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Another dose of truth serum entered my system.
I was one of those people whose system totally rejected stuffs like the truth serum and the like.
They had captured me back at the BCIO torture and questioning room... and, I was so close.
The lie detector was right above me.
"Truth serum doesn't work." I said yawning, "but fire away your questions; I won't lie, I can guarantee."
A second later, the green light flashed.
I was bonded, totally; my wrists, my ankles, my neck, all my joints... with electrocuting cuffs, in case things get heated up and they need to keep me in my best behaviour.
The glass separating me and my large room with the officers in charge seemed to be glaring with a vicious eye on my fate.
"Did you attempt to escape?"
"Not really, but were that possible, I certainly would."
The green light flashed.
"Then, what were you doing?"
"I thought I saw an important person."
Green again.
"Zaza King." I said, proudly.
"Who's Zaza King to you?"
Who's Zaza to me? I thought for a moment.
"Everything." I replied unhesitant.
There was no other apt word to describe Zaza in my life.
They asked me same random questions here and there.
They also asked me about his relation to crime.
It could lead to his arrest, I was aware. I refused to answer.
They passed the shock wave. It hurt more than I had imagined, not that I thought much about electrocution.
I was hardly conscious, when I was released.
I vaguely remembered what happened after I had reached my limit, but if my memory served me correct, team 4 inspectors had taken me back, for a reason I do not seem to remember.

When I came to myself, I was freely lying on a large hospital bed. An IV attached to my arm. The steel table held some tablets with water and my trigger.
There had been licensing problems with my trigger, so I didn't operate a trigger yet.
It read, 'HH Rio come for work as soon as you recover.'
I cringed at it.
I was still under convalescence.
Even a psychopathic murderer like I understood sick people... no, not really. But, when we were younger, Zaza hadn't been so healthy. So, it created a soft spot in me for sick people.
"Tsk. I reject." I said, sticking my tongue at the trigger.
A tumbler was there.
It was made of cutting glass too. I later discovered that all the stuffs made of glass in any agency under Prism could cut like a real knife, unlike the private ones we used in our school labs.
"Brings back memories."
Any moment, I knew, somebody would come in, probably to renew my IV or to examine me or to at least, confirm that I was either dead or still alive.
Bloody ideas popped into me like a firework in the middle of the night.
The door knob turned.
I smirked, as I guessed.
"Good Eve- ning" I said, breaking the syllables. I had shot three large pieces of the glass tumbler at the opening door.
"W-what are you doing?" Inspector Steven said, voice losing all his cool. He was followed by Inspector Aria, and all the other HHs from team 4.
"Tsk...missed." I said under my breath.
" whatever..." he said all sassy.
"Hi?" I said to all my other colleagues, awkwardly.
They were all in casual attire.
They weren't working, I guessed later.
"Say," I said, "why is it a normal door and not one of those automatic doors?"
"You've given a bad experience to people with that sort of door three years back." Inspector Steven said.
"Say," I said again, "Can I continue my education?"
"Education is growth, education is not preparation for life but life itself." I said, "John Dewey."
"Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to the words but by experience in the environment." Chase replied, "Maria Montessori."
"Do you think I can learn anything other than violence in a battlefield?" I said, half blaming my violence on it. " Experiencing is consciousness that intuits something and values it to be actual- Edmund Husserl."
I continued, "besides, I really need a HSCLC too. I'm jealous of Inspector Aria."
She blushed slightly.

