Give Me Love

Act Like You Like Me

" So how did you get these tickets again Katie? Nathan asked, as they took their seats. He was surprised that she had gotten them good seats they were so close to the players as they began their warm ups.

"Ana gave them too me because I told her I live with United fans" Katie lied, she knew her arrangement with Cristiano was going to come out soon but she just wanted to enjoy the day with her friends even if she did hate football.

" You must thank her for us, these seats are amazing we are so close to the pitch" James gushed.

Holly who had been busy drooling over Cristiano suddenly turned to Katie " Why does Ronaldo keep looking over here?" She asked.

Katie looked over at Cristiano he was busy doing his warm ups Holly must have imagined it. Just as she was about to look away Cristiano suddenly looked up and caught her eye. He slyly winked at her before he rejoined his teammates.

" Did Ronaldo just wink at you?" Holly asked loudly.

Katie shook her head " He was probably winking at his latest girl of the week" she snorted.

" You really don't like him do you?" James laughed.

Katie smiled a little as she watched the team finish their warm ups " He is just so full of himself" she replied.

" Oh please, You can't deny he is hot Katie" Holly said ignoring Nathan's displeased look.

Katie eyes wandered over to Cristiano, she studied him closely for a few minutes okay so he was attractive but that meant nothing to her, his ego was the worst thing about him she pitied the poor girl who finally landed Cristiano.

" Okay he is easy on the eye, but If you ever met him you would change your mind on him pretty quickly" Katie muttered.

Holly narrowed her blue eyes at Katie " Have you met him? She asked.

Katie shook her head " No, I just know his type" she lied, as the game finally started, silencing the conversation as they concentrated on the game.

" Wow what a game" Nathan said, as the final whistle sounded around the stadium.

Katie was a little impressed herself, she would never admit it to Cristiano but he was just a little bit amazing.

" What did you think of the game Kat?" James asked smugly, he had saw how captured Katie was with the game.

Katie smiled a little " It was a great game" she replied.

" Ronaldo was amazing as always" Holly gushed.

Katie laughed a little as her friends all began to praise Cristiano, he was good she must admit but it didn't make her like him more.

" We should go to the pub" Nathan suggested.

Holly and James said they were both in, then they all looked at Katie, she couldn't go if she wanted to, she had to meet Cristiano after he was finished getting changed.

" I have art work that needs to be finished maybe another time" she smiled apologetically at them, hoping they would buy her lie.

Holly frowned a little " All work no Play is boring Katie" she replied.

" Sorry guys" Katie smiled, as she watched her friends walk towards the exit, she waited five minutes before she headed out to meet Cristiano.

Katie stood awkwardly as she waited for Cristiano, a few of the united players raised an eyebrow at her as they walked past. They probably thought she was another one of his groupies.

Cristiano finally appeared around twenty minutes later, his hair gelled to perfection, he was now wearing a white shirt and black jeans, he looked good, although she would never tell him that.

" My god how long does it take you to get ready" Katie muttered, as Cristiano walked towards her.

Cristiano smirked at Katie " You can't rush perfection" he replied cockily.

Katie rolled her eyes at Cristiano " I am surprised you can fit in the locker room with an ego the size of yours" she retorted.

Cristiano just laughed as he reached for Katie's hand, she stared down at his hand wondering what the hell he was doing.

" We have to act like a couple Katie" he said as though he was talking to a confused child.

Katie sighed deeplyb but allowed Cristiano to hold her hand, he pulled her towards the exit not caring that she had to jog lightly just to keep up with him.

" Where are we going?" She asked, a little curious.

Cristiano smiled a little " You are going meet my family" he said.

Katie stopped and pulled Cristiano back a little " Woo Hold up we never agreed to meet each other's family" she replied.

" It just makes sense since we are stuck with each other for a year" Cristiano pointed out.

Katie didn't like that she had to meet his family, it just meant more people they had to lie to. She was starting to regret ever agreeing to this stupid plan.

" Fine let's get this over with" Katie muttered unhappily.

" So Remember we having been seeing each other for a few weeks, its not that serious but we are getting to know each other" Cristiano said, as they sat in the car outside Cristiano's mansion she had never seen a house so big.

" How did we meet?" Katie asked.

Cristiano bit on his lip as he thought up a lie " We met through our agents, which is true" He grinned.

