Bed of Roses

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Walking out of class and into the crowded hallway, I struggled to juggle my books back into my bag, barely noticing how unnaturally quiet it was. Sure, there was some conversation here and there but not the usual loud and overwhelming background noise. Shifting my bag on my shoulder and clutching my phone in one hand, I looked up to walk forward feeling eyes on me. Some people weren't trying to hide that they were looking and whispering with each other.

Picking up the pace, I was hauling ass down the hallway and out the front doors, spotting my group of friends instantly. Walking over to them, I noticed Quinn was biting her nails again, a habit she picked up when she was anxious or upset or both, and Clay was trying to calm her down.

“Mene!” Quinn noticed me first, stepping forward and away from everyone else. “Can we go, please?” She asked frantically, looking around. I nodded, feeling confused and I let her pull me into her car with the rest of the girls. It was a miracle that Quinn’s parents bought her a big shiny SUV for ther 16th birthday that fit all five of us easily so we didn’t have to ride in separate cars. I sat in the passenger side and Clay drove because Quinn was shaking too much to be able to control the car. About half way though, I tried to ask what was going in again, but no one answered me.

We piled our way out of the car and into the Small’s grand house, bee-lining into the kitchen. Quinn suffered from an eating disorder, she liked to choke down sweets and fizzy drinks to help with the aftermath. She said it only happened when she was anxious or upset, which was all the time.

“Tell her.” Quinn said, pulling out a perfectly frosted cake from the fridge with a slice cut out of it. Instead of taking a slice out, she just took a fork out and started eating it.

“Tell me what?” I demanded, looking at the monotone faces of my best friends staring back at me. It was Taj who pulled out her phone and pulled up Twitter and showed me her timeline. I held the device on my hand and scrolled down. The same post started back at me from everyone we knew in high school.

The caption read “i forgot that even roses have thorns.” with a screenshot of our conversation we had this morning. I stared at our words, looking harsher on this little post that had already gotten 56 interactions, 153 likes and 74 replies. “Where the fuck did this come from?”

Lucille was the one who spoke up next, “You know how Coach Mills makes us leave our phones on the bench in gym when we’re playing sports? Well, I left mine and I don’t have a lock on it and someone opened my phone, saw the conversation i guess and sent a picture of it to someone and now it’s online.”
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I'm starting a new story because I got major inspo from my new job so I thought it would be best to write it down before I forget or am no longer interested in the concept.