Give Me Love

I Can Do What I Want

It had been a few days since Katie had seen Cristiano, they hadn't talked, no calls or messages at all. Not that she was bothered, but she sort of missed their childish insults. Sighing to herself she tried to focus on her painting, she wouldn't' allow herself to fall for another footballer especially one like Cristiano. She got badly burnt the last time she trusted a footballer she wouldn't make that mistake again.

" How could you not tell me" Holly asked, as she burst into Katie's room.

Katie looked at Holly wondering what she was so upset about " What are you talking about?" She asked.

" This" Holly said, as she slammed the sun newspaper on Katie's desk.

Katie quickly scanned the paper, there was a picture of her and Cristiano coming out of the restaurant where they had dinner after their agents meeting. There was a hint of a smile on both their faces, the sun was calming that they she was Cristiano's new girlfriend.

" Oh that" Katie said, Cringing a little.

Holly glanced at the paper " For someone that claims to hate Ronaldo you sure look cosy with him" Holly muttered.

" Holly I never meant to keep it from you, we just wanted to keep it on the down low for a while" Katie Lied.

Holly smiled a little " You said you hate him" she pointed out.

Katie put her paint brush down and stared at the picture of her and Cristiano " I still do at times" she grinned.

" So this is real, you are dating Ronaldo of all people, I thought you said no more footballers after he who shall not be named" Holly said.

Katie hated that she had to lie to Holly but she knew If she told her the truth she would go crazy at her.

" It's real , Yes am seeing Ronaldo it's just a bit of fun, it will never be serious like last time" she muttered.

Holly finally calmed down a little " Well I guess if you are happy, I am happy' she said.

" I am happy" Katie replied, wondering if she said it so many times would she start to believe her lie.

Katie could see that Holly was still a little upset and she wanted to make it up to her " Why don't we all go out tonight" she suggested.

" I thought you had to finish your ark work?" Holly asked.

Katie shook her head " Not tonight let's go out and have fun" she smiled.

" Fine but the first round is on you" Holly replied, as Katie hugged her, just glad that she was not too upset with her.

" I still can't believe you lied to us about Ronaldo" James said, he was a little hurt he had been working up the courage to ask Katie out himself.

Katie smiled at James " I am sorry, we just wanted to keep it quiet for a while" she yelled over the music.

" Is it Serious?" Nathan asked, he knew how James felt about Katie and felt a little bad for him.

Katie looked towards Holly for help but her friend was enjoying her discomfort a little too much " We are just having fun" she lied.

James seemed to brighten up a little after Katie had said her fling with Cristiano was not serious.

" Come and Dance" Holly yelled loudly, as she dragged Katie onto the dance floor.

Katie pulled her purple dress down a little as she danced, a little self conscious that it was creeping up her thighs.

" You look great tonight Kat, Clearly Cristiano is doing wonders for you" Holly smiled.

Katie smiled back feeling a little guilty that Holly would never know the truth, she looked around the club and saw that a few of the united team were here. She automatically looked around for Cristiano but she could not find him.

" It's only fun" Katie said, as James joined them on the dance floor, a couple more songs and Katie was done, she began to walk off the dance floor and that was when she saw Cristiano. He was leaning against the bar looking in her direction, he had a small smile on his face.

Katie sort of gave him a half wave and went back to her table, there was no chance she would get into the VIP area anyways. She put Cristiano to the back of her mind as she sat down beside James.

" I wondered where you went to" James smiled as he handed Katie another drink.

Katie smiled at James, she knew how he felt about her and while she liked him to, it was only ever as a friend. He was just too nice foe her.

" I got distracted" she said, as a security guard walked up to their table.

" Is one of you Katie?" He asked.

Katie held up her hand slowly, she had a feeling Cristiano had sent him over to come and get her.

" Cristiano wanted me to give you this?" The security guard said, as he handed Katie a VIP pass, then walked away.

Katie slipped the pass into her purse, she was not going to go to him straight away she would make him wait.

" You not going to see Cristiano?" Holly asked.

Katie glanced up at the VIP it was rather crowded " Maybe later" she grinned as she sipped on her drink.

Katie bit on her lip as she approached VIP, she had drunk a fair bit tonight and was tipsy, normally her brain would be yelling at her telling her this was a bad idea, but her clouded judgement didn't care.

Katie sipped on her drink as she climbed the stairs to the VIP, she got a few odd looks from a few of the united players. Looking around the area, she finally spotted Cristiano he was sitting at the corner table talking to Wayne and his girlfriend Coleen.

Katie slowly made her way to Cristiano, he didn't look up until she was almost at the table.

" I handed that pass to you an hour ago" Cristiano smirked at Katie.

Katie laughed a little as she took the chair next to Cristiano " I was with my friends having fun" she slurred a little.

" How much have you had to drink?" Cristiano asked.

Katie giggled a little " Probably more than I should have" she replied.

Wayne smiled a little he at Katie, she seemed a lot more nicer than Cristiano's usual girls.

" Hi , I am Wayne and this is Coleen" Wayne said, nodding his head in Coleen's direction.

Katie smiles shyly at them " I am Katie" she replied, as Cristiano tried to take the glass of alcohol out of Katie's hand.

" You are Cristiano's girlfriend?" Coleen asked.

Katie glanced at Cristiano, he was looking bemused at her drunken state " Yep that is me, Cristiano's girlfriend" she laughed loudly.

" I think we should get you some water" Cristiano said quietly.

