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Twisted Love

Who does he think he is?


"That was a wonderful meal, as Liz said you have a great cook Adrian," Aurora said

"Shall we move to drawing room, Blake should be waiting for us?" Adrian said ignoring Aurora's compliment

"Sure," three sisters said together

As they entered the drawing-room they found Blake sitting in the sofa and reading something

"Who knew Mr. Hottie liked to read" Aurora whispered to Liz to which she gave a nod and walked towards the sofa and sat down next to Blake

"what are you reading" Liz pointed towards the papers Blake was holding.

"Oh this, it's one of my friends novel just checking this out for errors and stuff"

"I can help, I own a publishing company"

"You do?" Blake questioned me

"Yeah she does," Aurora said taking a seat next to Liz "Do you know Lily publishers, She owns it"

Blake opened his mouth to say something but closed it, he looked shocked. Liz looked around the room and found Leo and Adrian with the same expression

Blake jumped on the sofa and got close to Liz.

"wha-what are you doing," Liz said while backing up till she had no room.

"You are saying, you own the best publishing companies in this country, "Blake said while looking at Liz Blue eyes.

"y-ye- yes" Liz shuttered

"Wow, your father must be proud of you," Adrian and Leo said at the same time

"So Elizabeth owns Lily publishers and Emily you're the best lawyer in this state" Adrian turned to Aurora and asked "and what do you own Arie"

"It's Aurora and I don't own anything" Aurora replied

Adrian stood up from his chair and went near the windows "so what do you do for a living?"

"I have my own band and I'm a dancer"

Adrian turned around and looked at Aurora as if she said a joke "you own a band, the daughter of Collins Empire owns a band and dances for a living"

"Yes, I do" Emily and Liz could tell Aurora was going to blast any moment.

"What a shame, your sisters are the best what they do and look at you," Adrian said while took his seat and drank his whiskey.

Aurora stood up and left the room. Emily couldn't believe, Adrian could say something so mean. Was he just like her father cold and heartless? Emily looked at Leo and Blake. They both had mixed was like as if they were embarrassed by their brother's behavior.

"Aurora! Wait" Liz said as she went after her

"How dare you speak like that to my sister" Emily shouted at Adrian

"What, did I say something wrong," Adrian asked innocently

"Something wrong!!! You basically humiliated her" Blake said before leaving the room

"Humiliated?? I'm sorry, but I just said the truth. If I was your father I would probably die from embarrassment of what Ariel is doing"

"Well let me tell you something Mr. Adrian, none of my family members are embarrassed by what my sister does for a living. We are proud and happy because she is. Unlike you, my father has a soul and loves his daughters" Emily started walking towards the door and stopped

"And her name is Aurora" Emily said before shutting the door behind her.

"Who does he think he is," Emily asked herself. She was so lost on her thought she didn't notice Leo who was following her.

"He is arrogant and an idiot" Leo answered to Emily's question.

Emily looked at Leo, and thought to her was he as cold and heartless as Adrian.

"No, I'm not, I'm totally opposite" Leo looked at Emily and gave her a smile

"Wait, did I say that out loud," Emily asked

"Yes," Leo chuckled.

" oh" I said and giggles like a high school girl.

They reached to Aurora's room and show Blake and Liz sitting outside.

"Do you think she will open the door?" Emily asked Liz

"No, I don't think so" Liz replied

"Go to sleep, she will be okay in the morning," Emily said goodnight to Blake and Liz who went to their own rooms.

"Aren't you going to sleep?" Emily asked Leo who was looking at her

"Hmm," Leo said while lost

Emily smiled and hit Leo in the arms "huh, what happen?" Leo asked while looking left and right

Emily smiled and repeated herself "I said, go to your room"

"Oh, Good night Em," Leo said started walking

"I forgot, did you like your room" Leo stopped and asked Emily

"Yes I love it, thank you" Emily replied

"Good, I specially chose that room for you," Leo kissed my cheeks and walked away .i touched my cheeks where he kissed me.

" what does this mean?" I asked myself