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34: That’s All Me

Sealing up the latest box which sat ahead of him, Iker let out a small sigh, his dark eyes scanning the room around him which seemed to be filled with cardboard boxes. He knew that it was going to be a long process, with Maia comfortable in her apartment, they had agreed to live there rather than in his house, and whilst he knew that it was going to take some time to get things sorted, he was looking forwards to the moment that they finally moved in together.

It’d been in the offing for a while, before they’d broken up, he had been toying with the idea of proposing that they move in together, and he was pleased that they’d finally gotten to it, even if it had taken them a while. He was excited by the prospect of taking another small step in the right direction.

Pushing a hand back through his hair, he pulled himself up to his feet before he moved to lift the box, settling it down beside a few others which he had left beside the door.

“Are you sure that you don’t want me to call my papa?”

Iker, who’d moved to shuffle a few more boxes around, quirked a small smile at the sound of Maia’s voice before he looked up, shaking his head as his eyes settled on where she stood in the doorway, Ella settled happily in her arms. “I am pretty sure that I can handle it” he noted “I mean, I’m packing boxes. It’s not exactly rocket science” he added as he took a step towards her, pressing a soft kiss against Ella’s head.

Maia watched him with the little girl for a second, a small smile pulling at the corner of her mouth, before she shook her head. “I know that” she noted softly “But I figured you could use a hand. You’ve got a lot of stuff and it might be packed faster if you had another pair of hands. Besides, I am sure that my papa wouldn’t mind. He’s always been pretty keen on you” she added, peeking up at him softly.


“I know that you’re still awkward around him” Maia interrupted, cutting off the excuse she knew was coming “I mean, you always have been, but it couldn’t hurt to ask. Between the two of you, you’d get things done a lot faster” she added with a small smile. She knew that Iker didn’t like it, ever since he had met her father, he had been awkward around the other man, but still Maia wanted to put the idea forwards, even if it was likely to be a little tense between the two of them. She simply wanted to help to move things along.

Iker blinked a couple of times, surprised by her interruption, before he offered her a soft look, something which made Maia smile softly as she reached her hand up, lightly pushing her fingers through his dark hair. “It won’t be so bad” she noted “I mean, I know my papa’s a little...difficult to get to know, but I am sure that you’ll be fine. He likes you, Iker” she insisted gently.

Iker stared down at her for a moment, mulling her words over, before he let out a soft sigh, something which caused Maia to push herself up onto her toes, pressing a soft kiss against his lips. “I’ll give him a call” she mused as she took a pace back, moving to step out of the room.

Iker watched her out of the room before he shook his head, a small frown playing at the corner of his mouth. He knew that she had a point, with Hector around, getting things packed and moved into Maia’s apartment was likely to happen quicker, but still it worried him. He knew that the older man liked him, it was something that Hector had told him more than once, but still the idea of spending time alone with him unsettled him, even if it did help things moved faster. He didn’t like the idea of spending an awkward afternoon with Maia’s father.

“So, how many more rooms do you still have left to pack?”

Iker, who was sealing up another box, startled at the sound of Hector’s voice before he lifted his head, offering the older man a polite smile. It had been quiet afternoon, with Maia having ducked out to catch up with Alex, Iker had been left alone with Hector, and whilst a few awkward silences had passed between the two of them, it had gone better than the keeper had been anticipating, something which pleased him.

He knew that there was no getting away from it, with him being Ella’s father, he and Hector were always going to have some kind of relationship, he was pleased that it was civil, even if it wasn’t quite friendly. He was glad that they could be in the same room without it being too uncomfortable.

“I still have a couple to do” Iker replied “But it’s going pretty well. I’m sure that in a few more days, I’ll be able to start moving boxes into Maia’s place” he added, his expression slightly sheepish.

Hector, who was removing things from Iker’s dresser, nodded. “Did you consider moving in here?” he posed, folding a shirt into the box which sat beside his feet.

“I suggested it” Iker mused “But Maia is pretty comfortable where she is and you know how hard it can be to change her mind” he added with a small smile.

Hector admired the younger man’s smile before he nodded, returning it. “It is one of the few traits of mine she inherited” he noted “I mean, she got a lot from her mother, but her stubbornness and her desire to travel, that’s all me” he insisted proudly.

Iker noted the pride in his voice before he shook his head. “She is an amazing woman” he fussed “You and your wife raised a wonderful daughter, Sir” he quipped politely.

Hector scoffed. “Sir?” he teased.

“Hector” Iker corrected himself.

Hector let out a small laugh, still amused by how awkward Iker seemed around him, before he turned back towards the dresser, folding a few more shirts into the box which sat at his feet. Shuffling a few pieces of clothing around, he moved to pull out the remaining contents of the drawer before he felt something brush against his hand. Frowning a little, he pulled a few items of clothing out of the way before he spotted it, his eyes widening a fraction.

“I was going to grab some water”

Hector, who’d been staring down into the drawer, startled slightly at the sound of Iker’s voice before he lifted his head. “Huh?” he spluttered.

“I was wondering if you wanted anything” Iker mused “Are you Ok?” he posed, not missing the look that had appeared on Hector’s face.

Hector paused for a moment, allowing the question to hang in the air briefly, before he lifted his hand, showing off the small box which sat in his hand. “Something you want to mention, Iker?” he posed, the tone of his voice hard to place.

Iker frowned at the question briefly before his stare settled on the older man’s hand, something which caused his stomach to twist.
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