End This War

Thank You

The vampire jolts up, causing me to instantly wake up. My eyes dart to him, only to find is already watching me intensely, his eyes turning a pale blue and he hisses at me, showing off his fangs. My heart rate increases, however I choose to play it cool.

Tilting my head to the side, I question, “Feeling better?”

“What do you want, lycan?” he demands, his eyes narrowing on me. If looks could, I would be five feet under.

“Wow, you don’t have manners, do you?” I snap at him before continuing, “Like I said before vampire, the name is Ellie. Also, you should be thankful. I saved your ass. I got you away from the humans, let you rest and gain your strength back. Not to mention, fixing your massive battle wound.”

Raising an eyebrow, he snarls, “I never asked for your help.”

Rolling my eyes, I exclaim, “Well, I see thank you, is not in your vocabulary so, I give up.”

Running a hand through my hair, I advise him, motioning to the large tumblr, “Drink the blood, you need to get your full strength back.”

“A glass?” he mocks, rising an eyebrow.

Shrugging my shoulders, I exclaim casually, “I gotta keep it classy.”

He mumbles a comment under his breathe, I know it isn’t nice, so I opted to ignore it. He skulls the blood down within seconds. Wiping his mouth, he questions, “How long was I out?”

Looking up at the clock, I calculate and answer, “Five hours. You were pretty weak, your body need the time to recover.”

Before he can reply, I ask him curiously, “What’s your name?”

The vampire stands to his feet, lifting up his shirt and assessing my handy work, from early. I cannot pull my eyes away from his well defined muscular stomach. I have to mentally remember myself not to stare.

“David,” he informs, this time there was no snarl in his remark.

I stand up and walk pass him, I sense his body become rigid as I walk by. I smile and look up at him as I pass him, his scent filling my nose. I cannot lie, I enjoy his smell. I peep open the curtains to peak at the weather.

“Well David, it is your lucky day, There is no sunshine to be seen. Good old England! It’s crappy winter weather,” I remark, looking over my shoulder at him.

I turn on my heel and stand before him. I look him directly in the eye as I lift his shirt up, to which he immediately grabs my hand. I wince at his tight grip and explain, “I need to check your wound.”

He doesn’t move for a few seconds before releasing his grip. I lift the shirt up further, exposing his abdomen. I inspect it once more, happy with my work. Looking up at him with a smile, I exclaim happily, “You’ll live. It should heal well.”

He looks down on me, his eyes searching my face. No words are exchange as he takes his leave. I watch as he makes his way to my front door. Due to the open planning, I can watch him from the lounge.

He unlocks the door and opens it, before stepping out the door, he turns to me. He nods his head, I swear I saw a small smile on his lips, however if I blinked, I would’ve missed it. With that, he walks out my door into the dark grey raining day, and closes it behind him.

I stand in my lounge, just staring at the door. I take a deep breathe, knowing how much of a risk I had just taken. David could have easily killed me, or I could have gotten caught by humans. I stretch my arms over my head and look at the clock.

“Well, bed time for me!” I sing out to myself, the exhaustion washing over my body.

I throw the blanket over my shoulder, wash out the glass and removing any evidence of blood. I ensure the bag in which the blood came in, is correctly disposed off, before dragging myself to my cozy bed. Within minutes, a deep sleep takes over me.