"Here." Oren said, giving me my commutator that had been stripped from me when they brought me for the questioning.
Inspector Steven and Chase had left to meet the team that had been working on a case which was passed on to us.
"Thanks." I said checking it. It had some scratches here and there, which greatly displeased me.
"Get well soon." Shun said, before leaving with Oren. They were close friends.
"Thanks for visiting." I said, putting into practice what I did in the rehabilitation centre everyday.
Inspector Aria took a seat.
"Aylvee, I am so sorry about what happened." She said holding her voice steadily, "but, I had no other alternative. It's my job. I had been meaning to apologize sooner but time never came"
"Why are you apologizing?" I said giving out a small sigh, "like you said, it's your job. There was fault on my part." I added after a small thought and sigh, "you know, inspector, you're not supposed to apologize to your HHs. After all, they're your subordinates."
"That makes no sense," she said, "humans are still humans, HHs and inspectors, both. At the end, it's how society treats a person that influence the c.p. Stuff like desire to harm doesn't come just like that."
I smirked, "Inspector, that's naive. You won't understand that there are some people born that way. Without villains, heroes would be meaningless. But as you said, we are all humans. Someone once quoted Howard Gardner to me, 'We all have these intelligences, that's what makes us human beings.'"

As soon as I got released from the BCIO hospital, I joined work.
Aside from work and the rehab, I also attended a high school course every week.
I studied in my free time.
Of course, I had urges. But, with the aid of drugs prescribed by the HH doctor and rehab, I was always able to put it off.

The case we were working on had been under team 9's investigation before it passed on to us.
About a week back, it had been reported that music that could raise the c.p of its listeners could be heard at random gatherings.
It led to increase in the Area stress level (AsL) and made many people lose their control over their c.p. Such people's c.p could not be cleansed.
Our division researched on it. I mean, of course under the inspectors' supervision, but the HHs did whatever came to mind. For two main reasons- 1. We had unusually kind inspectors with broad minded thinking and genial respect even for the HHs. 2. Since the song could raise the listeners' c.p, it only made sense that the inspectors be kept from listening the song lest their c.p raises.
Once I listened to it, it made my heat beat faster... A dark influence in a person's c.p? It was like another me existed, for my c.p could stain other people's c.p too. It made me a great deal interested.
I listened once.
I listened twice.
It made me want to listen thrice.
The music was a glaring one, that quicken the pulse and set its listeners in a desperate aura of fright.
I envisioned the psychic colour violet.
It was intriguing, mainly because it was obvious that the song was just normal children's song set in a fearful and dark background. The violin in itself was sweet. It reeked heavily of emotions and lust after inflicting pain.
However, as Shakespeare said in Tropius and Cressida, take but a degree away, untune that string, and hark, what discourse follows!
Yet, it still was a gamble I would bet on.
I knew, at that moment, it had to do something with Zaza.
I only wondered why he was doing it in such a predictable manner.
"Whoa!" Shun exclaimed softly after listening to it. He was particularly shy and soft, which I thought too feminine for a man.
"It's dynamic, isn't it?" Oren said, well pleased with Shun's reaction.
"I guess." He shrugged. "It is like a storm brewing up in the coast."
"It sounds human to me." I offered my thoughts without being asked. In BCIO, nobody would ask for your opinion. You are expected to give your own opinion if you have one.
I continued, "The storm of human emotions... both the musician's relation to his melody and instruments that is beyond words, and the tightening impulses of the listeners."
"Like WH Auden says in 'The Dyer's Hand and Other Essays'?" Chase said.
I nodded.
"Umm, guys." Shun said, as the rest of us understood what Chase was saying, "What did WH Auden say?"
"Music cannot imitate nature. A musical storm is always like the wrath of Zeus." Oren said.
"You guys are really awesome, filled with quotes. I had an aversion 5o books when I was younger." He replied. "At least I observe that I am working with awesome people."
"I'm not sure." Oren said, disagreeing, "you know me, Shun."
"Don't class me with Aylvee. She's worse off." Chase said blankly.
"Don't talk like I'm not there." I said, "old man."
"But it's true." Shun said. When did they get so close that they'd gang up on me like that? I thought and cringed within myself.
"I do have my mind filled with quotations." I said, "that doesn't explain if a person is awesome or not. I read a lot when I was younger, and a very close and important person had that habit. I guess, it rubbed on to me. As for being awesome, that person is amazingly the most awesome person for me."
Zaza's face flashed in my head. I remembered that day I almost met him.
"You seem to have an interesting history." Inspector Steven said, entering with Inspector Aria. They had come to check on us.
"Not really." I shrugged, "History is a relentless master. It has no present, only the past rushing into the future.- John Kennedy."
"We came to check on you and your progress." Inspector Aria said, looking relaxed.
I wondered she looked relaxed because we were trustable or because she hadn't had time off from work in a long, long time.
All the HHs sent over our data to them.
We sat around the small conference table that separated the office into Division A's side and Division B's side.
The air monitor was prepared as the HHs took turns in explaining what they have discovered.
"Three occurrences had been reported so far- the first was in a library, the second, at a conference and the third, at a baseball stadium," I began, "The library was, in my supposition, a test. Perhaps, the culprit wanted to test the actual adhering effect of the song. So , there were no particular group of victims, for the library was just a small one with all genres of books and it also had free wireless fidelity, and had a great number of people for many other facilities. However, in the second occurrence, it was a gallery, where a conference on women empowerment was being held. The target could be the female population. Though, a few men were there, about ninety four percent of the attendees were women."
I stopped for a breath as the monitor showed the statistics.
I continued, "and, on the third time, it was in a baseball stadium, implying the male population as the victim."
"Anybody can watch baseball." Inspector Steven conjectured.
"Yes," I said, "and as the preceding case, there was a sharp contrast in the percent of attendees, this time ninety six of hundred were men." I continued, "but looking closely, the infamous match was between the Red Fangs and Strong Ville, which has nothing in common, in terms of baseball and all their outlooks; but what makes their match the interest the culprits, so I believe, is their popularity with the male population. Both teams are chauvinistic by motto and nature. Many evidences have been collected that supports my theory; it's all in the data I sent."
They all looked at their commutators.
It was mainly interviews, tweets and videos.
"I have observed that..." Shun began speaking as the monitor showed some statistics and also some images in negative and even power point presentations of the physiological structure if the people he suspected to be the culprits.
They were all in disguise, but he could recreate their actual faces easily and even guess their ages. In the first image, there was an additional person.
I saw it with eyes ready to pounce upon a prey. A smug smile on my lips.
"I found you." I murmured to myself.
True, he was in 'disguise'.
But reading glasses could hardly be called disguise.
But... Zaza... looks... reading... glasses...

