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Twisted Love

"Father you can't do this to us, we aren't your slaves" Aurora protested.
"This is not your choice to make" her father Jared Collins calmly responded to her outburst. "You and your sisters will marry whoever I choose and you shall marry the Jacobs " He added as he sipped his tea.

Collin sisters find themselves trapped by their fathers wish, what they know is that they aren't ready to settle down but what will they do when they are forced to live together for months?

Will they find a way out of this marriage? OR will they fall for the handsome Jacob brothers? Read to find out....
  1. Marry who??
  2. off we go!!
    After talking with her father, emily and her sisters a sent off to live with the jacobs. but when she tells her sisters how will they react?? will they support their fathers decision or not??
  3. Here we are
    Collin sisters get ready to meet the jacob brother, meanwhile they find out they have get married to collin sister for their business. what will happen when they meet? will they get married or will their be a twist in the story?
  4. Meet the Jacob Brothers
  5. Falling for Him
  6. I owe Him a kiss
  7. Who does he think he is?