Seems Like We Lost It All

When Madison's life is ripped apart she struggles to learn how to live again. Just when she thinks she is starting to get back to normal a huge secret is uncovered that makes her question everything her life was before. How do you learn how to be yourself again if you never really knew in the first place?

*Jimmy will be alive and well in this story.
  1. One
    “You can’t live like this any longer, Mads. It’s been four months.”
  2. Two
    “I’m such a mess, sorry.”
  3. Three
    "I'm not ready to move on just yet. But I'm ready to start trying."
  4. Four
    “I feel like I'm suffocating, I need to get out of here right now."
  5. Five
    “Liar, I’ve seen you dance before. Not well, I’ll admit, but still.”
  6. Six
    "Brian the hero..."
  7. Seven
    “You’re such a bad influence, Haner.”
  8. Eight
    "What's the emergency?"
  9. Nine
    “It’s funny how much you miss when you’re trying to push all your friends away, isn’t it?”
  10. Ten
    “Maybe I shouldn’t even go.”
  11. Eleven
  12. Twelve
  13. Thirteen
  14. Fourteen