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Against All Odds.

Rin Yaling

Rin Yaling was not your average Fire Nation child.

When she started showing signs of being a fire bender, she was terrified. Despite all of the lessons she was taught, where a bender could not be harmed by their own abilities, she was still afraid to wield them.

The moment she began showing signs of being the legendary Avatar, the people in her village refused to believe that someone so weak would be the one to save the world.

Their lack of faith did not help her self confidence, resulting in her locking herself away in her chambers with Miho, her phoenix, determined never to see the villagers disappointed faces again.

In her time of weakness, the past Avatar's paid her a visit, each telling her stories of their own hardships in their time, but it was Korra who convinced her to train and rejoin the world, by showing her the future.

Someone wicked was coming in one year's time, and with help from the American team known as the Avengers, Rin could save the world.