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Game Time

Jackson’s parents had already arrived by the time they returned to his house, so Reagan put her stuff in the living room and went to say hello. Smiling as his mom, Kelly, hugged her, before pulling away a few moments later and leaning against the counter.

“How was the awards event?” Kelly asked, once Jackson’s stepdad, Glenn joined them and greeted Reagan with a hug as well.

“It was great,” Jackson replied with a smile, “The paps did their usual with the stories they published, but overall it turned out to be a great night...”

“Well, you just have to ignore the hate and focus on the good,” Glenn added, earning nods of agreement from everyone and continuing, “You’ve got a big game tomorrow night, how’re you feeling?”

“I’ve got my usual pre-game jitters, but we’ve got a strong team at the moment and that gives us an advantage.”

After an hour of game talk, Reagan took her camera into the room that Jackson had set up for her printing and started working on her latest client's order. She had just printed off the final picture, when he wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed her cheek.

“These look amazing, baby.”

“Thanks,” Reagan mumbled with a smile, watching as Jackson carefully picked up one of the photos and examined it closely, “That’s for the couples pregnancy announcement.”

“That’s a really cool way of doing it, I was thinking about taking my mom and Glenn out for dinner?”

“Good idea.”

Sealing the envelope that now held the couple's photos, Reagan added their address and put them to one side. They soon headed out the door and climbed into Jackson’s SUV, driving over to one of his mom’s favorite restaurants.

Jackson took her hand as they walked inside, entwining their fingers and giving it a quick squeeze. He didn’t always know exactly how she felt, but he had always been good at knowing when she was nervous and needed a reminder that he was right there with her.

“Mr. Miller,” the host at the front of house said as they entered, shaking Jackson’s hand and motioning for them to follow him.

They were halfway through dinner, when Reagan spotted a little boy watching Jackson and nudged his shoulder to get his attention. Pointing towards the boy with her head, she watched as Jackson smiled and waved the boy over.

Signing the boys autograph book, Jackson offered him a high five and had a short conversation with him about basketball. Watching him interact, Reagan couldn’t help smiling and felt herself fall just a little bit more.

The rest of the night passed with no more interruptions and they headed home early, so that Jackson could get a decent night sleep. Game days were always tense, but Reagan just stayed out of the way as much as possible and gave Jackson the space he needed.

Driving over to the stadium with his parents later that day, Reagan was excited to see Jackson play and took a seat. The atmosphere before the game was always buzzing, you could practically feel the excitement and nerves mingling in the air.

“How do you think our boys going to do tonight?” Kelly inquired as they waited.

“He’ll bring his A-game,” Reagan replied confidently, “I know that he was a bit worried about Ricky being out, but the team adapts well and they’ll just push harder.”

Cheering as Jackson led the team out onto the court to warm up, Reagan spotted Ricky approaching them and hugged him in greeting. The game soon began and Jackson took the first shot, earning the team a three-point lead within minutes.

By the third quarter, the Jackals had a decent lead and had been making some great moves, until Jackson was slammed to the ground. ‘That was a flagrant foul if I ever saw one’ the commentator was saying, but all Reagan could do was wait on bated breath and hope that Jackson was okay.
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Flagrant Foul- A foul with excessive or unnecessary contact.