Status: Completed! Sequel up soon

Hospital Beds and Memories

So let me introduce myself. No, there is nothing seriously wrong with me, I just happened to be in a car crash at 21 years old. This then resulted in me being in a coma for a year and loosing 5 years of my memory. Great right? The doctors said I will be able to remember specific events one day, but who knows? I rarely get these moments.

I guess this is my adventure that isn't very adventurous and probably rather boring. You be the judge.


Ireland's condition is made up, it is not meant to resemble any specific medical condition. Some facts, however, are based on several different conditions.
  1. Coffee Spills
  2. Photographs for Memories
  3. Can This Get Any worse?
  4. My Weird and Amazing Family
  5. The Clock That's Ticking
  6. Screaming and Drinking
  7. Pretty Little Princess
  8. Saying Our Goodbyes
  9. Give Me My Phone
  10. Dancing and Full Nudity
  11. Batshit Crazy
  12. The Purple Hair
  13. What is This? How do I React?
  14. Just Shut Up
  15. Wake Up
  16. Palmoplantar Hyperhidrosis
  17. Pretty Impressive
  18. Late Valentine's?
  19. 4 am Emergency
  20. Don't Change Your Mind
  21. Tuning Pegs
  22. Welcome Back
  23. A Lecture and an Embarrassing Story
  24. Interrupted
  25. The Surprise of Absence
  26. And You're Trying To Say...?
  27. The 'rents
  28. Let's Talk About Kids
  29. Like This?
  30. Excuses and Explanations
  31. The Guy and the Sunset
  32. Too Much To Handle
  33. Accidentally Breaking the Law
  34. Inspection and Recognition
  35. Considering and Decision Making
  36. "Are You Saying Yes to the Dress?"
  37. Holding On, but Falling Over
  38. Getting Ready
  39. The Leaving and Appearing One
  40. Messy, Sick, and Lots of Blood
  41. Ignoring Leads To Accidents
  42. Stubborn Answers
  43. Confidential and Suspicious
  44. Confused Confessions and Love
  45. Death Surrounds Me
  46. Breakdowns, Fans, and Secrets
  47. An Outburst for Another
  48. Showing Signs of Death
  49. Dear, Here's Our Future Plans
  50. Learning Before Leaving
  51. Wrong Interpretations and Fear
  52. Don't Seem Too Eager
  53. The Not So Great Move
  54. Groaning With So Much Pain
  55. New Experiences and Surprises
  56. Birthday Wishes and a Routine
  57. Drunk Jack Leads To Fun
  58. It All Lead to a Promise
  59. Knifes and Glasses, Both Sharp and Deadly
  60. New Information at a Family Dinner
  61. New Things to Worry About
  62. The Calm Before the Storm
  63. Random Gifts from a 'Random' Person
  64. Is this Real Life?
  65. Stuck in My Head, Voices from the Outside
  66. Regressing to the Mismanaged State of Mind
  67. I Will Write What You Will Say
  68. A Brand New Escape
  69. Building Up a Bad Reputation
  70. Is Disney World Really the Happy Place They Tell You About?
  71. This Is The End.
  72. Great Sleep, Great Imagination
  73. All These Looks With Different Meanings
  74. This Is Halloween, A Creepy Messy Halloween
  75. Why Can't Guys Think Of Good Surprises?
  76. They All Say That It Will Be Fine
  77. When We Talk About The Future, Tears Will Fall
  78. Remember Our Youtube Channel?
  79. Meeting The Brother
  80. Revenge Is Not For the Best
  81. Starting and LA Story
  82. Long Bonds For New Friendships
  83. My Brother's a ***
  84. Maybe We Shouldn't Get this Drunk
  85. Ever Thought About The Possible Consequences?
  86. What Are Pools Even For?
  87. We Wish You a Sucky Christmas
  88. Christmas Brings New Opportunities
  89. Setting Things Straight
  90. We Only Have Shitty Gifts
  91. New Year's Freak Outs
  92. I Wish it Didn't Have to be This Way.