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p r o l o g u e

"Rhiannon! God, you're useless! Wake the hell up, would you?"

Rhiannon Mikaelson's eyes slowly opened, the pain in her chest crippling for a moment. She felt around where the dagger had just been pulled out and instantly her fangs descended and she was on the defensive.

"Calm the hell down. I need your help."

"...Kol? Tell me I wasn't just daggered?" Rhiannon looked at her twin brother and he shrugged.

"You were being a shit. Sorry," he said, sounding like he didn't care at all.

"I'm sorry, what?" she asked, her fangs descending again.

"You were only in there for like six months. No big deal. But seriously, I need your fucking help right now if you'd like to get out of the box please."

Kol offered her his hand and she took it, a scowl set into her features.

"So are you going to fill me in or just let me go into whatever this is blind and end up dying again?" Rhiannon asked her twin, instinctively holding onto his arm.

She and Kol had always been exceptionally close; when they were kids they'd had a witchy mind connection that allowed them to speak straight to the other's mind without even looking at them. That had lasted until their late teens, when their mother had turned them and the rest of their remaining siblings into the first vampires. They'd both been devastated about losing their connection, but over the thousand years that had followed they'd almost seemed to develop it again somehow.

Anytime they were both alive, they could always sense the other one's feelings much like regular human twins often claimed to do. They were always completely in sync, knowing each other's moves before they made them and words before they said them. It made them extra deadly to enemies and extra annoying to their older brothers, which was why one of them often ended up daggered in their respective coffin.

"There are hunters here. Real, serious business hunters. Hunters that seem to know just how to kill one of us."

Kol's voice was quiet, snapping Rhiannon out of her reverie.

"Where's everyone else?" she asked, and Kol shrugged and looked around the courtyard of their family compound.

"Nik and Elijah are in Mystic Falls dealing with some Salvatore stupidity. Beks is off somewhere having a 'girls trip' with Freya. Hayley is in the bayou dealing with her wolves. We're alone," Kol told her, smiling at her. "That's why I needed to wake you. Because together..." he trailed off and she instantly picked up his sentiment.

"Together we can take on anything."
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So! This is an idea that's been floating around in my head for a long time. SPN and TO/TVD are pretty much my favorite shows, and I've always thought it would be super fun to do some sort of crossover. Obviously, some things won't be completely canon in their respective universes, just because some things will have to be tweaked a little bit to make it work. I'm really excited to start writing this, and I hope it turns into something great! Thanks for stopping by and I really hope you enjoy!