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Stardust Mercenary


Lights flashed everywhere as she ran through the corridors. Strange shadows seemed to be everywhere, stretching out as if to reach for her. With her heart beating fast in her chest, she ran. The metal floor below felt cold to her bare feet as she tried to outrun the dark shape slithering through the hall of the ship. Everyone else was already eaten by these mysterious shadow beings and she was determined not to be captured in any way.

At the end of the corridor, she came upon a closed door. The control panel beside it flashed red, signaling that it was on lockdown, but lucky for her, she knew how to override the system. The door slid open upon her putting the pin and as soon as she darted into the safety of the next room. Two words fell from her mouth.

“Safety Lock!”

And the ship’s AI did just that. It was a code word to lock down the entire ship.

She heard something banging against the now locked door. She only hoped it wouldn’t be able to get through. The girl breathed a sigh of relief before turning away from the door to look at the room she had just entered. From the few flashing lights in the room, she could see some chutes that lead to the emergency escape pods, but as luck would have it, nearly all of the escape pods had been taken. Cursing to herself, the girl walked a few feet to the center of the room. If this was the escape hatch then there had to be a computer system that was used to launch the Escape Pods.

She barely had any time to ponder this when another loud bang came from the door, only this time the force of the Shadow ramming into the metal sliding door forced it open.