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Don't Let Me Drown

Watch Me Burn


Love was an emotion I didn't think I was capable of feeling but I didn't know how else to describe Oliver and I. Every moment I spent with him, I couldn't be anything other than happy. No matter how many times I tried to convince myself otherwise, I knew he really, truly cared for me and he showed it everyday. I got the fluttering in my stomach whenever I saw him and I wanted nothing more than to be close to him.

I woke up happy next to Oliver. He was still peacefully sleeping with his arms holding me tight against him. I never wanted to leave this spot, but I knew I had to start getting ready to go to "school". I wanted to tell him the truth last night, but he made everything so perfect and I didn't want to ruin it. I'll tell him later today, I told myself.

I leaned my head up, placing a light kiss on his neck. He moved a little bit in his sleep but didn't fully wake up until I was trying to pry his arms off of me.

"Where yeh going?" He groaned sleepily.

"I have to get ready for school" I told him. He shook his head and gripped me tighter.

"Yeh not leaving" he said. His eyes were still closed but his mouth was now smirking at me and it made me giggle.

"Can I take a shower here before school?" I asked him, finally freeing myself from his grasp and standing up.

"Course yeh can" he answered. I thanked him and started towards the bathroom door. "Can I come?" He said with a cheeky grin. I knew he expected me to say no, so I shrugged my shoulders and said, "sure" before walking onto the cold tile floor.

Just as I was closing the door behind me, he said, "wait, realleh?" And I could practically hear his smirk. I laughed and clicked the door closed before turning on the water and undressing.

I quickly shampooed and conditioned my hair. I picked up his body wash and was about to squeeze it onto his loofah when he slipped in the shower curtain behind me. I hadn't expected him to really join me, but I definitely wasn't opposed to it.

"I didn't think you were coming" I chuckled. He didn't answer, he just pressed his body against my back and kissed the side of my neck, running his hands down my sides. "I really do need to shower Oli" I said, chuckling again as he continued to kiss my neck.

"Let me help yeh", he said and took the soapy loofah out of my hand. He ran it over the top half of my body, lathering me up, while his other hand snaked around my waist and traveled lower and lower down my stomach. I giggled at him and pulled it away, turning to face him.

"Yeh no fun" he pouted. I took the loofah from his hand and finished washing up on my own before turning back to him. When I faced him again, he was smiling that famous Oli Sykes smile and leaned down to kiss me, his wet hair dripping onto my face. I decided to give him what he wanted and I ran my tongue over his bottom lip, asking for entry. He parted his lips and we fought each other for dominance, him winning.

He let out a deep growl as he stepped forward, backing me against the wall. "I fuckin love yeh, Ivy" He said breathlessly before returning his mouth to mine. I smiled against his lips and felt his nails dig further onto my hip bones as held on to me. He abruptly let go and spun me around, pressing himself against my backside. He nudged my shoulder to tell me to bend over and I followed his instructions, stepping my feet apart.

I was extremely turned on, allowing him to slide inside of me with ease. "Fuck" I heard groan under his breath as he shoved his entire length into me at once. I gasped and tried to keep steady as my knees momentarily faltered. I held on to the edges of the tub beneath me as he quickly pushed in and out of me. He reached a hand around my waist and his fingers started to circle my clit, nearly sending me over the edge right there.

I was hoping Tom had already left for work, because I couldn't control how loud I was being. Oliver, however, seemed to love it, working harder with every gasp and moan that left my mouth. My legs were shaking and I was about to climax. Between him hitting my spot with every thrust and his fingers running back and forth over me, it was coming whether I wanted it to or not.

I could feel my walls tighten against him and he let out another growl, pounding harder into me as he worked for it. My orgasm washed over me and I could feel myself getting tighter and tighter as I milked his cock. I gripped hard on the tub trying to not to slip and uncontrollably moaned his name loudly. He thrusted deep into me once more and I felt his cum shoot inside. He slowed his pace but kept going gently as he brought my down from my high.

When he pulled out of me, he helped me stand upright and we both tried to catch our breath. "And you expect me to go to school now after that?" I joked. He chuckled and turned the now cold water off, helping me step over the tub. I guess he could tell how much my legs had been shaking. He gave me a quick kiss and left me alone to get dressed as I was already running late.

I got dressed quickly and brushed through my hair, not having enough time for makeup. When I returned to his room Oliver was dressed and ready to go, but he seemed off somehow as he stared at his phone.

"I can walk if you want, it's not that far" I said hopefully, though knowing he'd never agree.

"No it's fine. Yeh ready?" He asked, standing up from his spot at the edge of the bed. I nodded and we walked out to his car together. He was silent the whole way there, insisting everything was fine when I asked what was bothering him.

When we arrived he dropped me off in the same spot as usual, giving me a quick kiss before j got out. I waved goodbye and started the walk towards the crowd in front of the door, ignoring the snarky comments from some of the girls. I heard his car start again and when the coast was clear, I pushed back through the crowd, walking back the same way I came. I walked through the parking lot and as I rounded the corner onto the street, I saw him. His car parked and him leaning against it, looking upset with me. "Fuck", I muttered to myself. I knew it would come out eventually but I wanted to tell him instead of it coming out like this.

"Where are yeh going?" He said quietly, clenching his jaw when he was finished speaking. I didn't answer right away, trying to think of what to say. "Right. Shoulda known yeh wouldn't tell me" he said, pushing himself off the car and turning to open the door.

"Oliver, wait. Let me explain." I pleaded and he turned towards me.

"What? Yeh going to yeh Otha boyfriends house?" He was angry at me, not that I could blame him, but I wouldn't cheat on him and I thought he would know that.

"Really, Oli? You think I'm cheating on you?" I asked in disbelief. He shrugged.

"Well yeh fucking hiding fings from me. There's got to be a reason. Yeh do who knows what during the day while yeh pretend yeh at school"

"I didn't tell you because I knew this is how you'd react!" I yelled.

"I should have listened when yeh wanted to end things last week. I should have left it alone." He sneered.

"What? That's it? You want an explanation and then you don't even give me a chance to give you one?"

"I should have gotten one months ago when it happened! I barely fucking know yeh, Ivy! All yeh do is bottle everyfing up and hide fings from me. Talk to me when yeh ready to open up" he yelled, getting in his car.

"You were on tour when it happened" I said, but he ignored me and started the car. He drove away, leaving me standing in shock on the sidewalk. My stomach started to churn and then I felt my heart drop into it.

But then, something clicked. Everything stopped. I should be sad. I should be mad that he left. But instead, I felt nothing. I couldn't speak. I couldn't scream. I couldn't cry. Nothing. I must have been standing there on that street corner for 20 minutes until I was able to move again. I pulled up my hood and started the long walk to where my car was.

About 40 minutes later, when I was almost there, Tom called my phone. I ignored it. He called again and I decided to just turn my phone off. I didn't know if he told Oli but I wasn't mad at him, it wasn't fair to ask him to keep my secret anyway. I just didn't want to talk to anybody.

I finally got to my car and climbed into the driver’s seat. I had no desire to do anything other than sleep, but if the owners of the store I was parked in front of saw me, they'd probably call the police. I turned my car and started to drive. I kept driving and kept driving until I couldn't anymore. The highway had ended and the roads I’d taken after led me to the shoreline.