Status: Work-In-Progress


It's... an Envelope

I paced my bedroom, staring at the pictures on my camera and called Lea. “Okay, you’re going to think I’m crazy, but hear me out.” I blurted out before she had the chance to speak.

“Oh, I love your crazy theories. Hit me.”

“I’m pretty sure my neighbor across the street is Spider-Man.” I held my breath as I waited for her response.

“Uh… that Peter guy?” I could hear the concentration in her voice which meant she was either repainting the black onto her fingernails or plucking her eyebrows. Both occurred at least once a week.

“Yeah, Peter.” Lea sighed. “No, listen to me. He disappeared at Liz’s party and right after, Spider-Man is on her roof! And their voices sound so similar. Plus, Peter has this gem thing that’s the same color of that giant purple explosion I sent you a picture of. You can’t tell me that this is all coincidence!”

“Callie, you’re being ridiculous. You can’t seriously think that you go to high school with a superhero—ouch!” It was eyebrow day.

“Okay, but is it really that far off?”

“Yes. Very far off.” I rolled my eyes at my best friend’s pessimism.

“Oh come on. Just last week you thought it was possible for me to meet Thor.”

“Not literally! Nobody’s seen him on Earth in years.”

“On Earth?”

“I have my resources Calliope.” I shuttered at the sound of my full name. My mother was obsessed with Greek Mythology and literally named me after a muse for epic poetry. My dad was on an emergency call and didn’t really have a say. “His adopted brother is up to no good again.”


“Callie!” My dad knocked on my door. “It’s 9:30. Time to get off the phone, sweetie.”

“Ugh. I gotta go. Dad’s cracking down.”

“Okay girl, bye.” I hung up the phone and walked over to my bedroom window and to crack it open after setting my camera down on the foot of the bed. Oddly enough, the sounds of the city helped soothe me to sleep.

“Oh. My. God.” I threw my window open and leaned out to get a better look. Spider-Man! Spider-Man was climbing up the side of Peter’s building! I whipped my head around and scanned my room for my camera. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.” I snatched my camera from the foot of my bed and turned it on. “Come on, come on.” Why was it taking so long to load!? “Finally.” I rushed back over to my window and held my camera to my eye, scanning the building for him. Where did you go, Spidey? “Gotcha.” I snapped the picture as he opened the window to Peter’s bedroom. “Jackpot.” Spider-Man shut the blinds to the room. “Oh, come on!” I yelled in frustration.

“Calliope, if you’re not in bed—“

“Sorry, dad!” I set the camera down on my desk, shut my bedroom lights off, and crawled under the covers. I tossed and turned for about ten minutes before facing my window. He had to come out at some point tonight. If he wasn’t Peter, then he couldn’t stay in there forever…

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Crap. I must have fallen asleep. I was really hoping to catch Spidey leaving Peter’s apartment. I groaned and quickly went through my usual morning routine to get ready for school. After showering, I hooked my camera up to the printer my dad got me for my birthday and printed out the pictures of Spider-Man I took last night. Let’s see Peter deny these.

I clutched the envelope of photos in my hand as I searched the halls for Peter after the last class of the day. I finally saw him walking down the hall with Ned, hovering over some book. “Peter, hey!” I called out to him and walked up to him. “I need to talk to you.”

“Oh, we’re talking about—“

“It can wait.” I grabbed the hook on Peter’s backpack and drug him into an empty classroom. “Care to explain?” I threw the envelope down on the desk that was now between us.

“It’s… an envelope. Usually used to send letters to friends or loved ones—“

“Not the envelope, what’s in the envelope, smartass.” I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms as Peter looked at the pictures. His face went pale.

“Look, it’s not what it looks like.” He put the pictures back and handed the envelope back to me. “Mr. Stark had him stop by and bring me some paperwork to fill out from the office because he’s out of town. He asked Spider-Man to stop by his office and bring them to me.” I raised my eyebrow at him. He was either telling the truth, or really good at coming up with lies on the spot.

“Oh, really?” I leaned forward as he leaned away from me. “Because it looks to me like you’re going around playing dress up and saving people’s bikes.”


“Nothing. Forget it.” I grabbed my pictures and headed towards the classroom door. “See you later, Peter… if that is your real name!” I ducked out of the classroom and leaned against the wall, clutching the pictures close to my chest. I was so close to cracking this. I could feel it.