Somebody Like Me

Nine: We Are

Nibbling on the side of her thumb, Cassie allowed her green eyes to scan over the small reception area of the maternity ward, her stomach twisting nervously. It was still sinking in, the idea that she was pregnant still felt unfamiliar to her, but Cassie was sure that she could warm to it, even if it did take some time. She was sure that she would eventually wrap her head around the idea that she was pregnant.

Gently chewing on her thumb, she let out a small nervous sound before she moved to pull her phone out of her bag, her green eyes scanning the screen in search of a distraction. She knew that she couldn’t avoid it, with her doctor having confirmed that she was pregnant, she knew that she needed to see her midwife, but still she found herself a little uncomfortable sat in the room of pregnant women, something which wasn’t aided by the fact that Sergio was running slightly late.

Flicking vaguely through her messages, she shifted a little uncomfortably in her seat before the sound of footsteps reached her, causing her to lift her, her eyes settling on Sergio who stood nervously ahead of her. “Hola” she squeaked softly.

“Hola” Sergio replied “I’m sorry I am late. I was at lunch with a friend of mine. Did I miss it?” he babbled softly as he sat down in the empty seat at her side. It felt awkward, being around Cassie felt a little strange to him, but he knew that he simply had to get through it, even if things were tense and awkward between them. He knew that he couldn’t duck out.

Cassie, who’d moved to fiddle with the zip of her bag, shook her head. “You haven’t” she mused softly “I think there are still a couple of women who are supposed to be before me. They’re running a little behind” she explained gently, her eyes not even making an attempt to look up at him.

Sergio nodded his head quietly before he leant back in his seat, allowing a small awkward silence to lapse over them for a couple of moments. Swallowing a little, he offered Cassie a soft glance before he gently reached his hand out, nudging it against her elbow in an attempt to encourage her to take it.

Cassie offered him a look, her expression slightly uncertain, before she gently placed her smaller hand in his, allowing him to knot their fingers together before he offered her hand a gentle squeeze.

“How are you feeling?” he posed quietly.

Cassie shrugged. “I’m alright” she mused softly “I mean, I already hate morning sickness, but it’s not too bad and I don’t get it every day” she added, her fingers playing with his shyly.

Sergio nodded. “I’m glad” he mused softly, making way for another moment of awkward quiet.

Cassie messed with his fingers quietly before she lifted her head, peeking at him shyly. “I’m glad you’re here” she mumbled softly “I mean, I know it feels awkward, but I’m still glad” she added softly.

Sergio quirked a soft smile at her words before he squeezed her hand gently once more, something which caused her smile to widen a little before the sound of steps drawing towards them caused her to lift her head, her eyes settling on woman who stood ahead of them, a file in her hands. “Are you Cassandra Gomes?” she posed softly.

Cassie swallowed a little, but nodded her head, something which made the woman smile. “My name is Elsa” she mused softly “And I am going to be the one who check you over today. Do you want to come through?” she posed, gently motioning towards a room a little away from them.

Cassie hesitated for a second, something which didn’t go unmissed by Sergio who offered her hand another encouraging squeeze before he stood up, helping her up alongside him.

Elsa offered the pair another bright smile before she led them through to her room, offering them both a seat. “I’ve had a chance to review your blood tests, Cassandra….”

“Cassie” the brunette corrected softly.

Elsa blinked, slightly surprised by the interruption, before she nodded her head. “Cassie” she mused softly “I’ve had the chance to review your tests and I can confirm that you’re pregnant, but your doctor would have already told you that when she referred you to me. The main purpose of your visit today would be to do an ultrasound to try and date the pregnancy. Are you OK with that?” she posed softly.

Cassie, who was shyly messing with her bag, looked up at the sound of her question before she nodded. “I am” she confirmed softly.

“Alright” Elsa noted “If you just hop up onto the bed, then we can get started” she added, flashing the brunette another comforting smile.

Cassie spared her a slightly hesitant look before she pushed herself up to her feet, moving to settle down on the examination bed.

“Do you have any idea how far along you could be?” Elsa posed, gently wheeling the scanner a little closer to the bed.

Cassie shrugged shyly before she peeked towards Sergio, something which caused Elsa to turn too, her eyes landing on the defender. “You’re the padre?” she posed.

“I am” Sergio confirmed “Sergio” he added, offering his hand out towards the midwife.

Elsa shook his hand before she tilted her head. “Have you got any idea how far along she could be?” she posed softly.

“It could be up to 10 weeks” he noted, recalling the first time that he and Cassie had slept together.

Elsa nodded gently before she turned back to Cassie, pulling the bottom of her shirt up slightly before she moved to smooth a little gel over her skin, something which caused Cassie to flinch slightly.

Sergio, who was stood away from her awkwardly, noted the slight twitch of her features before he stepped towards her, knotting their fingers together once more as Elsa ran the scanner over her stomach. Standing quietly for a couple of seconds, he watched the movement of the scanner before he lifted his head, his breath catching slightly as he peeked towards the screen.

Elsa noted the look on his face and smiled at him briefly before she turned towards Cassie, not missing the awe in her eyes too. “That’s your baby” she breathed softly “Now, from the size of him or her, I’d say that you’re about 7 weeks gone, but by the time you come back in a couple of weeks I should be able to be more precise and give you a specific due date. Did you want a copy of the DVD?” she posed softly.

Sergio, who’d been caught up in staring at the screen, blinked a couple of times before he nodded his head. “Yes, we would” he noted “Gracias” he added.

Elsa flashed him another grin. “I’ll go and get a copy for you and then I’ll set you up another appointment with me for a couple of weeks’ time seeing as it is your first, Cassie” she added.

Cassie nodded, not shifting her stare away from the screen.

Elsa smiled at the brunette before she moved to step out of the room, allowing a silence to settle around the pair for a brief second before Sergio stepped towards the bed, sitting down beside Cassie. “You Ok?” he posed quietly.

“I am” Cassie replied softly “It’s just…we’re doing this, Sergio” she mumbled quietly.

Sergio let out a slightly nervous laugh before he nodded. “We are” he confirmed gently before he ducked towards her, pressing a soft kiss against her forehead. Cassie stilled a little, slightly surprised by the little kiss, before she wrapped her arms around him, hugging him close, something which made Sergio smile a little.
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