If You Love Me

Fifty Seven: Let’s Not Talk About This Now

Sparing a gentle yawn, Gerard tentatively shifted his weight, trying not to disturb Alba who was rested against his chest, her soft breathing filling the quiet bedroom. It had been a little while, after his conversation with Nora’s mother, the older woman had been quick to leave him and Nora to it, but still her words played on his mind, even if she had insisted that she wasn’t trying to nudge him into anything, it was still a thought that he couldn’t shake.

It wasn’t something he had given too much thought to, until Maria had asked him, it was only a thought which had fleetingly crossed his mind, and he was a little irked that he couldn’t shake it. He didn’t want to broach the topic, with Alba having only just arrived, the last thing he wanted was for Nora to feel as though he attempting to push her into another big step in their relationship, and he irked that Maria had put the idea in his head, even if he was sure that it was something he would have gotten to eventually, he was annoyed that she had bought up it as soon as she had after Alba had entered the world.

Readjusting his body against the mattress, he made sure that he’d not disturbed Alba before he let out a soft sigh, his fingers lightly brushing against the top of the little girl’s head. “I have to talk to your mama eventually, don’t I?” he posed quietly “I mean, I know what I want. I’ve been pretty sure for the last year or so that I can’t see myself with anyone but her, and now you, but I don’t want to bring it up. You see, your mama, she’s got a bad habit of worrying and freaking out, and I don’t want to see her do that, not now that you’re here” he added, gently smoothing out the baby’s dark hair.

Alba opened her eyes briefly, allowing a gentle yawn to fall out of her mouth, before she quietly settled back down, something which made Gerard smile softly before he carefully tilted his head up, kissing the top of her head.

“I thought you came up here to settle her down in her crib?”

Gerard, who’d been preoccupied with fussing over Alba, startled at the sound of Nora’s voice before he lifted his head, looking over towards where she stood in the doorway, a warm grin on her face. “I did” he noted “But she settled down quite happily here and I’ve not had the heart to move her. She looks pretty content, doesn’t she?” he posed as he peeked down at Alba, a warm smile on his face.

Nora admired the warm grin on his lips before she gently stepped towards the bed, settling down at his side. “She does seem pretty happy” she noted “But you’re going to have to settle her eventually. You still look like you could use a few more hours sleep” she added, lightly poking his side.

Gerard rolled his eyes. “I’m fine” he noted.

Nora, who’d moved to lay on her side next to him, quirked an eyebrow. “Are you sure about that?” she posed “You’ve been pretty quiet since my madre left. Is everything alright?” she asked, tracing her fingers along his arm. It had only been small, the difference in his mood since she had found him and her mother talking, but it had been noticeable, something which concerned Nora a little. It wasn’t like him, since Alba had arrived, she doubted that she had seen him stop smiling, and she was a little concerned that his mood seemed to have shifted, even if it wasn’t the biggest change. She didn’t like the idea that there was something on his mind.

Gerard watched the movement of her fingers for a moment before he nodded his head, offering her a small smile. “Why wouldn’t it be?” he asked.

Nora shrugged. “I don’t know” she noted “But you were in a bright and cheerful mood when you left this morning and now you’re being a little quiet and that’s not like you, especially not since this little one arrived” she added, gesturing towards Alba who contently slept on Gerard’s chest.

Gerard spared a small look down towards the little girl before he lifted his head, his blue eyes mirroring Nora’s. “Nora...”

“You can talk to me” Nora interrupted “Whatever it is that is on your mind, you can talk to me about it. You know that, right?” she babbled, her voice soft and encouraging.

Gerard smiled a little at the soft tone of her voice before he nodded. “I know that” he noted “But right now, it isn’t something that I want to talk about. It can wait” he added gently. He was tempted, a small part of him wanted to broach the subject, but he knew that the timing was off. It was still new, Alba had only just arrived, and the last thing he wanted to do was frighten Nora so soon after the little girl had arrived, not wanting to cause a problem in their relationship which seemed settled and content.

Nora frowned at his reply, something which made him shake his head gently before he carefully leant over, pressing a soft kiss against her forehead. “It’s nothing to be worried about” he noted “And when things have settled down a little more, we can talk about it, but right now, I don’t want to cause a problem. Things are so good between us right now, and we’ve just welcomed the most beautiful little girl, and I think we should just be focused on that. Do you think we can just let it drop for now?” he posed, his expression softening. He didn’t blame her for being curious, he was being particularly evasive, but he wanted to encourage her to drop it, not wanting the two of them to end up having a conversation which had the potential to change their relationship so soon after Alba had arrived.

Nora studied the expression on his face, allowing his words to hang around them for a few seconds, before she tentatively nodded her head. “Ok” she agreed softly “I will let it drop for now, but I do want you to talk about it eventually. You should be grinning, like you have been since Alba was born, and whatever is on your mind is clearly playing on it. You have to promise that you’ll talk to me about it” she insisted, her expression firm.

Gerard nodded his head. “I promise you that I will” he insisted.

Nora flashed him a small smile before she leant towards him, carefully lifting Alba up into her arms before she shuffled down the bed, moving to lay the little girl down in her crib. Gerard watched her for a moment before he quietly shook his head, a muted sigh falling out of his mouth. He knew that he couldn’t avoid it, with it playing on his mind, he knew that they had to talk eventually, but he wanted to put it off, even if it was just for a little while.
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