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I'm Yours


Waking up the following morning, Reagan glanced over at Jackson's sleeping form and smiled. It had been a while, since she had spent the night with him and she hadn't realized how much she had missed having his warmth at her side. Sitting up, she felt Jackson shift behind her and glanced back to find him watching her.

"Good morning," Reagan mumbled, standing up and stretching as she padded barefoot across the room to grab a clean change of clothes.

"It most certainly is," Jackson replied, walking over to where she stood and wrapping his arms around her from behind.

Looking at their reflection in the mirror, Reagan couldn't help the negative thoughts that filled her head and tried to distract herself by focusing on Jackson's presence. She wished that she could look in the mirror and like what she saw, but it seemed that her brain wasn't wired like that.

"I better get some work done," Reagan said, sending a small smile in Jackson's direction and pulling out of his embrace, "I have an inbox full of emails to go through."

Sitting at the table an hour later with her work diary open in front of her, Reagan worked her way through her emails and wrote in her appointments for the month.

"How's it going?" Jackson asked, placing a fresh cup of coffee down beside her and taking a seat, "Need any help?"

"Nah, I'm nearly done and this month is looking pretty good for me," Reagan told him, showing him the diary, "I already have a few weddings booked in for next month and a family session this weekend, which I can use to expand my business portfolio."

"Sounds like you're on the rise, babe."

Hearing someone knock, Jackson went to answer it and returned with Sierra in tow.

"What's up?" Jackson inquired as he sat back down next to Reagan.

"I heard that you are going to the awards ceremony tonight and was curious as to whether you had someone to take," Sierra replied, sitting opposite them, "I'd be more than happy to accompany you if you needed a date."

"It's nice of you to offer and all, but I already have a date," Jackson stated, wrapping his arm around Reagan's shoulders, "Rea's coming with me."

"Oh right, well... I hope you both have a great night."

Watching as Sierra left, Reagan wrote the last few appointments down and shut her laptop. Leaving the hotel with CJ a little while later, she jumped in the passenger seat of his car and buckled her seatbelt as he pulled away.

Parking up outside an expensive looking dress shop, Reagan climbed out and took a deep breath as she followed CJ inside. Scanning the rails of dresses that surrounded her, Reagan glanced over to where CJ was speaking to one of the workers and went to join him.

"You look terrified, which tells me that this is your first time doing this and I am here to tell you that you will be absolutely fine," the redhead commented with a warm smile, stepping out from behind the counter and leading her over to a rail that held a variety of blue dresses, "I'm Chelsea."


"Normally I'd recommend wearing black to these sorts of events, but I think blue or pick would look perfect on you. Do you have a preference on length?"

"I'm happy as long as it's not too short."

Nodding, Chelsea picked out a few dresses for her to try on and took her over to the changing rooms. Trying on the dress that she liked most out of the varied selection, Reagan stepped out to look in the full-length mirror and smiled sadly at her reflection.

"Wow, Reagan..." Chelsea said as Reagan turned around to face her, "That color looks beautiful on you, how do you feel about it?"

"It's comfy and I really like the color," Reagan replied, trying to ignore the voice telling her that she looked awful, "I think I'm just going to go with this one."

"That's a great decision," Chelsea added, heading off to find Reagan some shoes while she got changed and wishing Reagan luck as she followed CJ out of the store with her purchases.

Sitting in the car on the way back to the hotel, Reagan felt the stirring of anxiety in her stomach and began to wonder whether she could truly handle stepping out into the spotlight. What if she fell? What if Jackson's fans didn't like her? What if she disappointed him?
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