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Twisted Love

Here we are


"Look, guys, I have a plan okay? Trust me" Emily said to her sisters

"We trust you em, but we don't know a thing about these people and you expect us to live with them?" Aurora argued.

"What if they are perverts and try to touch us" Liz cried.

"or what if they are old and ugly, " Aurora said while making an ugly face.

"Girls, please stop, "Emily said sitting down with her sisters and taking their hands to her's. "Firstly, they aren't old or ugly, if they were, Forbes won't name them the hottest and sexiest entrepreneurs alive and secondly, if they do touch us I will beat their asses. Now go and pack your things we are leaving in two hours"

Aurora POV

"When will we reach," I asked Emily who was busy typing on her blackberry. Probably busy chatting with some important client of hers.

I was bored to death as there was no one to talk with, both my sisters were busy with their works. Elizabeth was busy typing her novel, which has to be submitted by the end of the week and as for Emily she was always busy with some clients of hers. I was about to question them again when the car came to a halt. I stared outside the window, gaping the view of an impending mansion. The mansion looms proudly behind iron gates. At its threshold stood the delicate marble fountain, the soft gurgling of clear water melodic and it resonated in the surrounding silence. It was the most beautiful mansion I have ever seen. I slowly got out of the car.

"Beautiful isn't it" Elizabeth asked to which I gave her nod

I saw someone standing near the door by the looks of him I guess he's the butler with the white gloves and the big long coat. "Ms. Collins you finally arrived, I'm bob the butler and this is Mary the cook" he introduced to us. "My name is Emily and these are my sisters Aurora and Elizabeth" Emily replied with a smile.

"Master is waiting for you inside, Mary will show you the way" Bod said as he went to take care of our luggage.

ADRIAN POV ( few hours before)

"It's time for you and your brothers to settle down with someone and I have chosen brides for you"

I looked up at my father; I can't believe he would bring this up again. Settling down wasn't in my future anytime soon and nor was it in my brothers.

"I'm not interested in marriage right now, I have a career ahead of me which I have to focus " I heard Leo say

"I don't care if you aren't ready, you are to be wed to them and that's it" father commanded

"You don't know how hard it was for me to get this partnership with Mr. Collins, I worked day and night to get this and I'm not going to lose it because of you" he said to Leo

I knew how hard we had to work to get this partnership, our firm worked not months but years to get this partnership with the Collins. Now we have it, if father loses this partnership with the Collins firm I don't know what he will do.

"What if we don't marry them?" Blake asked.

"Then you three will lose everything I have to give, all this will go to your cousins and I know you want like it "father said while reading something on his phone.

"I just received a mail from Mr. Collins, it seems like his daughter are on their way to meet you"

"Meet us?" I asked

"Yes, they will be staying with you at the mansion and I don't want to hear anything else" with that father left us.

"What are we going to do Adrian" Leo questioned me. I knew my brothers aren't ready to settle down and neither was I but I have to convince them if we lose this partnership with the Collins our firm will face a big loss.

"We aren't going to do anything, this is the biggest partnership for our firm, we have to give it a chance" with that I left the office and went to my room.
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