10 Reasons Why the Internet Is No Longer Allowed at Hogwarts

Reason # 2

“Bloody hell,” Ron gasped. “Playwizard actually has a website.”

“No way.” Harry moved to look at the screen over his shoulder. “That's funny... the muggle commentators think it's just a clever gimmick. Oh, look! They have archives of older issues.”

Ron randomly clicked on the archive for the 1960's issues... and immediately turned green when he saw the first centerfold to pop up.

“Is that...?” Harry trailed off.

“Yeah, I think so.” Ron gulped and nodded. “You think there's any way for me to drop Transfiguration?”

“Potter! Weasley!” Snape was suddenly behind them. “What are you two looking at? You haven't been playing around with the anti-pornography charms again have you?” he asked suspiciously, leaning over to look at the screen himself.

The boys didn't have time to close the web page. Snape saw WAY more of his friend and long-time colleague than he ever wanted to.

The professor stood back up straight, “I won't take any points away but we agree that this never happened, understood?” He fixed them with a menacing glare and both boys nodded.
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