Somebody Like Me

Ninety Nine: Say It

Splashing a little cool water over his face, Sergio allowed a yawn to fall out of his mouth, his dark eyes scanning his reflection in the mirror which stood ahead of him. It was early, with Oscar and Luna proving to be a little fussy overnight, Sergio had been awake for a little while, but he hadn’t minded being woken up, even if he did still feel fatigued, he was still too in awe of the twins to mind missing out on a few hours of sleep. It still felt strange, the idea that he and Cassie had welcomed the twins into the world was one which was likely to feel unfamiliar for a while, but he was thrilled about the idea of their little family getting bigger, even if it was going to take some time to settle down. He loved the idea of their family growing.

Scanning his appearance quietly, he moved to smooth down a few wayward hairs before the soft sound of cries reached his ears, causing him to let out a soft sigh before he stepped back into the small hospital room, his eyes settling on Luna who laid in her crib, her blue eyes wide and tearful. Quietly checking that Cassie hadn’t been disturbed, he padded around towards the crib before he ducked down, lifting Luna against his chest. “What are you doing up again, eh?” he posed as he stepped back towards his seat, his fingers lightly brushing up and down the baby’s back.

Luna, who’d quietened a little, stirred a little at the feel of his fingers before she gently snuggled a little closer to his chest, quietly falling back to sleep. Sergio watched her for a couple of seconds, admiring the way her nose twitched as she slept before he leant down, pressing a soft kiss against the top of her head.

“You know, your mama, she’s pretty worried about us” he murmured quietly, gently smoothing out the tufts of dark hair of the baby’s head. “She’s worried that things are going to get on top of us, but I promise you, princesa, that I am not going to let that happen without a fight. I don’t know that I say it enough, but I love your mama, and I am not going to let her go, even if we do hit a few bumps. I love the little family we’ve got, Luna” he added softly, pressing another kiss against her head. He knew that Luna wouldn’t understand, the little girl was only a day old, but still he wanted to say it, even if he was only talking to himself. He wanted to make it clear that he had little intention of letting things falter easily.

Pausing for a couple of seconds, he watched Luna sleep before he carefully pushed himself up to his feet, moving to settle her down into her crib before the sound of movement reached his ears, causing him to turn slightly, his dark eyes settling on Cassie who stared up at him, a sleepy smile on her face. “Buenos dias” she mumbled, stifling a small yawn in her hand.

“Buenos dias” Sergio greeted gently “How are you doing?” he added as he sat back down.

Cassie brushed a few hairs behind her ear as she sat up before she shrugged. “I’m alright” she noted gently “I mean, I’m still pretty sore and tired, but I am looking forwards to getting out of here. I know it’s not been too long, but I sort of miss our bed” she added, offering him a small playful smile.

Sergio shook his head. “Tell me about it” he quipped “This chair isn’t exactly comfortable” he added impishly.

Cassie scoffed. “I told you to go home” she countered “When my papa took Noah home, I told you to go with them, but you insisted that you weren’t going anywhere” she added, her tone bright and playful.

Sergio laughed gently before he shook his head. “Excuse me for wanting to be around you and the twins right now” he played along.

Cassie rolled her eyes playfully before she let out a small giggle, something which made Sergio’s smile widen a little before he leant forwards, resting his forehead against hers. “I love you” he mumbled softly, his fingers knotting with hers.

Cassie’s cheeks warmed a little before she ducked her head, a soft smile on her face. “You do?” she poked playfully.

Sergio snorted out a laugh before he nodded his head. “I do” he confirmed gently “I mean, I don’t know if I say it enough to you, but I want you to know it, Cass” he added, his thumb lightly brushing over the back of her hand.

Cassie watched the small movements of his thumb for a couple of seconds before she offered his hand a gentle squeeze, a light smile appearing on her lips. Sergio admired the soft smile she wore on her face for a brief second before he lifted his hand, gently cupping her cheek so that he could guide her into a soft kiss.

Cassie smiled a little at the soft contact before she gently lifted her hands, carefully brushing her fingertips through his dark hair before she leant back slightly, her green eyes mirroring his darker ones. “I love you too” she mumbled softly.

Sergio smiled softly at her words before he carefully ducked into her once more, stealing another soft kiss. He knew that it was going to take some getting used to, with Oscar and Luna around as well as Noah, things were likely to be hectic for a while, but he wanted to encourage Cassie to relax a little, even if things did take a while to settle down, he was confident that they would eventually. It wasn’t the first time, after Noah had arrived, Cassie had worried that their relationship would stumble, and Sergio wanted to reassure her that it wouldn’t. They were good together, they had been for a while, and he was certain that it wouldn’t change, at least not if he had anything to say about it.

Holding on to her for a few seconds, he smiled softly into the kiss before the sound of a knock at the door reached his ears, causing him to lean back slightly, peeking up towards Alonso who stood in the doorway, Noah balanced on his hip. “I know that you two are married, and that I have 3 grandchildren, but I would still rather not see that” he quipped impishly.

Cassie, whose cheeks had flushed a shade of pink, rolled her eyes. “Good morning to you too, papa” she quipped, moving to lift Noah into her arms

Alonso chuckled softly before he stepped passed her, moving to fuss over Oscar and Luna.

Sergio watched the older man for a couple of moments before he stepped towards Cassie, pressing a quick kiss against both her and Noah’s cheeks. “I have to get home so that I can take a shower before training” he mumbled softly “Are you going to be alright until I get back?” he posed gently.

Cassie smiled a little at his concern before she nodded. “Of course I will be” she noted “My papa is here if I need anything” she added, cutting off his next question.

Sergio chuckled a little at her interruption before he nodded his head, pressing another soft kiss against her cheek. “I’ll see you later, nena” he mumbled quietly before he pressed a kiss to Noah’s cheek, ducking out of the room quietly. Cassie watched after him before she quirked a light smile, wordlessly fussing about how lucky she was to have him.
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