If You Love Me

Forty Seven: You Could Have Done It Sooner

Sealing up the box which sat in front of him, Gerard gently pushed himself up to his feet, moving to settle the box on the top of the pile which had begun to form beside Nora’s bedroom door. It had been a little while, after he and Nora had agreed that moving in together seemed to be the next logical step in their relationship, they’d opted to take a couple of weeks to get used to the idea, but with them both still keen to do it, they’d made a start on packing up Nora’s apartment, something which relieved Gerard slightly.

He had been worried for a while, after the way that Nora had reacted the first time he’d tried to nudge their relationship forwards, he had been more than a little concerned by how she would react to him suggesting they move in together, but he was pleased that they seemed to be on the same wavelength, even if Nora was slightly more hesitant than him. He was glad that it hadn’t caused them a problem.

Ensuring that the box was safely stacked on top of the others, he moved to collect an empty one before he stepped back towards the bed, perching on the side of it before he pulled another of Nora’s drawers open.

“Remind me. Why did I offer to help you out again?”

Gerard, who’d been neatly folding a shirt of Nora’s, rolled his eyes slightly before he looked up, his eyes settling on Lionel who stood in the doorway, a box settled in his hands. “No one made you help” he countered “If you want to go, you know where the door is” he added, offering him a sarcastic smile.

Lionel, who’d moved to settle the box down in the pile, chuckled before he shook his head. “It’s not so bad” he noted “Besides, it means you owe me one” he added impishly.

Gerard offered him another roll of his eyes before he turned his attention back towards the box which sat ahead of him, placing a few more pieces of Nora’s clothing inside.

Lionel watched him for a moment before he stepped towards the bed, sitting down at the defender’s side. “So” he quipped “You and Nora, eh?” he added, his voice slightly hesitant. He knew that Gerard didn’t like to talk about it too much, since he and Nora had gotten together, Lionel was certain that he could count on two hands the amount of times that the defender had bought up his relationship, and whilst he knew that it wasn’t any of his business, he wanted to check in, wanting to make sure that both of his friends were still content in their relationship.

Gerard lifted an eyebrow, surprised by the question. “What about us?” he posed.

“How is it going?” Lionel posed “I mean, I know that you’re moving in together and that Nora’s pregnant, but things are good, aren’t they?” he added curiously.

Gerard smiled before he nodded his head. “Things are good” he confirmed “I mean, it’s only been a few months, but it seems to be going pretty well. Nora’s growing into things, she’s relaxing slightly, and I think we’re probably onto something pretty great” he enthused warmly. It hadn’t been without its hiccups, his relationship with Nora had taken a little getting used to, but he was pleased with it. Things were good between them, Nora seemed to be relaxing slightly, and he was confident that they’d make it work for a while, even if things were likely to change when the baby arrived. He liked how things were.

Lionel watched him talk, not missing the smile on his face, before he patted his shoulder warmly. “I’m happy for you” he noted “I mean, you could have taken the leap a lot sooner than you did…” he trailed off playfully.

Gerard scoffed, quipping something about Nora not taking the leap either, before the sound of his phone buzzing reached his ears, causing him to pull it out of his pocket.

“Is it important?” Lionel quipped as he moved to seal up the box which sat ahead of Gerard.

Gerard nodded. “It’s Nora” he noted “She was texting me to remind me that we have an appointment with our midwife in an hour” he added with a small smile as he typed his reply.

Lionel admired the grin on the defender’s face before he shook his head, wordlessly hoping that things between Nora and Gerard continued to work as well as they were.

“Things are progressing very nicely, Nora” Lucia mused as she lifted her head away from the file of notes which sat on her desk, offering a small smile towards the blonde woman which sat ahead of her. “You’re gaining weight like we’d expect you to be and your blood pressure is nice and calm. Things are very positive” she enthused.

Nora, who was sat on the examination bed fiddling with her blouse, simply nodded her head quietly, something which made Gerard reach his hand out, gently squeezing hers.

Lucia offered the couple a soft smile before she stepped towards the bed, gently brushing Nora’s blouse away from her bump. “Have you two given any thought as to whether you want to know the sex of the baby or not?” she posed, squeezing a little gel onto Nora’s stomach.

Nora flinched, not entirely ready for the cool sensation against her skin, before she lifted her head, peeking up at Gerard softly. “Do you want to know?” she posed.

Gerard looked down at her. “I don’t mind” he noted “I mean, if you want to wait, then I am Ok with that, and if you want to find out now, that’s Ok too. Just as long as they are healthy, I am happy” he insisted as he lifted his stare, smiling at the sight of the image which had appeared on the screen which stood a little away from him.

Nora paused for a second, briefly thinking his answer over, before she turned to Lucia. “I’d like to know” she mused.

Lucia nodded her head, jotting down a few notes into Nora’s file, before she stepped back towards her, gently running the wand over her stomach once more. Scanning Nora’s bump, she allowed the sound of the baby’s heartbeat to fill the room before she lifted her head, smiling softly at the couple. “You’re having a little girl” she revealed warmly.

Nora, who’d been contently admiring the image on the screen, tilted her head. “A…A girl?” she spluttered, her blue eyes peeking towards Gerard who looked speechless.

Lucia nodded. “You’re expecting a little girl” she enthused “Congratulations” she added before she padded towards the door, saying something about giving the couple a minute alone.

Nora watched the midwife out of the room before she flicked her attention back towards her boyfriend, not missing the awed expression on his face. “You know” she quipped “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you speechless” she teased.

Gerard shook his head. “Nora” he breathed “Nena, it…it’s a girl” he added, looking down at her.

Nora smiled softly, a little amazed by the awe in his voice, before she gently took a hold of his hand, settling it against her bump. “It’s a girl” she repeated.

Gerard nodded gently before he lightly brushed his thumb against her stomach, smiling at the news that they were expecting a little girl.
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