If You Love Me

Fifteen: The Two Of Us

Yawning softly into his hand, Gerard tossed onto his side, his ears plied with the sound of movement emanating away from his kitchen. It was still early, with him having played a match the night previous, he had been hoping to lay in for a little while, but he knew that he couldn’t simply ignore the noises, even if it was only likely to be Nora. He doubted that it would be too long before she moved to wake him up.

Pushing a hand back through his hair, he moved to collect a clean t-shirt before he quietly padded down the stairs, stepping into the kitchen where Nora stood, studying the contents of his fridge. Quirking a light grin, he rested against the doorframe, his blue eyes studying her quietly. She looked beautiful, the shirt of his that she wore was a little too big on her petite frame and her hair was pinned loosely to the top of her head, and Gerard couldn’t help but admire her for a couple of seconds, wordlessly noting that it was a sight he wanted to get used to.

Watching her for a couple more seconds, he shook his head softly before he stepped towards her, his hands lightly settling on her waist.

Nora, who’d been perusing the contents of the fridge, visibly startled at the feel of his hands before she turned around slightly, offering him a small glare.

Gerard chuckled softly. “Buenos dias to you too, Nora” he teased gently.

Nora offered him another mock glare before she lightly shook her head. “I didn’t hear you come in” she noted gently “Did I wake you?” she added as she stepped away from him slightly, moving to collect two glasses from the cupboard.

Gerard shrugged. “You were making a lot of noise” he noted “And I figured I ought to come down here and check that you weren’t trying to destroy my kitchen. What are you doing?” he posed as he took a seat beside the counter, watching her around the room. It felt a little odd, the idea that Nora had spent the night in his home felt a little unfamiliar to him, but he had to admit that he liked it, even if they’d yet to work up the courage to share a bed. He kind of liked the idea of her spending more time in his home.

Nora, who’d moved to collect a couple of plates, tilted her head. “That’s not obvious to you?” she quipped, a small smirk on her face.

Gerard scoffed playfully before he shook his head, his hands capturing hers as she moved to place a plate on the counter. Knotting their fingers together, he carefully moved her so that she stood between his legs before he leant up, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. Nora stilled slightly, caught off guard by the soft kiss, before she responded slightly, something which made Gerard smile lightly before he ducked away from her, his forehead resting against hers. “Hola” he breathed softly.

Nora admired the soft smile on his lips before she ducked her head softly, a hint of pink playing on her cheeks. “Hola” she breathed gently.

Gerard chuckled softly, admiring the blush on her cheeks, before he gently ducked forwards, pressing a light kiss against the top of her head. “I thought you were making breakfast” he prodded gently. He could see that she was a little nervous, whenever he kissed her, she tended to blush and shy away slightly, and he wanted to encourage her to relax a little. Things were good, for the first time in a while, things between them felt settled and comfortable, and he wanted to keep them that way for a while to come.

Nora nodded her head a little at the sound of his voice before she stepped away from him slightly, returning seconds later with a pan of food in her hands. Brushing a few loose blonde hairs off of her face, she moved to place the food down onto the plates before she settled down into the seat at Gerard’s side, something which caused the defender to shift his spare arm, wrapping it gently around her waist. “You have plans for today?” he posed, popping a piece of food into his mouth.

Nora nodded her head gently. “I’m due to head to dinner with my madre and Emilia this evening, but until then, I am free. You have plans?” she posed gently.

Gerard shrugged. “Not really” he quipped “I mean, we’ve got a light session later this morning, but other than that I am free. Perhaps I could tag along with you” he quipped, his voice caught between serious and teasing.

Nora, who’d been happily eating her breakfast, stilled a little before she carefully tilted her head, something which made Gerard shake his head, a small laugh tumbling out of his mouth. “I’m kidding, Nora” he noted gently “But you do know that, eventually, you’re going to have to contemplate telling people about this, right?” he posed, motioning between the two of them.

He knew that it wasn’t going to happen for a little while, with him and Nora still attempting to figure things out between the two of them, the chances were that it would be a while before they opted to tell people, but still he wanted her to warm to the idea slightly, even if they weren’t in a hurry. He wanted her to be prepared for the idea of someone finding out about the two of them.

Nora, who was pushing her food around her plate, nodded her head. “Of course I do” she noted gently “But for a little while, I kind of like this being just between the two of us. It’s good, isn’t it?” she posed softly, peeking up at him gently.

Gerard nodded. “You know that it is, Nora” he noted “But, eventually, people are going to find out about this. Are you going to be Ok with that?” he posed gently.

Nora spared him a soft glance, briefly mulling his words over, before she nodded her head. “If people find out, they find out” she noted softly “But, for the time being, I’d like to try and keep things between us, Gerard. I know that we can’t hide it forever, eventually, someone is going to figure it out, but I’d like a little more time to try and get used to this. It’s still new, Gerard, so new, and I want a little more time for us to get used to it before other people start to get involved. Do you mind waiting for a little longer?” she asked gently. She knew that he had a point, one way or another, people were going to figure out what was happening between the two of them, but for a little while longer she wanted to keep it between them, wanting to enjoy having him to herself before other people started to get involved.

Gerard offered her a soft look, contemplating her words, before he nodded his head lightly. “I think we can probably manage that” he noted softly “Besides, for the time being, I kind of like having you to myself” he added, pressing a soft kiss against her temple. Nora’s cheeks warmed a little at the small amorous action before she tilted her head, pressing a brief kiss against his lips. She knew that he was right, eventually people were going to find out, but for a little longer, she simply wanted to enjoy the early stage of their new relationship.
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