End This War

Mr Sunshine

I pull my jacket closer to my body, with my arms crossed over my chest. I take in a deep breathe of fresh air, filling my lungs. My heels clicking loudly on the concrete beneath them. I take a left, smiling as I see my apartment coming into view.

Vampire scent fills my nose, I look to my right head of me. I pale, tall man walks with a bit of a stumble, while holding his side. I close my eyes, the metallic smell of vampire blood hitting me. I try to ignore him, but the approaching police car enters my line of sight.

I nibble on my bottom lip, knowing they will pull over and check him. Since the purge, the police have been patrolling every night, checking the streets for suspicious people; determining all lycans and vampires have been culled.

The police vehicle begins to slow down and I curse under my breath, knowing I can’t let him get caught, even thought, I know he wouldn’t do the same for me. Taking a deep breath, I plaster a large and fake smile across my lips.

“Baby! There you are silly. I thought I lost you!” I call out, faking excitement to see him.

My performance is met with confusion on his face. I run over to him and place a kiss on his cheek and whisper, “Play along. They are on to you.”

He flinches but must understands what I am getting at, as he doesn’t try to hurt me. Wrapping my arm into his, I begin walking, pulling him along with me. I causally look over my shoulder, seeing the police speeding up and moving along.

“Get off me,” he snarls, venom lacing his words.

Shaking my head, causing my hair to flow around my face, I tease, “You have two opinions here Mr Sunshine. You can come with me or-“

“Or what?” he snaps.

Rolling my eyes, with a laugh, I continue, “Geez, are you a bucket full of happiness. You have approximately 10 mins until the sun comes up. You’re suffering a large wound and you are too weak to even walk.”

Looking up at him, I propose, “Don’t let your pride get in the way. You’re drawing human attention to yourself. They are on high alert. You can come back to mine, rest, have a drink of blood and leave when you are able.”

“You think I am stupid, lycan?” He snaps, putting more weight on me as his body is weakening.

“Firstly, the name is Ellie. Secondly, if I was to kill you.. wouldn’t I have just let the humans get ya?” I exclaim as we approach my apartment.

I unlock the door and walk through, I look behind me to see him standing before the doorway. He is looking over his shoulder, the police car still in view. I notice him start to sway as he blinks a few times.

“Fuck,” I mumble under my breath as I quickly pull him inside.

I close the door with my foot as he collapses on the ground, I grab him before he hits the floor. I carry his body to my couch and set him down, placing a pillow under his head. I lift his shirt up to see a large wound under his left ribcage.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” I mumble, licking my lips.

It is now I take in his appearance, for a vampire, I will not deny he is very attractive. I get up off the couch, making sure to lock the door and ensure all the curtains are closed. I grab my first add kit from the kitchen and begin attending to his wound.

Once I have cleaned the wound up and sutured it back together, I pull his shirt back down. I grab a blanket from the spare room and cover him. I stretch in the kitchen, before opening up the fridge. Pulling out all the human food, I remove the fake backing, to access all my packs of human blood.

I grab a glass tumblr from the cupboard and fill it up. I make my way back to the lounge, placing the glass tumblr of blood next to the vampire, on the coffee table. I settle down on the other couch, making sure to watch him, knowing he could easily turn on when he wakes.

I turn the TV and flick through the channels, before decide on a channel with a decent movie. I lean back into my couch, bring my knees up on the couch. After a while, I begin to feel sleepy, my eyelids becoming heavy. I start to give into my body, knowing I’m overdue for sleep after my night shift.
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A new romance, for my current obsession x