Finding Home

Willow Sweetie

I pick up the phone seeing that I have several missed calls from Willow popping up on my screen. Only fifteen minutes had passed since the last voicemail I received. I pick up my phone and listen to her sweet voice changing through every voicemail that she’s left.

“Hey, it’s me. I just wanted to give you a call back. It’s been a weird last couple days.” She takes in a deep shaky voice. I can tell she’s scared and that she’s tired. She doesn’t sound like her usual self. “Bam said you tried to get a hold of me a couple days ago. That you had been calling him.” She’s trying her best to remain calm. “But, I think it’s best I got your voicemail again.” She pauses for a brief second. “Look, I’m not angry. I understand why I needed to come home. I think you did too. I’m sorry Ville. I’m really sorry.”

“Ville,” Her soft voice speaks through the next voicemail. “Please answer me. I really need you. Please.” I can hear her trying to catch her breath through tears. “I’m sorry Ville. I won’t call anymore. I promise.”

My heart begins to thud loudly against my chest. Her voice sounded terribly sad. She sounded on the verge of tears. What has she done? The panic pulsates through my body like nothing I’ve felt before.

I dial Bam’s number in quiet a hurry begging the gods for him to answer his phone. Willow didn’t leave messages like this and not just one but two dreary sounding messages left for someone that she depended on being there for her.

“Asshole.” Bam’s voice races in my ears. “It’s three in the morning.”

“Bam.” I clear my throat attempting to regain full composer. “Bambi. Is Willow alright?”

“What?” His groggy voice asks. “Yeah. I mean…I, we had some drinks tonight she went somewhere with Johnny earlier this evening and, I think she’s sleeping.”

“Just go check on her.” I press. “Please.” I begin pacing around my living room waiting for Bam to get up.


I hear him knocking on the door and inside I’m hoping all that had happened was a drunken phone call but Willow didn’t sound drunk. She sounded horribly torn up inside.


I hear him jiggle the handle to the door but no responses from Willow are heard.

“The doors locked.” There is panic on his end of the line as he kicks at the door. “Willow!?”

I can hardly hear him break through. Please be sleeping. Please just be sleeping.

“Holy shit!” He yells. His phone makes a crackling noise his phone dropped from his hands. “Willow what the fuck!” He cries. “Hey. Come on. Wake up!”

I hear the others start to shout from the other end.

“Someone call an ambulance!” Bam screams to the others. “Now! Holy shit, Willow, Can you hear me?!”

My stomach twists and turns. Willow. My sweet girl what did you do?

“Somebody grab some towels. She’s bleeding everywhere!” April’s voice is heard.

The phone line is dead and I am left waiting for answers.
♠ ♠ ♠
Sorry that took a long time. This is a filler but it was needed in order to turn the story where I wanted it to go. thoughts?