If You Love Me

Twenty Eight: I’ll Make It Up To You

Wrinkling her nose slightly, Nora snuggled slightly closer to her pillow, trying to shield her eyes from the soft sunshine which seeped through the half closed blinds. It was early, one look around the room confided that it too early for Nora who’d opted to work from home that morning, and she was a little surprised to be awake so soon, especially since she and Gerard had spent a lot of the night awake. She was surprised that she had stirred as early as she had.

Allowing a small yawn to fall out of her mouth, she gently pushed her fingertips through her blonde hair before she carefully turned onto her other side, her blue eyes settling on Gerard who was still soundly asleep beside her, his soft snores filling the air. It had been coming for a while, with them having been together for nearly four months, it had only been a matter of time before they took the next step in their relationship, and whilst the idea of waking up beside Gerard with little clothing on felt slightly odd, Nora knew that she didn’t regret it, even if it was likely to take a little getting used to, she was pleased that they had made another small step forwards.

Brushing her fingers through her hair, she allowed another soft yawn to fall out of her mouth before she flicked her attention towards Gerard, watching as he stirred in his sleep. Admiring him for a second, she quirked a soft smile before she ducked towards him, pressing a brief kiss against his cheek before she moved sit up, quickly pulling on his shirt which was settled on the floor. Smoothing out the material slightly, she pushed herself up to her feet before she stepped towards her dresser, pulling out a clean set of clothes.

“You have to go so soon?”

Nora, who’d moved to collect a clean shirt from her wardrobe, jumped at the sound of Gerard’s voice before she turned around, a shy smile on her face. “I don’t have anywhere to be” she noted softly “But I figured I’d let you sleep for a little while. You’ve still got some time before your alarm” she babbled softly, her stare dropping down towards her feet.

Gerard, who’d moved to sit up slightly, smirked a little at the expression on her face before he carefully shuffled towards the edge of bed, ducking his head to meet her eyes. “Are you feeling shy, Nora?” he teased softly.

Nora offered him an unimpressed look, something which made him chuckle softly before he leant up, sneaking a brief kiss. “You’ve got nothing to feel shy about, nena” he mumbled as he pushed himself up to his feet, his hands quickly taking a hold of hers.

Nora spared a soft look down towards their hands before she let out a gentle sigh. “I know that I don’t” she murmured softly “But it just…it feels a little weird. I’m very aware of the fact that it was you that I slept with last night and that’s going to take a little getting used to” she added gently, her blue eyes briefly peeking into his before they dropped back down towards their hands. She knew that it was going to take a little time, the idea that she and Gerard had spent the night together was one which was going to take a little getting used to, but she was sure that they would get used to it. It was simply another shift in the dynamic of their relationship.

Gerard allowed her words to hang around them for a moment before he nodded his head. “It does feel slightly odd” he agreed “But it’s a good kind of strange, no?” he pose, offering her a small smile.

Nora admired his smile softly before she nodded her head, something which caused Gerard to lean up, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. Nora flinched slightly, not expecting the soft kiss, but she was quick to respond to it, holding Gerard close as his hands shifted to the front of the shirt she wore, loosening the few buttons that she had done up. Pulling back from him slightly, she offered him a small smirk. “Someone’s eager” she teased softly.

Gerard rolled his eyes playfully before he lifted his hand, gently cupping her cheek before he pulled her into another soft kiss. Nora smiled a little at the contact, relishing it for a couple of seconds, before she gently wrapped her arms around his neck. Gerard grinned at the contact, mumbling something about her being eager beneath his breath before he lightly nudged her back towards the bed, helping her to lay down on the mattress carefully before he ducked into her, stealing another soft kiss.

Nora shifted her hands, lightly pushing her fingertips through his dark hair before the distant sound of her front door opening and closing caught her ears, causing her to pause, a small frown appearing on her face.

“Was that the front door?” Gerard posed, pulling away from her slightly.

“I think so” Nora replied softly.

“Who has a key to this place?” Gerard posed as he moved to collect his shirt from the floor, quickly wrapping it around her.

Nora pulled the shirt around herself slightly before she shook her head. “Only my mother and my sister” she replied softly.

Gerard offered her a small frown, wordlessly asking why her mother or sister would let themselves into her home, before the sound of the bedroom door opening reached his ears, causing him to look up, his eyes settling on Maria who stood in the doorway, her hand over her eyes. “You two are decent, aren’t you?” she squeaked.

Nora, who’d pushed herself up to her feet, rolled her eyes slightly. “We’re decent, madre” she quipped “What are you doing here?” she added, her voice slightly irked.

Maria tentatively pulled her hand away from her eyes before she turned towards her daughter. “I’m sorry for showing up unannounced” she noted gently “I mean, I realize that it is early and that I didn’t call. I should have called…”

“Mama” Nora interrupted, cutting off her mother’s babbling “What is so important that you opted not to call?” she added, trying to keep her annoyance out of her voice.

Maria blinked a couple of times, slightly surprised by the interruption, before she quirked a soft smile. “Your sister” she mused softly “She called me a little while ago from the hospital. She and Mateo welcomed the baby overnight” she enthused brightly.

Nora tilted her head. “They did?” she posed softly.

Maria nodded. “She arrived at 3:05am” she enthused softly “Apparently, she looks a lot like her madre” she added excitedly.

Nora smiled a little, allowing the words to hang in the air for a moment, before she lifted her eyes back towards her mother. “Are they ready for visitors?” she posed softly “I mean, I’d hate to impose…”

“Mateo insists that Emmy can’t wait to see us” Maria interrupted softly “And that’s why I popped by. I figured you could get dressed and then we could head to the hospital, that is, if you’re not too busy of course” she added, her eyes drifting towards Gerard who sat behind his girlfriend.

Nora followed the line of her mother’s stare towards the defender before she opened her mouth, preparing to apologize. Gerard, however, was quicker, shaking his head slightly. “You should go” he noted softly.

“Are you sure?” Nora posed softly.

Gerard nodded. “Of course” he enthused “I know you’ve been looking forwards to meeting your niece and I am not going to stop you. You should go” he enthused warmly.

Nora offered him a soft look, wordlessly asking if he was certain, before she stepped towards the bed, pressing a brief kiss against his lips. “I’ll make it up to you” she mumbled softly, stealing another couple of light kisses.

Gerard smiled gently at her words before he nudged her gently. “Go” he mused softly “And give Mateo and Emmy my best” he added warmly.

Nora flashed him a bright smile before she quickly ducked into him, stealing one last kiss before she stepped out of the room, her mother in tow. Gerard watched the two women out of the room for a moment before he quietly shook his head, moving to cuddled up against his pillow once more.
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