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a l o t o f f u n

"Winchesters? Never heard of them," Rhiannon and Kol's older brother Elijah sounded confident and a bit annoyed that they'd bothered him.

"For the millionth time, they're well-known in the witch community. They're said to be some of the most ruthless, aggressive hunters of their time. Rumor has it they've taken on the devil himself," Kol sounded worried and Rhiannon couldn't figure out why. It wasn't often that her twin worried about anything at all.

"Well, that's just unrealistic. Even we've never taken on Lucifer himself," their other older brother Niklaus, said, scoffing.

"I'm telling you assholes; these guys are for real," Kol said, annoyed. He stomped out of the living room of the Mikaelsons' safe house, leaving the rest of them to roll their eyes.

"Rhiannon, you were there. Did you take them for a threat?" their oldest sister Freya asked, and Rhiannon shrugged.

"Wouldn't know. Kol did have me dead in a box, after all. Someone wanna tell me again why exactly you all let that fly?" Rhiannon asked, noticing that her half-cocked temper was just as bad as her brother's but not totally caring.

"We've explained it over and over again, Rhiannon. He had a witch spell your dagger. He was the only one that could pull it out. I tried to wake you up as soon as he put you down and the dagger just burned my hand and wouldn't move," Elijah explained, sounding more annoyed than before.

"Yeah, well, you could've tried harder," Rhi pouted, to which her sister Rebekah put a hand on her shoulder.

"We knew he'd get you up in no time at all. Had we thought for even a moment that he had plans to keep you down, we would've found a way," Rebekah said, and Rhiannon nodded.

"Fine. Now. Let's go kill some hunters, shall we?" she asked her siblings, and they all nodded.

"But wait.... what if these hunters are as big of a threat as Kol seems to think they are?" Hayley asked, causing the Mikaelsons to turn and look at her questioningly.

"Love, I've never been afraid of a human hunter in my immortal life. I'm not about to start now," Elijah told her, moving to her and kissing the top of her head.

"Let's go," Klaus confirmed, walking out of the front door of the house.

"Kol, come!" Rhiannon yelled out into the yard of the house, ignoring Hayley as she scoffed out a laugh at the way she'd called him.

In no time at all, Hayley and the six Mikaelsons arrived at the compound right at the heart of the French Quarter. As they approached, they could hear that the hunters were still inside. By the sound of it, they were tearing everything apart for some reason.

"I'm going to fucking kill them," Rhiannon said, her temper flaring up.

"You're going to do nothing of the sort until we find out what it is they want," Elijah scolded, causing Rhiannon and Kol to look at each other and roll their eyes.

They stormed in as a group, being as loud as they possibly could. As soon as they crossed the threshold, Rhiannon was able to hear that one of them was upstairs almost exactly right above them and the other was down the hallway that led to the kitchen that they never really used. Elijah, Nik, and Rebekah headed upstairs, leaving Freya, Hayley, Rhiannon, and Kol to deal with the down.

The one in the kitchen started moving and moments later, a tall muscular man with longish brown hair and shining blue-green eyes strode in, gun in hand. He raised the gun and shot at the front of the group without hesitation. His bullets struck both Kol and Rhiannon, and both of them were able to instantly tell that they were just regular bullets. Bullets that had no effect on them whatsoever.

"Nice try," Rhiannon said, reaching into her gut with two fingers and plucking the charge out easily. She dropped it to the floor and took a step towards the man, Kol right behind her. Both of them let their faces cloud over and their fangs descend. They moved toward the man, who began backing away quickly.

"Dean!" the man yelled, looking toward the stairs.

"Afraid he's indisposed at the moment," Klaus' voice echoed through the compound and Rhiannon glanced up to see that he and Elijah were pushing along another man who'd been knocked out. He was shorter than the first with short sandy brown hair and a stockier build.

"What did you do to him?" the first man asked, looking at the other, Dean apparently, worriedly.

"Oh, don't worry. We haven't killed him. Yet," Rebekah said, smiling sweetly and wiping a spot of blood off of her lips.

"Did you feed on him?" the other man asked, and Rebekah smiled again.

"Just a taste. He'll be fine," she said, just as Nik and Elijah reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Rhi, get our guests a few chairs from the dining room, would you please?" Klaus asked, smiling at her. She nodded wordlessly and did as she was asked. Once she brought the chairs in, Nik and Elijah tied the two men tightly to them.

Freya did a spell to make sure they were held there, and then everyone but Rhiannon left the room. She tended to always be the first to get to interrogate anyone who needed it; she was the youngest and most friendly looking, after all. Little did anyone other than her family and anyone else who had pissed her off over the years know, she also had a temper and lack of impulse control that sometimes rivaled even Niklaus'.

"Hello, boys. We're gonna need to talk," Rhiannon said sweetly once the second one woke up. She brandished her favorite long butcher knife and smiled. She was gonna have a lot of fun with these two, she could already tell.