" Does your mother know about your extra activities?" Katie said, as she scrunched up her face in disgust.

Cristiano nodded his head " That is why I am introducing you to her, so that she will stop nagging me" he replied.

" This is so stupid, why can't you be like normal people and actually get a girlfriend instead of hiring one" Katie said, shaking her head.

Cristiano just shrugged his shoulder as he climbed out the car " Girls usually want more with me, with this arrangement and your dislike for me it will work" he replied.

Katie followed Cristiano out of the car and slowly walked up to the house, she couldn't believe she was meeting his family already.

" One more thing you need to act like you really like me" Cristiano said, as he glanced at Katie.

Katie laughed a little " I am a model slash Student not a actor" she fired back.

" Just follow my lead" Cristiano said, as he linked their hands, before he pulled her gently into the house.

Dolores eyes the girl Cristiano had brought home with him, he had warned them all he had someone he wanted them to meet. She was a little surprised about Katie, she was different from all the other girls.

" So Katie what do you do?" Hugo asked politely, as Cristiano awkwardly placed an arm around her shoulder.

Katie forced a smile on her face " I am a part time model, I am also studying art" she replied.

" Wow a smart girl, so not my brothers type" Hugo joked.

Cristiano laughed a little, squeezing Katie's shoulder a little to make her a little more comfortable.

" So how did you guys meet?" Katia asked.

Katie looked up at Cristiano " I think I will let you tell them" she smirked at him..

" We met through our agents, we have been texting each other a lot" Cristiano answered.

Katie was impressed how easily the lies came to Cristiano he was a better liar than she would ever be.

" What about the girl you brought home the other night bro?" Hugo asked, he was a little confused that Cristiano suddenly had a girlfriend nobody knew about.

" That was a mistake, we weren't inclusive then now we are" Cristiano smiled.

Katie bit on her lip nervously, his family seemed like nice people she felt bad lying to them.

" Welcome to the family I guess" Elma said, she still wasn't convinced that Cristiano would stick with Katie.

Dolores looked at Cristiano " You're sure about this?" She asked.

Cristiano nodded his head, as he pressed a quick kiss to Katie's head.

Dolores smiled at Cristiano then she turned to Katie " I look forward to getting to know you" she said.

Katie smiled politely at Dolores, before Cristiano stared to push her towards the stairs. She glanced up at him but he was giving nothing away she thought that she had been a little convincing.

" That was so awkward" Katie hissed quietly once Cristiano had closed the bedroom door.

Cristiano chuckled a little as he sat down on the bed " They bought our lie, we are fine" he replied.

" They seemed nice compared to you" Katie blurted out, as she glanced at the pictures on Cristiano's wall.

Cristiano smirked as he pulled his phone out of his pocket " You will love me soon" he replied.

" Ha, never going happen" she muttered.

Cristiano just gave her a knowing smile " Nobody can say no to me" he replied.

" That explains your I can have anyone I want attitude" Katie laughed.

Cristiano stared at Katie, he was oddly fascinated by her, he was not used to insults from the opposite sex. Usually all he needed to do was click his fingers but that certainly would lot work with Katie.

" We should get to know each other a little better" Cristiano suggested.

Katie sat down on the chair the furthest away from Cristiano " What do you want to know?" She asked.

Cristiano's phone beeped he glanced down at the phone. It was a message from a old friend, a slow grin appeared on his face. " It will have to wait, my friend Clarisa is back in town" he replied.

" You mean a booty call" Katie said clearly disgusted.

Cristiano just smiled as he grabbed his coat and keys, Katie stayed where she was wondering why the hell she said yes to bring his fake girlfriend in the first place.

" You can stay here till I come back or I could drop you back at your flat' Cristiano said.

Katie was not going wait around for Cristiano she had better things to do " Take me back to my flat" she muttered, as she headed for the door.

" We will get to know each other better tomorrow" Cristiano said.

Katie shook her head " I have to study tomorrow" she replied.

" What about during the week?" He asked.

Katie shook her her head again " I have a shoot, so will be pretty busy" she answered.

" Who with?" He asked.

Katie glanced up at Cristiano " Just a lingerie shoot" she replied, ignoring the smirk on Cristiano's face.

" I will be there" Cristiano replied.

Katie smiled he didn't know where and she wasn't about to tell him " Good luck with that, now take me home" she mumbled, knowing she had too much Cristiano today she would need a few days to recover.