Status: A drabble for an amazing contest

Where the Broken Heart Went


“Months have passed since I broke the heart of the one I loved most. He didn’t deserve it and it took me eight months without him to be the man I knew he deserved. Taking cocaine from one of the guys I work with was the worst thing I ever did. It took one time a year ago and it ruined my life as well as his. You don’t bring drugs into a relationship especially when your boyfriend is a cop. He tried to help, he really did with rehab and meetings but it wasn’t enough.

I’m clean now, completely clean and I just want him back to fix what I destroyed. I know it is a long shot. He is probably with someone else, got his career back, and everything is fine which I kind of hope for. I really don’t want to see the same broken person that left me eight months ago. I just want him back.” I finished the words written on the piece of paper I had written almost two years ago to my psychiatrist. You never know where broken hearts really go but if you break them hard enough, they will destroy the person the heart belongs to and no one will ever be able to mend what you fixed because it's gone. Forever.
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