Ashes of Eden

Eric and his brother are thrown into a world where time flows differently and fantasy is reality. Every bed time story they tell in Eden is true. Creatures from your dreams and from your nightmares walk alongside humans, but nature's unbalanced. Dybbuk are possessing the living and those who are possessed develop a strange illness that spreads faster than plague. On top of that, people are going mad and slaughtering each other without cause.
The brothers weren't the only ones taken from Earth, though. Nadia's kickboxing skills paired with Eric's expert swordsmanship, not to mention Carter's quick wits, is the only thing they can rely on. Or is it? As they struggle to find a way home, something mysterious affects Eric's dreams. Something that ties everyone together. And it's not just the three of them. Eden's darkest secret lies waiting, watching and taunting them from the shadows, courting their demise.