End This War


I open the door, holding onto my keys between my teeth, and my arms filled with shopping bags, containing human food. I shop once a week, making sure to keep up my “human” appearance to the world.

I hum to the song playing on my phone, filling my ears with my favourite jam. I shut the door with my foot, and slip off my shoes. I make my way towards the kitchen, the ear phones containing to blast loudly as the next song starts.

I scream and drop my bags, as I see David sitting in my living room. He has a large tumblr glass in his hand, filled of blood. Pulling out my head phones, my eyes narrow on him.

“David, you almost gave me a heart attack,” I exclaim, my heart still throbbing violently against my ribcage.

A smirk forms on his lips, obviously finding my reaction entertaining. Raising an eyebrow, I interrogate, “Did you help, actually yourself to my blood stash?”

Shrugging his shoulders, he takes a sip out of the glass and states causally, “Just keeping it classy.”

I laugh, as he refers to the comment I made weeks ago, when we first met. Running a hand through my hair, I take a deep breathe before picking up my food and putting it away. David continues to stay seated on the couch, watching me.

“How’s the wound?” I inquire, whilst putting the milk in the fridge.

“It’s healed,” he simply replies.

Rolling my eyes, I decide to stop beating around the bush and quiz him, “Why are you here, David?”

Staring at the wall in front of him, he explains, “You fascinate me.”

Tilting my head to the side, I lean against the wall with my arms crossed over my chest. I nibble down on my bottom lip, just watching him. I cannot take my eyes off him.

“Why? Because I didn’t kill you?” I ask him.

This time, he turns to look at me while answering, “Yeah.”

It’s my turn to look away, I stare at the ground while pondering my response. Exhaling through my nose, I answer honestly, “I normally wouldn’t intervene, but something about you was different.”

Suddenly I am pinned to the wall, David standing in front of me. He has his hands placed on either side of my head. He towers over me, looking down on me with his light pale blue eyes. I do nothing, other than looking up at him. I am unable to move away, yet, I don’t want to.

“For centuries, there has been a war between lycans and vampires. They know, no other feelings than hatred for each other,” he exclaims, his husky voice pleasures my ears.

My eyes dart from his, to his lips briefly, before making eye contact once more, as I manage to string a sentence together, “Yes, and look where that has got both our species. Lycan’s living under ground, fearing from their lives and vampires hiding in their covens, their numbers dwindling. We are all being hunted by humans.”

“To me, they are the enemy,” I whisper softly, my voice cracking.

His eyes softly a little, as he questions, “You lost someone during the purge?”

Nodding my head, I whisper, “My mother. She was all I had.”

I look away from him, to which he responses to grabbing my chin softly and making him look back at him. He studies my face as I stare at him, no words are exchanged. I lick my lips, feeling an overwhelming desire to kiss him, I have never felt this attraction to someone before.

Unfortunately, I curse mentally as a loud knock comes from my door, followed by Mrs Newman calling out, “Ellie dear, are you okay? I heard you scream.”

I look towards the door and then back at David. He strokes my cheek delicately, then steps back from me before walking towards the back door.

“Coming, Mrs Newman,” I call back, not removing my eyes from David’s figure. He takes his leave, quietly without looking back to me. I take a deep breathe and pull myself together.

I quickly make my way towards the door, I open the door and smile at Mrs Newman. “Hello Mrs Newman,” I greet her happily.

“Oh deary, I wanted to come make sure you are okay,” she exclaims, smiling warmly at me. Her face covered in wrinkles and her grey hair in a messy bun.

Stepping back, I open the door wider and invite her in, “Please come in. Do you want a hot cuppa?”

Holding her hands up, she declines politely, “Oh, thank you very much deary, but I can’t this evening.”

“Next time! Thank you for checking on me,” I exclaim honestly, with a smile. “I thought I saw a spider,” lie though my teeth, playing dumb.

Scrunching up her nose in disgust, Mrs Newman comments, “I can’t stand those creatures!” Shaking her head, she exclaims, “Well, goodnight, Ellie.”

“Goodnight, Mrs Newman,” I reply happily, before she walks back to her apartment next door.

I close the door and lean against it, replaying the earlier events with David in my mind. I run a hand through my hair and tell myself, I am imaging him ever possibly, having feelings for me. I roll my eyes, knowing to him, I am nothing more than a lycan, his natural enemy.