Sequel: A Life Again

A Life Cycle Reborn

Robin found love, a rewarding career and she is at a point where the sky is the limit but in the same breath, life has become boring and routine. She needs a change, something different. Take a journey from one average life to one that has been long lost, known in the heart but forgotten in the mind. This is Robin's tale of uncovering a forgotten world.
  1. Chapter 1 - Who is Robin?
    She's no one you know
  2. Toast and Chocolate Spread
    More into Robin's life & her relationship with Kyle
  3. A Bead and Pearl Necklace
    A gift, a girls birthday and an accident
  4. Into the Blank
    The end of Robin
  5. Travel and Rest
    Being dead
  6. Tale of Taylan
    Robin's other Life
  7. Waking in Old Eyes
    Robin's previous life as Taylan
  8. A Routine
    A Day in the Life of a past life
  9. A Week Later with Kyle
    Kyle wakes up a week later in a hospital bed
  10. Nafeeza's Fitting
  11. Ship Life
  12. Light as a Feather