand, moving to squeeze his which sat on the table. Alonso lightly squeezed her hand in return before the sound of footsteps reached him, causing him to lift his head, his dark eyes settling on the blonde woman who stood ahead of him quietly, not wanting to intrude on the moment.

Cassie, who’d also lifted her head, glanced at the blonde woman before she shook her head. “Aren’t you going to introduce me, papa?” she mused playfully.

Alonso nodded his head. “Of course I am” he mused softly “Cassandra, this is Nora, my girlfriend” he added, his voice slightly timid.

Cassie smiled a little at the shyness in her father’s voice before she gently offered her hand out towards Nora. “It’s nice to finally meet you” she mused softly “My papa, he’s not shut up about you” she added gently.

Nora smiled politely. “It’s nice to meet you too, Cassandra” she mused softly.

“Cassie” Cassie corrected softly “Only my papa calls me Cassandra. To everyone else, I am Cassie” she explained.

Nora nodded her head gently. “I’d just like to thank you for the invite” she mused softly “I mean, it must be a little odd for you, me being here, and I just want to say thank you. I’d have completely understood if you hadn’t have wanted me here, but I’m grateful that you invited me tonight” she added.

Cassie offered her a kind smile, musing about it being nothing, before she spotted Sergio out of the corner of her eye, something which caused her to excuse herself. Alonso watched her go for a moment before he shook his head, wordlessly musing about how proud he was of his daughter.

Carefully pulling her jacket a little more around her shoulders, Cassie spared a soft look up towards the sky, a soft sigh falling out of her mouth. It had been a long night, with a lot of family and friends wanting to make a fuss, Cassie couldn’t quite the recall the last time that she had had a minute to herself, and she was determined to make the most of it, even if it was only likely to be a few seconds. She was grateful to have a couple of seconds to herself.

Placing her hands into her pockets, she rested her back against the wall which stood behind her before she heard the door open, causing her to turn her head, her green eyes settling on Sergio who’d stepped up to her side, a boyish grin on his face. “You know, we’re supposed to be hosting a party” he quipped playfully “What are you doing out here?” he posed softly.

Cassie shrugged gently. “I was taking a second” she mused softly “It’s been pretty full on tonight and I was just taking a small break” she added gently.

Sergio nodded his head gently. “I get that” he mused softly “But perhaps you ought to come back inside. It’s pretty chilly out here and the last thing I want is you getting sick” he added, his dark eyes briefly peeking down towards her bump.

Cassie followed the line of his stare before she gently nodded her head. “You’re probably right” she mused softly.

Sergio quirked a small boyish smile before he gently offered his hand out towards her. Cassie eyed his hand before she placed hers into it, allowing him to knot their fingers together before he carefully pulled her a little closer, affording him the opportunity to press a soft kiss against her lips.

Cassie startled, not quite expecting the soft kiss, but she quickly warmed to it, holding him close for a moment before the sound of someone clearing their throat reached them, causing her to pull back, peeking towards Fernando who stood a little away from them, smirking. “I hate to break this up” he mused gently “But we ought to be going, Sergio” he added softly.

Sergio offered him a small glance before he nodded his head. “You’re probably right” he agreed softly “I’ll be with you in a second” he added.

Fernando nodded his head gently before he stepped back inside, leaving Cassie and Sergio alone once more.

Sergio watched after the striker for a second before he flicked his attention back to Cassie. “Do I really have to…?”

“You do” Cassie interrupted with a small grin “It’s a part of tradition” she added.

Sergio rolled his eyes. “It’s a stupid tradition” he countered.

“Perhaps” Cassie mused “But it is only one night, Sergio, and I am sure that you’ll cope” she added, poking his side playfully.

Sergio offered her a slightly dubious look before he shook his head, something which made Cassie giggle softly before she pushed herself up onto her toes, sneaking a quick kiss. “I love you” she murmured softly “And I will see you tomorrow” she added, pressing another kiss against his lips.

Sergio held onto her for a little longer than she was expecting before he nodded his head. “I can’t wait, nena” he fussed gently.

Cassie offered him another gentle grin before she lightly pushed him, urging him to move away from her. Sergio dropped his hold on her waist reluctantly before he stepped back towards the restaurant, already counting down the hours until he and Cassie were back together again.
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