Bed of Roses

sent, 11:45 am

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. Our conversation was supposed to be our conversation, between us and only us. But of course, there’s always a snake in the grass waiting until it’s the right time to jump out, bite you and pour its poison in your veins.

Quinn: OMG’re not going to believe what rochelle is wearing today lmao
sent, 11:45 am

Mene: Rochelle Jackson or Evans?
sent, 11:50 am

Quinn: evans!!! I’m in history w her rn and,,,wow….
sent, 11:51 am

Clay: I saw!!! I walked past her during passing this morning before 1st period…
sent, 11:58 am

Taj: ^
sent, 12:00 pm

Lucille: im with her in gym rn and quinn is right she’s not leaving anything to the imagination then preaches about how she’s treated like a slut lmaooo
sent, 2:30 pm

Mene: well, if she doesn’t want to be treated like a slut, she shouldn’t dress like one...jus sayin
Mene: or sleep with the whole football team
Mene: or basketball team
sent, 2:40 pm

Taj: Do you really believe she slept with the WHOLE basketball team...i know she slept with every1 on VA football tho
sent, 2:42 pm

Lucille: I do!she has a three way with Lee and Rich last weekend
sent, 2:45 pm

Clay: are you kidding me?????? how do You know do you know how many peoplle rich has slept with by now? she probably caught something from that disgusting combo
sent, 2:50 pm

Lucille: bc i walked in on them, VOM it was at Stacy Riley's going away party

Mene: would it be mean to tell her about clinics that do free testing and dont require parental consent….
sent, 2:48 pm
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So this is the beginning and how it all starts! There might be a lot of texting in this story mostly because I've never done that before and think it adds to the story. For the texting part, I'm taking reference to how me and my friends talk which is messy and never with complete sentences or proper grammar, like most people so don't get mad about that.

Credit for pics/ref/research:

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