Back Into Your Arms

Chapter 37

A couple of nights later, I had a nightmare.

I was being chased by these faceless individuals, who were trying to take all my memories away all over again.

I sat up in bed, turning on the lamp nearby.

I was breathing heavily, I was genuinely scared, not of the faceless individuals but of my memories somehow going away again.

I checked the time, it was barely 2am yet it had felt like a whole night had passed by.

I decided to text John.

“Are you still somehow up?”

I was about to set my phone down when his reply came through quickly.

“Yes, I am, but why are you still up?”

“Nightmare, can’t fall back asleep, but hey why are you still up?”

“Had a song idea, been writing”


“So, what, do you want me to go pick you up? We can go drive around?”

“At 2am?”

“Why not?”


“So, what do you say?”


“I’ll go pick you up”

“I’ll get dressed, you think it’s cold outside?”

“Hmm, that’s a good question, I wouldn’t know, I don’t usually go out at 2am
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