If You Love Me

Thirty Six: The First Of Many

Allowing a small groan to fall out of her mouth, Nora gripped her pillow, pulling it over her ears to ward off the irritating sound of the alarm which filled the bedroom. It was early, one sleepy look around the room confided it, and she was little irked to be awake, knowing that neither she nor Gerard had anywhere to be for a while.

It had been a little while, after the conversation that they had had about the state of their relationship, a couple of weeks had passed, and with the winter break having arrived, as well as Nora having taken a couple of weeks off of work, she and Gerard had enjoyed spending some together, something which had helped her to relax a little. She knew that he had a point, things between them were still relatively new and it was going to take them some time to get used to the way that their relationship had changed, but she was confident that they’d get there, even if they did hit a few more bumps along the way. She liked what they had between them.

Pulling her pillow a little more over her ears, she squeezed her eyes closed for a moment before the pillow was pulled out of her hand, causing her to toss onto her back, her blue eyes glaring up at Gerard who hovered over her, a small amused smirk on his face. “You know, usually when the alarm makes a noise, that’s a cue to get up” he teased impishly.

Nora, who’d closed her eyes once more, shook her head. “It’s too early” she mumbled softly, pulling the duvet a little tighter around herself.

Gerard watched her for a second before he chuckled softly, moving to tug the duvet out of her hands. “Come on, Nora” he noted softly “It’s Christmas” he added gently.

Nora offered him a small glare before she let out a small sigh, moving sit up slightly. “You know that neither of us have to be anywhere until this afternoon, right?” she posed, checking the time on the clock which sat on the wall.

Gerard nodded his head. “I do know that” he noted softly “But I wanted to spend some time with you before you go to your madre’s and I head over to my parents. I figured that we could get up now, have some breakfast and then open a few presents” he added softly, his fingertip tracing the pattern of the pajama shirt she wore.

It had taken them a while, deciding where they’d spend their first Christmas as a couple had been a harder decision than either of them had been expecting, but in the end they’d opted to spend it apart, not wanting to upset either of their families.

Nora watched the movement of his finger for a moment before she shifted a little closer to him, pressing a soft kiss against his cheek. “Feliz Navidad” she murmured softly.

Gerard smiled at the feel of her lips against his skin before he turned his head, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. Nora grinned into the kiss, brushing her fingers through his dark hair, before Gerard ducked back, softly resting his head against hers. “Feliz Navidad” he returned softly.

Nora ducked into him, sneaking another couple of light kisses, before she pushed herself up to her feet, mumbling something about taking a shower before they made breakfast. Gerard, who’d moved to sit up against his pillow, watched her out of the door for a moment before he quietly shook his head, a small smile playing at the corner of his mouth. He knew that they didn’t have too long, with Nora’s mother keen to make a fuss of her niece’s first Christmas, he knew that it wouldn’t be too long before Nora had to leave, but he wanted to make the most of it. He wanted to mark the first Christmas of what he hoped was many.

“Are you going to stop looking at that phone at some point?”

Nora, who’d been sending a text to Gerard, startled a little at the sound of her mother’s voice before she lifted her head, not missing the smirk which sat on the older woman’s face. It had been a pleasant afternoon, with Sofia around, the house had been a hive of activity, and Nora had to admit that she had enjoyed herself, even if she was a little disappointed by Gerard not being there. She had enjoyed the opportunity to spend some time with her family.

“I’ve not been that bad” she quipped softly, stowing her phone into the pocket of her jeans.

Maria, who’d moved to settle down on the end of the couch, playfully feigned thought for a moment before she shook her head. “You’ve been a little distracted” she noted with a shrug “But I don’t blame you. You and Gerard, you’re still very much in the phase where you’re practically attached at the hip and I don’t mind that you’ve been distracted. It’s a good sign” she enthused warmly.

Nora offered her a dubious look, wordlessly asking if she was sure that she didn’t mind, before the sound of her phone vibrating in her pocket reached her ears, causing her cheeks to tint a soft shade of pink.

Maria admired her blush for a second before she shook her head. “You can answer it” she noted teasingly.

Nora spared her a brief look before she pulled her phone out of her pocket, smiling a little at the text that Gerard had sent to her.

Maria noticed the small smile which had formed on her daughter’s face before she leant towards her, nudging her legs playfully. “You know, I don’t think I’ve seen you this happy in a while” she enthused softly.

Nora, who’d been replying to Gerard’s text, flinched at the sound of her mother’s voice before she lifted her head. “Huh?” she spluttered.

Maria rolled her eyes playfully before she shook her head, a warm smile on her lips. “I was just saying that I don’t think I’ve seen you this happy in a while” she mused softly “I mean, I know you’ve dated a couple of guys in the few years that you’ve known Gerard, but I don’t think you’ve looked as happy as you do now before. Things are going well?” she posed softly.

She didn’t want to stick her nose in, whatever happened between Nora and Gerard was very much between the two of them, but she wanted to make sure that her daughter was happy, even if the smile on her face whenever the defender came up in conversation spoke volumes. She wanted to hear her say it.

Nora quietly mulled her question over for a moment before she quirked a small smile, shyly tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear. “It’s still a little strange” she admitted softly “I mean, sometimes we’re both a little awkward around one another, but things are settling down and they seem to be going pretty well” she enthused shyly.

Maria nodded her head softly. “I’m happy for you” she insisted softly “Gerard…he’s a good guy” she added teasingly.

Nora let out a shy laugh before she shook her head. “You like him?” she posed softly.

Maria quirked a small smile before she nodded. “He’s a nice guy” she enthused softly “And he makes you happy. That’s all I want” she enthused warmly.

Nora offered her mother another shy smile before her phone buzzed in her hand, something which made Maria shake her head. “Is he calling now?” she poked.

“He is” Nora confirmed “But I don’t have to take it. If you’d rather I didn’t…”

“Answer your phone, Nora” Maria interrupted, offering her a light smile.

Nora offered her a soft look, wordlessly asking if she was sure, before she flashed her a small smile, pressing the phone to her ear as she stepped out of the room. Maria watched her out of the room before she shook her head, a warm motherly smile on her face. She knew that it was still early days, Gerard and Nora had only been together for a few months, but she doubted that she was going to see the back of the defender any time soon. Nora was smitten, it was all over her face whenever Gerard’s name came up in conversation, and it pleased Maria to see her daughter so happy, even if she did want her to be careful. She was pleased that things seemed to be working out for her.
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