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42: I Think We Should Use Them

Placing his bag down beside the door, Iker let out a contented sigh, his back resting against the door for a couple of seconds. It had been a long morning, with the team having played their final match ahead of the international break the previous night, Iker had spent a few hours at the training ground going through a post-match training session, and he was pleased to be home, even more so given that he had a few days off ahead of the team’s next session.

Ensuring that he hadn’t left his bag in the way of the door, he toed off his shoes quickly before he padded towards the living room, his dark eyes landing on Maia who was sat on the couch, feeding Ella. It had been a while, after their latest conversation about the prospect of Maia returning to work, a couple of weeks had passed, and whilst things had been tense for a day or so, Iker was pleased with how things had settled down. He knew that they couldn’t avoid it, eventually, Maia was going to return to work in some capacity, but he wanted to put off thinking about it for a while, even if he knew that they couldn’t put it off forever. For a while, he simply wanted to focus on Maia and Ella.

Smiling to himself, he watched the two of them for a couple of seconds before he cleared his throat, something which caused Maia to lift her head, offering him a small smile in return. “I didn’t hear you come in” she noted.

Iker, who’d moved to sit down at end of the couch, shrugged. “I can be quiet sometimes” he quipped.

Maia snorted. “Just not when you get out of bed to check on Ella” she retorted impishly.

Iker simply offered her an impish smile, something which made Maia scoff playfully before she shook her head, settling her stare on Ella who stirred slightly in her arms, a yawn spilling out of her mouth. “I think she will be asleep soon” she noted “She was up pretty early this morning, no?” she posed, looking up at Iker.

Iker, who’d been watching the two of them quietly, nodded. “She was awake a little before six” he noted “But she did settle back down for about half an hour after I changed her nappy” he added, his finger gently brushing over Ella’s tiny foot.

Maia smiled a little, not missing the soft expression which had appeared on his face, before she nodded. “I should go and settle her down for a nap” she noted “Can you handle making lunch for the two of us?” she posed as she carefully pushed herself back up to her feet.

Iker scoffed playfully. “I’m pretty certain that I can manage” he played along.

Maia spared him a playfully dubious look, something which made Iker chuckle before he took a pace towards her, pressing a soft kiss against her cheek. “You’re very lucky that I love you” he teased, pressing another soft kiss against her cheek.

Maia blushed at the feel of his lips against her cheek before she lifted her head, pressing a quick kiss against his lips before she stepped away from him, leaving Iker chuckling behind her. He knew that they were still a work in progress, despite the fact that they’d moved in together, he was aware that their relationship was still in need of a little work, but he was optimistic about them. They worked, when things between him and Maia were good, they were easy, and he was confident that they’d stay that way, even if he knew that there were conversations that they still needed to have. He wasn’t about to let things slip past him for a second time

Pushing the last of his meal around his plate, Iker spared a quick look across the table, his dark eyes admiring Maia who sat opposite him, finishing up her own meal. It had been a quiet lunch, with Ella napping, the kitchen had been calm and comfortable, and Iker had to admit that he had enjoyed it, even if he and Maia had only made brief conversation, he liked how comfortable and familiar things felt. It had been a concern of his, when they’d opted to move in together, he had worried that it would take them a while to get used to one another being around all of the time, but it had been smoother than he’d expected, even if they had had their moments.

“Are you OK?”

Iker, who’d lost himself slightly in his thoughts, startled at the sound of Maia’s voice before he lifted his head. “Huh?” he spluttered.

Maia laughed. “You look a little lost” she quipped “Are you OK?” she posed, moving to settle her cutlery down on her plate.

Iker nodded. “I was just thinking” he noted, placing a forkful of food into his mouth.

Maia lifted an eyebrow. “What are you thinking about?” she posed, her voice caught between curious and teasing.

Iker shrugged. “Not a lot” he replied “Us, mostly” he added.

“Us?” Maia posed “Should I be worried?” she added, a playful smirk on her face.

Iker admired her smile before he shook his head, his hand moving to take a hold of hers which fiddled with the napkin which sat on the table ahead of her. “Not at all” he noted “I was just thinking about how much things have changed for us in the last year or so” he added.

Maia, who’d started to play with his fingers timidly, smiled. “It’s changed a lot” she mused “But it’s been a pretty good change, no?” she asked.

Iker nodded without hesitation. “Of course it has” he enthused warmly.

Maia smiled at the warmth in his voice before she gently lifted their hands up, allowing her to place a soft kiss against the back of his hand. “I don’t say it too much” she mumbled “But I love you” she added, pressing another soft kiss against the warm skin.

“I know you do” Iker quipped impishly.

Maia scoffed and rolled her eyes playfully. “Way to ruin a moment, Iker” she teased.

Iker let out a soft laugh before he pushed himself up slightly, moving to press a soft kiss against her lips. Maia giggled a little at the contact before she ducked away from him, moving to collect her empty plate from the table.

Padding away from the table, she settled the plate down into the sink before she felt Iker step up behind her, his arms settling around her waist. “I’ve got a few days off” he murmured, pressing a soft kiss against her shoulder.

“You have?” Maia posed, sparing him a glance over her shoulder.

Iker nodded, placing a light kiss against the side of her neck. “It’s an international break” he noted “And that means I’ve got four free days before I am due back in training. I think we should use them” he added.

“Use them how?” Maia posed.

“We could take a trip” Iker suggested, pressing a kiss the side of her jaw “Me, you and Ella, we could get out of town for a few days. What do you think?” he asked.

Maia smiled a little at the feel of his lips against her skin before she nodded her head. “That’s not the worst idea you’ve come up with” she quipped impishly.

Iker let out a quiet laugh. “Is that you way of saying yes?” he posed.

Maia paused for a moment before she nodded her head, her smile softening slightly. “I think it sounds like a lovely idea, Iker” she mused before the sound of Ella’s stirring emanated away from the monitor which sat on the kitchen counter, causing her to excuse herself. Iker watched her out of the room before he smiled to himself, already looking forwards to their trip.
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