Katie pushed Cristiano away as she finished her drink " There I am finished you don't have to worry" she mumbled.

" So how long have you guys been together?" Coleen asked.

Katie pulled her hair away from her face as it had fallen from her hair clip " Only a few weeks" she answered.

" Aw you make a cute couple" Coleen smiled.

Katie burst out laughing, if only they knew the truth, she met Cristiano's gaze he was looking a little uncomfortable good she thought. He deserved this.

" Did I say something funny?" Coleen asked.

Cristiano shook his head " Just ignore Katie, she is just drunk" he replied.

" So what brings you to this club tonight?" Katie asked as she leaned her head on Cristiano's shoulder.

Cristiano smiled a little knowing when he told Katie that she was cuddling up to him, she would hate him.

" We are actually out for a old friend Clarisa" *Wayne said.

Katie frowned a little " Ah the booty call" she said quietly, only so Cristiano could hear.

" You should meet Clarisa she is lovely" Coleen gushed as she waved the woman in question over.

Katie glanced up at Clarisa she really was beautiful she could see why Cristiano liked her.

" Hi I am Katie" she smiled politely.

Clarisa smiled at Katie " Cristiano's new girl right?" She asked.

Katie just nodded her head, and watched as Clarisa took Cristiano's attention even in her drunken state she could see some chemistry between them, she didn't understand why he needed her, when he could have a real relationship with Clarisa.

Katie suddenly got to her feet, feeling a little more than awkward, Cristiano looked up a little concerned, Katie was a little unsteady on her feet.

" I am going back to my friends now it was nice meeting you all" Katie said, as she moved away from the table.

Cristiano reached out and grabbed Katie's arm lightly and pulled her back a little " Are we good?" He asked.

Katie smiled at him " We are good" she lied, as she pulled away from Cristiano.

" When you are leaving let me know and I will drive you home" Cristiano replied.

Katie glanced at Clarisa she was now sitting so close to Cristiano she may as well be on sitting on his lap, she frowned at the thought she was not jealous she did not like Cristiano that way, she had only known him about two weeks. It must be the drink talking.

" Playing the Boyfriend Role so well" Katie muttered sarcastically as she walked away from Cristiano and headed back to her friends.

Katie swayed a long to the music, she had spent the last half an hour dancing away her problems. Holly was dancing beside her, a few times Nathan and James would join them but they left the girls to have fun.

" You know Cristiano has not taken his eyes off you since you left the VIP area" Holly grinned.

Katie looked up at Cristiano's table, his head was close to Clarisa, she said something to make him smile " Yeah sure looks like it" she laughed loudly.

" Are you jealous?" Holly asked.

Katie shook her head " Nope not one little bit" she smiled as waved at James to come and Join them.

A few more songs and Katie was done she was ready to go home, she glanced at the time it was quite late, sparing another look up at Cristiano he was still engrossed in his conversation with Clarisa, Katie wasn't sure why it was bothering her so much she hated Cristiano and that was not going change after a night of drinking.

" Ready to go?" James asked, as he helped Katie into her coat.

Katie sighed a little, her head was beginning to hurt she needed her bed " Take me home" she muttered, as she walked right into a rock hard body.

Katie glanced up at Cristiano, he was starring at James " I've got her, she will be coming home with me" he said.

James ignored Cristiano and looked at Katie " It's fine James, Cristiano will get me home okay" she mumbled.

" I will see you tomorrow" James said, before he headed out with Holly and Nathan.


Katie closed her eyes as Cristiano started the car, he glanced over at her annoyed that she would get into such a state.

" You should not be getting into such a state" he muttered, as he started the drive home.

Katie opened her eyes to look at Cristiano " I can do what I want" she retorted.

" Not while you are with me" Cristiano snapped back at Katie.

Katie slowly sat up " We are not together Ronaldo" she pointed out.

Cristiano's hand clenched the steering wheel tightly " You are still known to be my girlfriend and while out in public you need to behaviour in a certain way" he said.

Katie laughed loudly " You are not Royalty Ronaldo" she spat at him, annoyed that he was upset because she was having fun with her friends.

" You are being reckless you almost told everyone about our arrangement tonight" Cristiano hissed quietly.

Katie shook her head as she glared out of the window " You talk about me being reckless but you were all over your booty call" she fired back.

" Are you jealous?" Cristiano asked.

Katie glanced at Cristiano " No of course I am not jealous just pointing out you are a hypocrite" she smiled sarcastically at him.

" I was not all over Clarisa , we were just talking" Cristiano replied.

Katie kept her eyes road " You don't have to explain to me, we are not together" she reminded him.

" Why does this genuinely feel like a lover's quarrel?" Cristiano asked.

Katie laughed coldly " You are just imaging things" she muttered, as she noticed that Cristiano was not driving to her flat they were going straight to his house.

" We will talk about this more tomorrow when you are sober" Cristiano replied.

Katie shook her head " I am going away for a few days for a shoot so whatever you have to say will have to wait" she smiled.

" Clarisa is having a party in a few days has has invited us both will you be back in time for it?" Cristiano asked.

Katie shrugged her shoulder. " When is it?" She asked.

" This Saturday". He answered.

Katie nodded her head " I will be back by then, so we can play our roles" she muttered.

It was only a couple of weeks since they agreed to this arrangement and they were already having problems and the laughable thing was they were not even a real couple. Cristiano shook his head as he focused on the road, they would need to sort out a few issues before the weekend, to make sure they were on the same page.