If You Love Me

Seventy Seven: You’re Just Catching On?

“Have I mentioned just how amazing you look?”

Nora, who’d been quietly adjusting the material of her dress, shook her head softly at the sound of Gerard’s voice before she looked up, offering him a soft smile. It wasn’t the first time, since she had stepped into the room, Gerard hadn’t been able to resist fussing over her, but still it made Nora smile, even if he had said it more than once. She was pleased by the idea that she’d left him slightly awed. It had been a while, after they’d said their vows, people had been keen to afford them a little while alone, but Nora knew that it wouldn’t last, even if she was keen to spend more time alone with her new husband, she knew that it was only a matter of time before someone came to get them so that they could have their wedding pictures taken.

“You’ve mentioned it” she quipped “But I could never tire of hearing it. You really think I look alright?” she posed, her fingers lightly straightening out the material of her sleeve.

Gerard, who was sat a little away from her, rolled his eyes slightly before he pushed himself up to his feet, his arms gently setting around her waist. “You look perfect, Nora” he mumbled “So beautiful” he added, scattering light kisses over the back of her neck.

Nora, who’d been quietly scanning her appearance in the mirror which stood ahead of her, closed her eyes at the feel of his lips against her neck before she shook her head, a warm smile on her lips. “You’re my husband” she breathed quietly, breaking the silence which had settled over the two of them.

Gerard smiled against her skin before he tilted his head, meeting her stare via the mirror. “You’re just catching on?” he poked, his voice warm and amused.

Nora shook her head. “The end of the ceremony kind of gave it away” she played along “But I was just saying it out loud. It’s a pretty strange thought” she added, her voice softening slightly. It felt a little strange to her, the idea that she and Gerard were married was one which was going to take a while to settle in, but she was confident that she would get used to it, even if it did feel strange for a while. She had little doubt that she would warm to it.

Gerard noted the soft tone of her voice before he leant down, placing a soft kiss against her shoulder. “It is strange” he mumbled between light kisses “I mean, for a long time, I was sure that we’d never even date, let alone be married with a child, but it’s a wonderful feeling. You’re my wife, nena” he added, his fingers lightly smoothing out of the material of her dress.

Nora watched the movement of his fingers for a moment, allowing his words to hang around them, before she turned around, her arms softly wrapping around his neck. “I love you” she mumbled softly.

Gerard quirked a grin, like he had thought of amusing retort, before he shook his head, moving to press a soft kiss against hers lips. “I love you too” he mumbled between soft kisses. Nora smiled into the kiss, holding onto him for a few moments before the sound of someone clearing their throat reached her, causing her to pull back, her blue eyes peeking over Gerard’s shoulder towards the door. “Mama?” she posed, spotting Maria.

“I really do hate to burst your bubble” Maria noted “But the photographer is ready to get started and then you have to get ready for the reception. A lot of people are waiting to get their shot at fussing over the bride and groom” she fussed, a wide grin on her lips.

Nora cheeks flushed a soft shade of pink, the words ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ sounding slightly odd to her, before she offered her mother a soft smile. “I think we could probably handle that” she enthused “Are you ready to go, Gerard?” she posed, looking up at him.

Gerard nodded. “I’m ready when you are” he quipped.

Nora nodded her head gently before she stepped towards him, gently taking his hand in hers before she led him out of the room, something which caused Maria to shake her head, a little in awe of the idea that her little girl now had a husband.

Sipping on the glass of champagne which sat in his hand, Gerard rested back into his seat, his blue eyes settling on Nora who stood a little away from him, giggling at something that Lionel had said. It had been a long day, between the ceremony and the other traditions which came along with a wedding day, Gerard couldn’t quite remember the last time that he had sat down, and he was keen to make the most of it, even if he was tempted to make his way back over to Nora. Part of him wanted to relax for a little while.

Taking another sip of his drink, he allowed his eyes to wander up and down Nora’s body for a moment before the sound of someone sitting down beside him caught his attention, causing him to look up, his eyes settling on Cesc. “What do you want?” he posed teasingly.

Cesc scoffed playfully. “It’s good to see you too, Gerard” he retorted.

Gerard chuckled. “Did you come over here for a reason?” he posed.

Cesc shrugged. “Nora’s mother sent me over here” he returned “She wanted me to let you know that Emilia has taken Alba upstairs for a little while, just in case you and Nora were planning on making your exit at any time in the near future” he added.

Gerard, who’d turned his stare back towards Nora, shook his head. “I don’t think we’ll be leaving for a while” he returned “Nora looks like she’s having a wonderful time and I am not going to disrupt that. She’s worked hard, perfecting this, and she deserves to let her hair down” he added, a grin pulling at the corner of his mouth.

Cesc admired the grin for a moment before he shook his head, his foot nudging the defender’s shin. “I don’t think you’ve stopped smiling yet” he noted “It’s a good look on you” he teased.

Gerard simply rolled his eyes.

Cesc smiled at the slightly sarcastic gesture before he lifted his hand, patting his shoulder. “You should go over there” he quipped “I am sure your bride would be more than happy to see you” he added before he pushed himself back to his feet, scuttling back towards his girlfriend.

Gerard watched the midfielder across the room briefly before he turned his eyes back towards Nora, smiling a little as he watched her dance with Lionel. Watching her for a second, he briefly contemplated leaving her to it before he pushed himself up to his feet, stepping across the room before he stopped behind her, his hand lightly nudging her shoulder. “Do you think that I could have this dance?” he mused gently.

Nora, who’d been focused on Lionel, startled a little at the feel of his hand before she turned around, offering him an impish smile. “You want to dance with Leo?” she posed cheekily.

Gerard offered her a playful glare before he shook his head. “It’s a tempting offer” he played along “But I was thinking that maybe I could dance with you instead. I’m sure Leo won’t mind” he quipped, offering a look towards the argentine.

Lionel shook his head. “Of course not” he mused politely before he stepped away.

Gerard watched him step away before he offered his hand out towards Nora, offering her a soft smile. “So, what do you say?” he posed.

Nora feigned thought for a moment before she gently placed her hand in his, knotting their fingers together. “I think I would love that” she enthused softly.

Gerard offered her hand a light squeeze before he gently pulled her towards him, allowing him to settle his arm around her waist, holding her close to him as he gently swayed her body to the music. Nora followed his lead, moving in time with his movements before she tucked her head beneath his chin, something which made Gerard lean down, gently pressing a kiss against her head.
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