If You Love Me

Twenty Nine: It’s Crossed My Mind

Shifting her feet slightly, Nora rested back into her seat, her blue eyes not shifting away from the baby who sat in her arms, stirring gently in her sleep. It had been a little while, after she and her mother had arrived at the hospital, they’d waited for a while before they’d moved to find Emilia’s room, but with her sister sleeping contently and her mother having taken Mateo home for a little while, Nora had been left to keep an eye on the baby, something which felt a little odd.

She knew that it would happen eventually, both Mateo and Emilia had spoken frequently about their desire to start a family, but Nora was a little awed by the idea that her sister was a mother, even if she knew that both Emilia and Mateo would be naturals. She couldn’t quite believe that the little girl had finally arrived.

Moving to get a little more comfortable in her seat, she ensured that she’d not disturbed the baby before the sound of a light knock on the door reached her ears, causing her to let out a soft sigh before she gently pushed herself up to her feet. Settling the baby down into the crib which sat beside Emilia’s bed, she made sure that she was still comfortably sleeping before she stepped towards the door, gently pulling it open to Gerard who stood on the other side, a soft smile on his lips. “Gerard” she breathed softly “What are you doing here?” she added as she gently stepped out of the doorway, allowing him to step into the room.

“I was on my way home” Gerard replied “And I figured that I’d drop you off some lunch. You didn’t eat before you left this morning” he noted softly, showing off the bag which he held in his hand.

Nora offered the bag a small glance before she shook her head, a smile appearing at the corner of her mouth. “You didn’t have to do that” she mused softly.

“I know I didn’t” Gerard replied softly “But I did it anyways. Aren’t you lucky to have such a thoughtful boyfriend?” he posed impishly.

Nora rolled her eyes playfully before she stepped towards him, taking the bag of food out of his hand before she placed a soft kiss against his cheek. “Gracias” she mumbled softly.

Gerard shook his head, mumbling about it being nothing, before the sound of the baby’s snuffles reached their ears, causing Nora to step away from him, quickly moving to lift the little girl into her arms as she settled back down into her seat.

Gerard, who stood a little away from her, watched her with the baby for a couple of seconds before he quirked a small smile, something Nora was quick to catch, tilting her head slightly. “You’re grinning at me” she noted “Is there a reason for that?” she poked, gently checking on the baby.

Gerard shrugged. “I was admiring the two of you” he noted gently “You look very comfortable with a baby in your arms, Nora” he added, his blue eyes briefly meeting hers. He knew that it was too early, with them having only been in a relationship for 4 months, he knew that it was far too soon to broach subjects such as marriage and children, but he couldn’t help but notice how comfortable Nora looked with her niece settled in her arms. It was a beautiful sight, Nora looked completely at ease with the infant in her arms, and it made Gerard smile.

Nora offered him a soft look, allowing his words to hang around her for a couple of seconds, before she lightly shook her head. “Gerard…”

“I know what you are going to say” Gerard interrupted softly “And I’m not suggesting that we start thinking about it now. We’ve been together for four months, Nora, and I know that anything like that is still a while off, but…but I want to know if it has crossed your mind. It’s crossed mine” he explained softly as he moved to settle down on the edge of Emilia’s bed, his blue eyes peeking into hers.

Nora tilted her head. “It has?” she posed softly.

Gerard quirked a light smile before he nodded. “I like us, Nora” he mused softly “You and me, we’ve got something good going on between us, and a couple of times I’ve thought a little ahead of ourselves. I’m not suggesting that we start making massive steps forwards right now, I like the little steps we’re making, but I want to make sure that we’re on a similar sort of wavelength. For me, this is a serious relationship, and I want to know that we’re on the same page” he explained softly, his fingers messing shyly with the zip of his jacket.

Nora watched the nimble movements of his fingers for a couple of seconds before she opened her mouth to respond, only to be cut off as the baby let out a soft cry, something which made her shake her head softly. “I think she needs her nappy changed” she mused softly, wrinkling her nose slightly at the smell which had filled the air.

Gerard quirked a small smile before he pushed himself up to his feet, moving to collect a clean nappy from the pile which sat on the cabinet top. “Do you want a hand?” he posed, watching Nora settle the baby down onto her changing mat.

Nora shook her head. “I think I’ve got it” she mused gently.

Gerard offered her a small looked, wordlessly asking if she was certain, before he nodded his head, moving to hand the nappy over to her. Nora gratefully took it out of his hand before she placed it onto the baby, moving to get her dressed once more before she lifted her into her arms, offering the defender a proud grin. Gerard chuckled a little at the sight of it before he stepped towards her, pressing a soft kiss against the top of her head. “I love you” he mumbled softly.

Nora’s cheeks warmed a little. She doubted that she would get used to hearing him say those words to her. Shaking her head softly, she pushed herself up onto her toes before she pressed a soft kiss against his lips. “We’re on the same page” she murmured softly “I mean, you were right, it is still too soon to be thinking about taking big steps forwards, but I think we’re on the same wavelength. I love you, Gerard” she insisted softly, a shy smile pulling at the corner of her mouth.

Gerard marveled at the soft smile for a moment, allowing her words to linger in the air, before he leant into her, sneaking a couple of light kisses before the sound of someone clearing their throat reached his ears, causing him to duck back, his eyes landing on Emilia who sat up against her pillow, a teasing smile on her lips. “The three of you look pretty cute” she teased warmly.

Nora, who’d moved to hand the baby over to her sister, rolled her eyes softly, something which made Emilia giggle. “I was just stating fact, Nora” she quipped playfully, earning another glare from her younger sister.

Gerard watched the two of them interact for a moment before he shook his head. “I should be on my way” he noted gently “Congratulations, Emilia. She’s beautiful” he insisted politely.

Emilia smiled gently. “Gracias” she mused warmly.

Gerard returned her smile briefly before he stepped towards Nora, pressing a light kiss against her cheek. “I’ll see you later?” he posed gently.

Nora nodded. “You will” she confirmed warmly.

Gerard flashed her another soft grin before he ducked out of the room, something which made Nora chew on her lip, trying to stifle her smile.

Emilia, who was watching her sister, scoffed. “You’re really into him, aren’t you?” she quipped, nudging her gently.

“You know the answer to that” Nora replied softly, her cheeks a soft shade of pink.

Emilia nodded her head. “I do” she confirmed gently “But I am still pleased to see you looking so smitten and loved up. It’s adorable” she fussed.

Nora rolled her eyes. “I’m not that bad” she pouted.

Emilia scoffed. “I give it a year before you and him are either married or expecting a baby” she quipped warmly.

Nora rolled her eyes softly, mumbling something about her sister being silly, before she shook her head, something which made Emilia smile warmly, wordlessly fussing over how happy her little sister looked.
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