Where We Are

For a long time, Maia’s job always came first.

It was what she loved, travelling the world had been a dream of hers since she was young, and even when Iker came into her life, her job was still her number one priority, something which ultimately caused the breakup of their relationship.

Iker wanted to move forwards, he wanted to start thinking about their future together, but every time he brought it up, Maia responded by telling him of another trip that she was taking, something which caused him to call it quits. He was tired of it, being put second, and he knew that he had to end things, even if it stung. He knew that it was the best thing for both of them

But when Maia returns from her trip with a surprise in store for Iker, the two of them are pushed back towards one another again. Can they make things work second time around or are things between them damaged beyond repair?

A/N: Obviously, I don’t own Iker Casillas or anything or anyone you may recognize, but the plot and the OCs are mine.