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I'm Yours


Sitting on a chair in the middle of the room, Reagan waited patiently for her friend, Naomi to finish her hair and scrolled through her Facebook news feed. Commenting on one of her brother's pictures, she checked the time and felt her stomach turn when she realized that she only had forty-five minutes before they had to leave.

"Right, go get dressed and I'll finish your hair after," Naomi told her, taking Reagan's phone as she stood up and pushing her towards the bathroom.

Slipping into her dress, Reagan checked it out in the mirror and took a deep breath. Heading back into the other room, she grabbed her shoes and froze when she realized that Naomi was staring at her.

"Don't you like it?" Reagan asked, feeling panic begin to creep into her chest, "Does it not suit me?"

"No... I mean it looks perfect on you," Naomi stammered, "You look amazing, Rea."

"Do you think Jackson will like it?"

"He's going to be blown away, especially once I finish your hair and fix you up with a little bit of make-up," Naomi told her with a grin, "Now, sit down so that I can finish making you look pretty."

It took Naomi ten minutes to add some finishing touches, motioning for Reagan to check herself out in the mirror and smiling as she did. Hearing someone knock on the door, Reagan felt a wave of panic wash over her and watched as Jackson walked in with CJ.

“Rea, we have five minutes then we have to... wow,” Jackson said, freezing as he spotted her and smiling, “You look amazing, babe.”

“You look beautiful, Rea,” CJ added, slapping Jackson on the back with a chuckle, “Okay, there are going to be a lot of people at this award show and I need you to be completely sure that you want to do this.”

“I’m sure.”

Hugging Naomi, Reagan took a deep breath and followed Jackson down to the car. Sitting next to him in the back, she stared out the window and looked over as he covered her hand with his own.

There was already a load of paparazzi waiting as CJ pulled up to the event location, their camera’s poised ready and waiting to capture their money shot. Swallowing nervously as CJ opened the door for them, Reagan followed Jackson from the car and linked her arm through his with a smile.

Camera’s flashed as they made their way along the red carpet, pausing momentarily every few steps and stopping at the end to talk to a reporter.

“How do feel about the season so far?” the reporter inquired, once he had shaken Jackson’s hand and exchanged the usual pleasantries.

“I’m feeling good, we’ve dominated our last few games and I’m confident that we’re only going to get better as the season progresses.”

“The team has suffered a huge blow with Ricky getting injured, do you think his replacement will be able to handle the pressure?”

“I have complete faith in the man stepping in for him.”

“There’s been a lot of speculation lately regarding your relationship status, but I see you didn’t come alone tonight,” the reporter stated, motioning to Reagan and returning his attention to Jackson, “Are you still available or do I hear the sound of thousands of breaking hearts?”

“Any true fan will be happy to hear that I’m taken,” Jackson answered with a smile.

“Thank you for your time and good luck for the rest of the season.”

Nodding in thanks, Jackson removed his arm from where it had been wrapped around Reagan’s waist and entwined their fingers as they headed inside. It was nearly two hours, before the nominees for Jackson’s category were announced and Reagan cheered along with CJ as Jackson’s name was called out as the winner. Shaking CJ’s hand with a grin, Jackson kissed Reagan’s cheek and made his way up onto the stage.

“Wow, erm... I’m going keep this short and sweet,” Jackson said as he stood at the podium, “ I stand at this podium receiving an award for basketball because I wanted to do something different, my brothers chose baseball, my sister has always been one with the water and I found my home on a basketball court with some of the best friends I will ever have... life most definitely does work in mysterious ways. There are so many people that I need to thank though for where I am right now, my family, my team, my agent and most of all my girlfriend.”

Saluting, Jackson left the stage as everyone applauded and returned to the table.
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