"So, the next would probably occur in the underground concert scheduled the coming Thursday, the 27th of April." I heard Chase say.
I quickly reverted back to the real world from my mode of drooling over Zaza.
I checked my commutator to keep up with what he was explaining.
The first occurrence was on the 3rd of April, followed by the succeeding ones on the 11th and the 19th.
He said, the first song was 'twinkle twinkle little star' and upon close observation, the main line of the melody had four crotchets on the first bar, followed by three crotchets and a crotchet rest. The whole song followed that pattern, he explained, each crotchet could value to a day with the crotchet rest as the day of event.
He needn't check the events for in the capital city, it was a daily thing to have such large gatherings and events.
Makes sense, I thought.
"But there are many events coming up on that day," Inspector Aria said, "and there is no basis for it to be in the concert."

"The occurrence can be supported by what I found." Oren said. "The Common Time musical sign."
True, all the songs were amplified versions of old children songs and rhymes like 'twinlke twinkle little star', 'Row, row, row your boat' and 'Ring-a ring-a roses', which as Oren explained, implied simple messages using simple things.
"The message is probably to challenge Prism and the police." He said.
He continued his explanation.
I saw his data.
The easiest sort of time measurement in a music sheet is the 4/4 or common time denoted usually by a capital 'C'. The location of the library was to the north. The gallery on the Northwest and the stadium on the southwest. The concert was scheduled to be to the south., and thus forms a 'C'.
He asserted that the next one was equally going to be large scale, so that the last count to the first measure is equally a crotchet.
"Great work." Inspector Steven said.
"That only means that all we have some relaxed time" Inspector Aria said. "You can relax."
We were all evidently happier
"But that doesn't mean that you are to let your guard down." She quickly added.