The Summer before 7th year was one for the books. For a solid month, Kimberly Greyson spent every waking moment with her best friends, a group of five other sixteen-year-olds that she had met at school in the Gryffindor common room her first year. A Fanged Frisbee had flown across the room as everybody gathered in the living area in celebration of being back at Hogwarts once again (or for the first time), and hit Kimberly right in the side of the head. She had let out a squeak, and four pint-sized boys had come rushing over, apologizing profusely through a mess of giggles.

Those boys were James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew and they all quickly became some of her favorite people in the entire world. Six years later and they still were—those boys, Lily Evans, and Heidi Prewett. They stuck together like glue. It was hard to see one of them without the rest of the gaggle of other Gryffindors behind them.

That second month of vacation changed everything, though, Kimberly’s cousin, Michelle, came to stay with the Greysons. Close during their childhood, the two lost touch when Michelle moved to the states to stay with her father and attend the wizarding school in Massachusetts. Now that she was back, Kimberly was hoping that the girls would be able to pick up where they left off. She would introduce her to her friends, tell her about how Hogwarts had to be better than the small school in Salem, take her to all of the record shops that they frequented. It would be a grand time.

What Kimberly didn’t know was that back in the states, Michelle had a reputation—heartbreaker, and she quite enjoyed eating boys for breakfast.

Disclaimer: I don't own The Marauders or any other recognizable characters from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter. Rated R for swearing, drug use, and sexual themes.